The kids of the Millenial generation are one of the most privileged generations to ever see the face of the earth. Why do I say this? I say this because these kids get to grow up and have exposure to some of the best cartoons that have ever graced the face of this planet. While our generation got to experience the wacky hi-jinx that existed in the inbetween of an older generation of Cartoons transitioning to today’s creations like Powerpuff girls, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, KND, Spongebob, and Courage the cowardly dog, none of us really got to experience the emotional rollercoaster that exists in shows like Steven Universe, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, and the later seasons of Adventure Time.


Steven Universe’s latest episode from season 4 dealt with the after effect of a child growing up after losing a parent. Something that Rugrats wasn’t even allowed to talk about for years after it’s creation. I watched this episode today and actually shed a few tears from how well the episode was crafted. While music is not a new concept to be used in cartoons, I don’t think that any other form of mass media is using it in the way that cartoons are today to help kids understand what they are feeling and process it healthily. cartoons

Let’s face it. We are a generation of kids who were left in front of a TV by a generation who made TV what it is today, and now we’re the generation continuing that trend and leaving kids in front of TVs. I guess I don’t mind it that much. Kids these days have access to some high-quality shows and if the world didn’t completely suck at this point I’d be extremely jealous of them.


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