Am I the only person that stumbles upon a new band or an old band whether it be on YouTube, the radio, in a movie and becomes completely obsessed with it until it’s unhealthy?

Sometimes it’s not even the band overall, it could be just one of their albums, one of their songs or a couple. Either way, they become a part of my daily playlist for about a month, playing in the same order my mind thinks of them every day.

So, for the month of September and mid way through October it has basically been these songs on repeat, EVERY DAY.
Pink Floyd

I apologize in advance to anyone disappointed by this news, but: I have never listened to Pink Floyd in depth.

My influences growing up were either spanish music, rap or Slipknot. Although limited, once I got into early 2000’s pop punk that’s all I ever listened to, that’s all the music that mattered. Besides bands like the Ramones, Nirvana, AC/DC and the Beatles, I didn’t have too much knowledge about older bands. However about a month or two ago, I listened to The Wall (1979) in depth for the first time. It takes a lot for me to shut up for an hour, sit down and listen to not only the music but the lyrics. It’s hard for me to do this with a band I’m not too familiar with, but two of the Pink Floyd songs I added to the playlist were what reeled me in. The album, although too long for my impatient self, told a story with not only the lyrics but the instruments.

The Frights

This awesome band is currently on a U.S. tour, they’re set to play Chicago next month at Lincoln Hall AND they’re in the process of recording album #3!!!

Fidlar and the Frights have a different sound and delivery, BUT if you like one, you have to like the other. Zac Carper, lead singer of Fidlar, produced the Frights’ second album You Are Going To Hate This (2015). Like the title predicted some of their fans DID hate it. It has less of a rough sound than their first album, but personally the second album seems more mature (sound, instruments working together wise) although some of their lyrics haven’t matured like in the song “Kids”, the chorus is literally “I hate my mom and dad” awks.


I’ve only ever listened to Metallica’s self titled album (1991) and Master of Puppets (1986), but I recently listened to their album, Ride the Lightning (1984) and now “Fight Fire With Fire” is constantly blaring in my headphones.

“The Unforgiven” has always been a favorite.

I seem to have a thing for Canadian pop punk bands but to me, pop punk bands like Seaway, Story Untold, and Neck Deep are this generation’s Simple Plan, Blink 182, and Good Charlotte. bUt tHoSe bAnDs aRe sTiLl mAkiNg mUsIc. Yes I know, and their latest albums: Simple Plan’s Taking One for the Team (2016), Blink 182’s California (2016), Good Charlotte’s Youth Authority (2016), are amazing. BUT I can’t be the only one reminiscing over those early 2000’s albums: Simple Plan’s No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls (2002), Blink 182’s Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001), and Good Charlotte’s The Young and the Hopeless (2002). That’s what bands like Seaway remind me of.

Seaway opened for Simple Plan back in March, they recently played Riot Fest in September and released their album, Vacation, that same day.
Story Untold

Also a Canadian pop punk band, and also opened for Simple Plan. I met and saw this band about a year ago, and been a big fan ever since. They recently released a song, ”Delete”, and announced they’re working on an album.


I recently survived the confusing Chicago heat on a late September afternoon to see Fidlar at Riot Fest. WORTH IT.

I wrote a whole blog about how amazing and addicting Fidlar is, so don’t get me started. Just know you have to listen to them, even if they’re the only songs you choose to hear on my long a** playlist.

Cage the Elephant

Melophobia (2013) is one of my favorite albums, I seem to obsess over different songs at different times since the album was released. As of now, it’s the ones listed, but just a couple months ago it was 2 different songs, “Take It or Leave It” and “Telescope” I wonder what songs from the album will make onto my November playlist.

Honorable mentions:

Warning: All these songs will have you missing someone that doesn’t even exist.
“Uncomfortable” by Wallows. (Shout out to Andrea)

“Shoot the Singer” by Pavement. (Shout out to the random book I found at a bookfair, Love Is A Mixtape by Rob Sheffield)

“Through the Pain” by Madina Lake. (Shout out to Jack)

“In Bloom” by Neck Deep. (Shout out to Youtube’s suggestions)

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