Over winter break, I didn’t really find any new exciting pieces of music at all. Instead, I found myself listening to a lot of mainstream songs, including The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ album and Bruno Mars ‘24K Magic’ album. Some notable songs from the former album are ‘Die For You’ and ‘A Lonely Night’ which, as you might expect from me, are night jams.

This song is actually very intense, as expected by the title alone. My favorite parts are the first lines of each verse with the clever usage of rhyme and his and her perspectives:

(V1) I’m finding ways to articulate the feeling I’m going though…

(V2) I’m finding ways to manipulate the feeling you’re going through…

This song is a groovy song about excuses why a relationship will not work after a one night stand.

From Bruno Mars’ album, I enjoyed listening to ‘Chunky’ and ‘Finesse,’ which are energetic and funky songs, perfect for workout music at the gym.

It’s interesting how Bruno Mars points out the measurements of his ideal ‘chunky’ girl. Read the lyrics for more information on that opinion!

However, ‘Calling All My Lovelies’ is my personal favorite on this album. He shows his insecurities over the lack of attention from one particular girl by claiming that he has other girls.

I also have been listening to a couple of up and coming artists that I’ve initially discovered on Soundcloud. One of these artists is Daniel Caesar, who I believe will make it big this year in 2017. I first heard his song ‘A Capella’ through exploration on Soundcloud last year, and didn’t think much of him until I heard his song ‘Get You.’

This song has literally been late night fodder, put on repeat in my car after a long shift at work. Highlights of this song include the slow groove and crooning of Caesar’s vocals about a nostalgic romance of the past.

I plan on blogging about the other artists and songs that I have discovered, so please stayed tuned!


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