The artists and types of music that we want to listen to change on the daily. I made a short list of artists that have peaked my interest this week that I would like to share with y’all:

Allan Rayman 

My Roommate introduced me to Allan Rayman this summer because it was the only artist he would listen to when playing video games. His music style intrigues me, because its not exactly singing, but still not exactly rapping, and its not exactly R&B but not exactly alternative indie. He’s on tour right now, and actually will be performing at The Metro this Wednesday.

Chris Rubeo

I was first introduced to this artist when his music was used in the gay web series The Outs. Most of his music is acoustic and hella soothing. Definitely one of my favorite artists from this decade.

Mumford and Sons

Everyone knows who Mumford and sons is and the impact their banjos had on modern music. Something that I didn’t know until recently is that they released an EP (Johannesburg) based on South African music and featuring a Senegal Singer named Baaba Maal, South African band Beatenburg, and The Very Best, which I don’t know very well but I saw them live at the Mumford & Sons stopover in Dixon IL in 2012. Definitely a large shift in artistic style and worth a listen.

Wild Child

I went to a wild child concert with a friend without knowing anything about their music. I assumed they were going to be some sort of rock band but what they really were blew me away. The concert was basically a spiritual experience. What I could describe them as would be an indie big band jazz take on folk music. Some interesting things include that instead of guitar they have a tenor ukulele that tunes to each song and the lead singer sings while strumming away on her violin and I’m definitely a big fan of their artistic style. Best concert of 2016 so far.

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