We all remember Willow Smith as Will Smith’s cute little girl who sang the iconic song ‘Whip My Hair,’ but Willow has come a long way since her hair whipping days. Willow is now 16 years old and has quite a large intelligence and understanding of life. I know I am two years late on her debut album ARDIPITHECUS, but I have recently discovered it and there is so much I want to talk about.

The Smith family has been rumored to be involved in the religion of Scientology, though Willow has not confirmed if this is true, she has expressed in interviews and through her work, she does believe in a spirituality that is supported by science.

It’s more than just a science. This practice of spirituality goes deep into quantum physics for theories and explanations. It relies heavily on the understanding and awareness of consciousness and a higher consciousness, time and space, relativity, light, and energy.

These are practices that takes quite a bit of time for the human mind to comprehend. It is something I have been researching for the past two year, and it is fascinating, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Willow has produced a whole album on it.

Not everyone believes in these theories. A lot of people confuse it for something it is not, or just simply do not understand it. If this is a concept you are interested in learning more about, you must go into it with an opened mind. I’m not saying I 100% agree with everything this form of spirituality offers, but a large portion of it, I stand behind.

For the rest of this article, I’m going to breakdown the songs off of Willow’s ARDIPITHECUS and highlight some of the most important lyrics found within them.

  1. Organization & Classification

Lyric: “classification and organization is ruining the hearts of our generation” We live in a generation today that is stronger united than divided. Here, Willow points out separating people based on social status, race, and so on, will ruin us. Considering who our president is today, this is a highly important concept to keep in mind.

  1. Natives of the Windy Forest

Lyric: “Mother Earth, we praise your light” This song is primarily based on the movie, Avatar. This lyric stands out to me because without light, we would not be. Light is the source of life; something we should not take for granted.

  1. dRuGz

Lyric: “Akashic records in your teeth” Keep in mind Willow is only 16 and she is aware of the Akashic records. At 16, I had not a clue what that meant. Akashic records are claimed to be hidden records in space that can be revealed by digging into your subconscious mind. This records are to give one a better understanding of life and the secrets inside of it, such as the occult.

  1. Cycles

Lyric: “But I fall with some Atlanteans, Nephilims, the Martians and some Anunnaki, we all fall What happens when we fall? We go down in consciousness” I would have to write a book in order to explain the myths and beliefs behind Atlanteans, Nephilims, Martians, and Anunnaki. I am impressed Willow included this reference in her song. It is very important to understand that allowing negativity into your life,  will cause your awareness to become foggy, and you can go backwards in consciousness.

  1. F Q-C #8

Lyric: “they say how I was gone for a long time, but for me it was five minutes, that’s relativity for you” There is no true concept of time. Time fluctuates depending on the individual and their reality. Five minutes to someone, may be five hours to another.

  1. Not So Different

Lyric: “Us humans we don’t know one thing about ourself or anything” This is true. We have such a small understanding of what is life and what this all means, and very little of us try to learn and expand our minds.

  1. IDK

Lyric: “I don’t know, I will never know. We’ll never know but that’s the greatest part” We will never stop learning during our time on Earth. There will always be something we do not know, and it is a beautiful concept of how we are constantly expanding our awareness.


Lyric: “I’m all-seeing, all-feeling, all-creating” These are three concepts can be reached through meditation and connecting to a higher consciousness, it’s amazing how Willow has a grasp on this at such a young age.

  1. Marceline

Lyric: “but we are from Nibiru, remember your cosmic roots.” Marceline is a song inspired by the cartoon Adventure Time. This is my favorite song of Willow’s because of how soft and pure it is. Though there is no evidence that Nibiru is real, theorist believe it is a planet on the edge of our galaxy that will collide with Earth one day. The line “remember your cosmic roots,” is basically a way of saying, remember who you are and where you come from and where your soul originates.

  1. UR Town

Lyric: “That’s raising the whole vibration of gaia” This is a hard song to breakdown if you are not familiar with the Gaia Theory. The Gaia Theory is so complex and I am still trying to find an understanding in it. The theory explains how human relations affect Earth, and it is a lot to take in.

  1. Star

Lyric: “Earth, Our home, Incubator of life. Through our lines of life you recover the knowledge hidden with our bodies and earth, herself to raise our brothers and sisters to a new state of consciousness” This summarizes the entire album, and the entire belief system behind it. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

  1. Wait a Minute!

Lyric: “I think I left my conscience on your front door step” My second favorite song off the album, with many important references. I really like this lyric because we are our consciousness. Saying “I think I left my conscience on your front door step,” is just a more complex way of saying “I’ve been thinking about you.” Cute.

  1. Waves of Nature

Lyric: “Get in your right side of mind if you’re tryna fly” Our mind is split into two parts, the right and the left, arguably, the right being the most important. The right side controls our creativity, awareness, and emotion. Willow is saying if you want more out of life, you need to be more right brained.

  1. Why Don’t You Cry

Lyric: “Nothing is more important than our connection” In life, we are all one. We are all connected through energy and our consciousness, so it’s important we create strong and healthy connections.


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