One of the best moments in Chicago’s music scene this year happened when ShowYouSuck and The Hood Internet decided to join forces for an ambitious project under the band name Air Credits. Their debut album, Broadcasted, serves as a vessel sent back in time to share stories from a near, dystopian future in which water and breathable air have become scarce resources and radio stations are the only conduits of communication.

Effortlessly shifting between his off-kilter references and callbacks to old songs while speaking on relevant issues from a unique sci-fi perspective, Show skillfully depicts a world –mentioned throughout the album as the Wasteland–that’s gone too far down the rabbit-hole. People still have fun, listen to music and fall in love but there’s always an underlying sense of desolation texturized by The Hood Internet’s production.

The song I keep going back to is “No Water.” As the final track listed on Broadcasted, it neatly summarizes the story behind Air Credits and closes out the album on a strong note with Show speaking on a tyrannous Donald Trump, treaties being broken and war erupting while survivors are left to question their continuation on Earth. The robotized hook alludes to an emotional farewell to the human essence, before following up with the boastful line “Air Credits don’t come cheap, broke boys ain’t breathing like me,” refuting any consideration that ShowYouSuck and The Hood Internet are giving up on humanity’s survival ethos.

Broadcasted brings up a lot of post-apocalyptic nightmares to life, but the album’s strength lays in its ability to remind us that no matter how tough life might get, music will always be there to get us through it.


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