The past week has been hectic for me, between work and school and just life in general. And though my downtime was scarce, I spent every single second of it on one site: Vox.

Self-described on its website as “a general interest news site for the 21st century,” Vox is most known for its short and to-the-point informational videos which, given their immense popularity and share-ability, have probably shown up on your news feed more than once. Vox also shows up on the Featured section of Snapchat from time to time (you know, those once-annoying news snaps that we once loathed but now rely on to stay up to date on current events?). Their videos range widely in topic, from politics to entertainment, to questions that we ask once and then never think about again (like “Why cartoon characters wear gloves” or “Sweet potatoes and yams: what’s the difference?“).  The videos are usually 2-8 minutes, making it very easy to fall down the rabbit hole that is watching a video, opening recommended ones in new tabs, watching those, and repeating this process until the sun has gone down and your brain hurts from all the new information (aka how I spent 5 of 7 days this week).

My personal favorite genre of Vox video is the series that centers around music, from artists and creation, to industry and culture. Sticking with the theme of “something you thought about once while you were driving home from Target, then abruptly forgot about and never brought up again,” these videos are informative, entertaining and also absolutely beautiful (seriously, they are so visually pleasing it is mesmerizing). Highlights from this series include “Kanye deconstructed: the human voice as the ultimate instrument” and “Why rappers love Grey Poupon,” both of which I have embedded below.

So, whenever you have a hour or two to learn a little information about a lot of topics, or are confused about the fact that in Cuba a cab driver makes more money than a doctor, or just wanna know why American breakfast is actually dessert, head on over to Vox, they’ve got you covered.


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