I don’t care if I’ve seen the Sears tower (I refuse to call it the Willis tower) a million different times, I’ll never get tired of the view. I feel like every time I look up while walking to BSB, riding the train, or riding the Halsted bus, I’m seeing the Sears tower for the first time.



When the clouds are moving away from the tower on a cold day,


When the Sears tower seems to stand out even more when the sky is clear and blue, when we can’t see it all because it’s gloomy, cloudy, and foggy. When the leaves change colors in the fall, or when the trees are bare,


When spending all day and late nights around Chicago are a must during the summer,




When snow covers the streets of Chicago, consuming the world below the Sears tower, when the night comes and it looks just as beautiful,


I have to take a picture. I have to capture the beauty because it’ll never look exactly the way I’m seeing it with my eyes again.

The view of Chicago from the 103rd floor of the Sears tower is pretty amazing too.


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