BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING.  I started the show last night, and I am now on season 2 episode 9. Now it may seem like I have a problem, and can’t stop watching but I assure you, that is very true. It is currently streaming on Hulu from my tv while I type out this post. But at this point, I paused the tv because I literally had been sitting here completely distracted by the television.

Empire is a wonderful show for so many different reasons. I’m a fan of all the music that they create for the show. The story line while sometimes crazy and hectic is probably the most addicting aspect of the show. I find myself not being able to stop watching, needing to know what turn the plot will take next. And the acting is pretty great, there have been moments where the actors really shine through with near perfect performances, and characters are fully transitioned into reality. While the show can by corny at times, I find myself liking all occasional corny line. empire

This show is amazing, and really its the only thing on my mind right now, so I wrote a post in hopes that maybe you’ll give Empire a chance as well, and find yourself wrapped in a blanket for hours, wondering if you should be doing something more productive, but instead click on next episode.


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