There is power in our words. Verbal communication turns into art, and that art spreads and it touches lives in a way that can only be understood when felt at firsthand. My personal favorite form of verbal art is the verbal art found in music: lyrics.

It fascinates me that a person can group together certain words, add in some instruments, and make something so powerful that it lingers into your mind and into your heart for a lifetime. It’s powerful and beautiful and at times it can hurt, but yet it remains so beautiful.

There’s a young musician by the name of Troye Sivan who has mesmerized me with his talent in the form of lyrical art. Sivan’s songs are four minute masterpieces which all hold a deeper meaning. The way Troye crafts his words together and puts them into song, astonishes me and makes me an even stronger believer that there is power in our words.


Though Sivan’s entire album consist of powerful songs and lyrics, the song that has affected me the most, is one entitled, “EASE” featuring Broods. I could get into a long backstory which explains why that song in particular holds significance to me, but that’s a story for another time.

The point is, the power in the lyrics found in this song was strong enough to make me permanently engrave them into my skin. Yes, that’s right; I got a tattoo of the lyrics from “EASE.”  Across my arm in small black font now reads, “feel at ease.”


The phenomenon that words can become art that is so meaningful and so strong, is a concept that completely blows my mind. I mean, the lyrics Sivan created in “EASE” influenced me to get my first tattoo. The words found in that song gives me motivation to move forward, and reminds me to find my calm when life gets hard.

Lyrics make you feel a wide range of emotions. They bring you back to certain times in your life; they can make you hopeful; they can make you nostalgic. But at the end of the day, lyrics are really just words.

Think about this the next time you speak, or the next time you write. Your words can do more than you think, and effect people in a way you never thought they could. Words are more than just words. Words are art and art has power.

(Photo Credit of Troye to: Rolling Stone Australia &


2 thoughts on “Why I Got A Troye Sivan Tattoo

  1. I love this! I got to this post by looking into EASE tattoos because I’ve been thinking of getting EASE on my wrist myself, or “tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease”. I love the song and your tattoo looks so cool! And I agree: it’s crazy how Troye can group words and make them sound so beautiful, he’s amazing.

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