Mount Royal by Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge, which was released last Friday, February 24th, is an album performed on two acoustic guitars and a comforting hug. Almost entirely devoid of lyrics, the wordlessness and simplicity of the songs on Mount Royal feels like a mix of emotions: from the excitement of a brand-new love to somber homesickness, from laying in the grass in summertime to being rained in during Spring. Lage & Eldridge masterfully weave their way through traditional sounding bluegrass with incredible skill, accuracy, and soul. There are simply no gimmicks on Mount Royal. If there are, it would certainly be the ridiculous amount of skill put into the composition of the songs themselves. Either fall in love with the fast and folky guitar licks and bluesy progressions, or fall behind the immediateness of the duo’s pure cohesion.

Standout Tracks: Bone Collector, Old Grimes





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