The changing color of the leaves and falling temperatures are making me sentimental and nostalgic for a decade that I have never experienced: strongly apparent in my listening history as of late. Feelings of longing, sensuality, and acceptance permeate through the music of two artists that I have been obsessed with; constantly tapping the repeat button to keep myself in an apathetic and dazed state of mind.

In his EP Youth Attraction, Wet Baes from Mexico City channels contemporary sounds with ‘80s vibes, crooning lyrics of desire and love in a monotonous and lethargic tones of voice, which completes his signature sound. The way how he slurs his words is akin to the blurring of lights while driving down a highway at night.

The most notable song on this EP is Midnight Caller, in which the initial use of a dial tone immediately grabbed my attention. The RELAYER remix brings a new twist to this otherwise slow song, which yearns for a phone call in the middle of a lonely night.

On the other hand, Where U Are by London based artist Rina Sawayama is a modern and sensual spin of Jackson 5’s I Wanna Be Where You Are. In previous interviews, she mentions that the inspiration of this cover stems from her fascination with the interference of technology in the pursuit of love.

Can it be I stayed away too long
or did I leave your mind when I was gone?
It’s not like you’re never getting back to me
This time let me tell you what I need

The only time I see you these days is in my projections
I think I feel the love, love, love
It’s kind of crazy
Cause I’ve never met you
Now I’m losing sight of who I’m meant to be in this reality

Both Wet Baes and Rina Sawayama are artists that deserve more recognition. If you know other artists that aren’t as well known but have solid releases, let me know! Or if you want to see what I’m listening to nowadays, check out my ‘likes’ playlist on Soundcloud.

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