American Teen is an album that you can’t miss out on, and thanks to me, you won’t. Released just a few days ago, the album is pretty much the only thing I listen to. With this debut album Khalid seems destined for success, and I have no doubt this is just the beginning to a great career.

You may have already heard of Khalid, due to his successful single, Location, a song also featured on the album, but his whole album is also rich with quality music. With 15 songs, Khalid is giving both quality and quantity.

Khalid explores a couple of themes through his music. His songs Young, Dumb and Broke and 8teen, explores his youth. Songs like Location just explore love and girls through his own personal experiences. Another prevalent theme is his hometown of El Paso Texas, intertwining his r&b sound to the area brings out his originality.

American Teen marks Khalid as another edition to the amount of young artist that are on the rise, and give yourself the privilege to hear this young mans artistic work.

You can find the Spotify link of the album below.


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