MC Tree might not ring a bell for most of mainstream America, but his extensive catalog has already solidified the Chicago native in our local scene as one of the most important and innovative figures during its current renaissance era.

The aforementioned distinction is in large part due to the collaborative nature of his art. For more than a decade, Tree has worked with a wide array of artists from all over Chicago, impartial to any type of status or hype behind them. From obscure rappers to now-budding superstars, Tree has always prided himself in finding ways to mesh his singular style with others. More often than not, these experimentations have resulted in classic records and great projects.The latest addition to his long list of successes comes in the form of an EP with producer I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C., simply titled I.B. Tree. The project features seven songs clocking at just under 20 minutes, a time frame that Tree efficiently uses to flex his undisputable rapping skills. Listen below.


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