Chicago Bulls v Cleveland Cavaliers

Why does it feel like the Bulls are going out of their way to make me sad? It seems like every decision they make is a bad one, and really no one in the organization knows what they are doing. The front office is trash, and fans have a petition to fire Gar Forman every month. While Hoiberg is a coach that cannot even seem to control the team.

The trade deadline was just a new occasion for the team to disappoint me. It occurred when the team traded away Taj Gibson and Doug Mcdermott away to the Thunder. Now you have to realize I am rational fan, so even if a team trades away one of my favorite players I’m fine with it depending on how much the trade helps the team. But this is the problem the Bulls are doing terrible trades. In return for those previous players, we got Cameron Payne, and Anthony Morrow. HOW? Can someone explain to me what monkeys are running this team. How many people said okay to this idea, because they all need to fired immediately.

This is just like the Derrick Rose trade, when we got Lopez in return. I still think Lopez is trash. This organization is trash, Gar Forman is trash, Hoiberg is trash, Rondo is trash and still can’t shoot to save his life. I have lost all I hope I’ve ever had. At least we still have Jimmy Butler, he is amazing.


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