What’s the difference between an Alpha and an Omega? Maybe it’s the time they’ve been around or what they’ve accomplished.


“The Alpha” is one of the most decorated singles wrestlers by the name of Chris Jericho who’s competed all over the world, but had the most success in WWE since 1999, where he debuted while The Rock was in the ring cutting a promo and declared “Raw is Jericho.” In his lengthy career with WWE he’s won every championship they had that aren’t in the women’s division; for example, he’s won, Undisputed WWF Championship (first ever), WCW World Championship (2 reigns), WWF/E World Tag Team Championship (5 reigns), WWF/E Intercontinental Championship (9 reigns), World Heavyweight Championship (3 reigns), among other championships. But recently he finished his contract with WWE, and now he’s free to do excursions wherever he wants and he seems to be going to find a new home, by returning back to New Japan Pro Wrestling at next years event in January, Wrestle Kingdom 12 at the Tokyo Dome, which is New Japan’s equivalent of WWE’s Wrestlemania. At New Japan’s Power Struggle he appeared in a video-package challenging “the Omega”…

“The Omega” known by the name of Kenny Omega, has become one of the most popular wrestlers in the world for his matches with Kazuchika Okada where they’ve had 6 star matches. He also known for being the leader of one of the most popular heel factions in New Japan, known as the Bullet Club. Most notably he won and became the first ever IWGP US Heavyweight Champion at NJPW’s G1 Special in USA shows in Los Angeles. Recently at New Japan’s Power Struggle after he defeated opponent Beretta, and the video-package of Chris Jericho appeared where he was challenged by him at WK12 for his IWGP US Heavyweight Championship.

Chris Jericho claims that he’s the “Best in the World,” because he’s faced the likes of CM Punk, Shawn Michaels, Edge who’ve all claimed they’re “the Best,” but they’re all gone; meanwhile, Kenny also claims the same thing he’s faced everyone in New Japan, but Jericho said, Kenny is not “the Best”, Jericho is. So the challenge will be between Alpha vs Omega, to see who truly is the “Best in the World.” To which Kenny Omega accepted, and now the match is set for Wrestle Kingdom 12 on January 4th in the Tokyo Dome, for the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship.

I feel this could be a classic 5 star match, and could be another big push for the independent wrestling scene to gain more buzz, because of one of the most popular wrestlers from WWE, is now wrestling for a smaller promotion, and partnering with smaller promotions for an event he has coming next year. I am genuinely excited for this match, and hope for great things to come out this.


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