The NBA playoffs are almost here. Now as a fan, a few weeks ago I posted about how the Bulls should give up on the season, because even if they did make the playoffs, the chances they could beat the Cavaliers were pretty low. Additionally, if we did try to make the playoffs, and end up barely not making it, we would have a lottery pick, but it would be a pick in the middle of the draft, so not that good. In my mind the best thing to do was shut down our players, and hope we could fall in the standings.

Now instead we find the Bulls in the 8 spot of the playoffs and all they have to do is beat the Nets to make it to the playoffs. Now theirs a good chance we win that game, because the Nets are pretty bad. And if the Pacers lose, we still win we get the seventh seed. So basically, we have the 7th or 8th seed on lock.

Depending on how things shape up, we either play the Celtics or the Cavaliers. If we’re talking about the Bulls of a month ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got swept. But the Bulls from the past couple of weeks have put up some top tier performances.

We’ve swept the Cavaliers every time we’ve played them, and we’re 2-1 against the Celtics. This team has lost to a lot of teams that they probably should have beaten. They’ve also risen to the occasion and beaten top teams, and have brought it many times when it counts. The Bulls will probably lose to those top teams. But I believe they both have a chance to beat the Celtics and the Cavs. If Jimmy Butler plays his best as he has during some parts of the season, I really believe the Bulls can at least make a decent run in the playoffs.


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