Ivan from Noteworthy here again (Mondays, 6PM-8PM) to break down another recent edition of the show. Since I cover a lot of genres, I try to make sure that each song flows well into the next one so that the switch from sound to sound doesn’t come as a shock to the system for the listener. Here’s another look at how I go about it.

Drake featuring Jorja Smith and Black Coffee- Get It Together
Amber Mark – Lose My Cool
Deee-Lite – Smile On

I started off the show talking about Drake not submitting More Life for Grammy consideration, which is why I went with “Get It Together” in the leadoff spot. There were a few other tracks I had in mind to follow it up with that had a similar ’90s house feel to it, but they were songs I’d played on the show before and I wanted to go with something newer. That brought me to including Amber Mark’s “Lose My Cool” to help me keep things contemporary while still adhering to a throwback sound.


Ryan Leslie – Diamond Girl
Aminé – Blinds
Kendrick Lamar – good kid
Joey Bada$$ featuring ScHoolboy Q – Rockabye Baby

For the past month or so, Aminé’s “Blinds” has been one of my most played tracks. I had a few special themed shows where I played 2007 songs and live recordings that delayed the inevitable, but I’m glad (and relieved) that it finally made it to air for this edition. Part of why I’m drawn to it so much is because the keyboards remind me a lot of early 2000s Neptunes, which I’m a huge mark for. I put it in between Ryan Leslie’s “Diamond Girl”, a song that’s always reminded of the Neptunes, and an actual Pharrell production by way of Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid.”

Leikeli47 – Braids Tuh’da Flo(w)
Erykah Badu – Turn Me Away (Get MuNNy)
Nai Palm – Crossfire/So Into You
Kehlani – Honey
Bobbie Gentry – Courtyard

I also debuted a new segment on Noteworthy called Flowers, which takes its inspiration from the phrase “give me my flowers while I’m still living.” It’s simply just another way of saying honor those that are still alive instead of waiting until they pass away. It’s a powerful sentiment that’s been following me around all this year and I naturally thought it would make a good segment. I knew that I wanted to put the spotlight on country music legend Bobbie Gentry, but I had to slow things down significantly in order to get there and make it feel natural. I had been struggling with this for a few weeks, but luckily, one of my current favorite songs, “Honey” by Kehlani, features a simple acoustic guitar, which fit perfectly before a segment focused on Gentry.

Julien Baker – Appointments
Radiohead – Let Down

From there, it gave me the perfect opportunity to play something from the new Julien Baker while the mood was slower-paced and featured minimal instrumentation. I often to wait months to play a song due to the flow of a certain show, so I try to include a few songs each week from new releases to keep the conversation current. So yeah, “Appointments” had been out as a single for some time, but the album is brand new. Still relevant!

Weaves – Grass
Celebration – Tame The Savage
Marvelous 3 – Radio Tokyo
Bush – Swallowed
San Fermin – Dead
Animal Collective – What Would I Want? Sky (from Live at 9:30)

At this point, it was easy to naturally progress to songs with a more aggressive guitar sound. I say that because secretly, deep down inside, I’d been wanting to play Bush’s “Swallowed” on Noteworthy for some time now. Alternative radio hits from the late 90s are like my comfort food and I kind of fell in love with “Swallowed” all over again this year. Trying to fit a post-grunge song onto an eclectic playlist on a weekly basis has caused me to lose more sleep than I would care to admit.

And that’s it for this breakdown of the show! Don’t forget to listen to Noteworthy every Monday from 6PM-8PM CT at uicradio.org and to like the Facebook page as well too.

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