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This may surprise some of you, but these blogs aren’t my only means of dispensing garbage throughout the campus.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen my long dormant Twitter suddenly reawaken with weirdly incoherent and rambling tweets about something called “The Longplay”. Well don’t worry folks, those aren’t the ramblings of a madman; they’re poor attempts at plugs for my now three week old radio show “The Longplay”.

“But Jonah,” you say, your wide, infantile eyes locked with mine; “your blog is bad enough, so why on earth would I use the finite amount of precious seconds I am allowed in this life to subject my ears to whatever dribble may come cascading out of the airwaves?”

First of all, thank you.

Second, let me talk about the show a bit here, and then you can decide if you want to commit or not. Does that sound fair?

So what is “The Longplay”? Well basically the show is a sad, meaningless attempt by me to bring bring back something that has effectively died in the age of modern music; the idea of listening to an album all the way through.

This was common practice in the Precambrian era, but has sort been lost in an industry now dominated by singles and music videos.

Since it’s sort of an old way of experiencing music, a lot of the music showcased will be, well… old. Expect a lot of artists like…

Pink Floyd,

The Beatles


Marvin Gaye

Led Zeppelin



The Who

Bob Dylan

The Talking Heads


… and many, many more people over 70…

While most of this decision comes from the fact that I am woefully out of touch with modern music, I’ve also found that these albums sort of lend themselves better to being listened all the way through than newer stuff.

That’s not a dig at your favorite music, I swear. Please don’t beat me up.

That’s not to say that newer music won’t be showcased at all. I’ll do my best to cover as much ground as I can, and am completely open to any suggestions any of you probably don’t have. In fact, next week’s episode may appeal to those who like gold on their ceilings…

While listening, you might hear what sounds like a horrific demon voice chime in between songs and spout what sounds like an ancient language into the microphone. Don’t worry, that’s just me providing fun bits of trivia and stories about the album every few songs.

Depending on the length of that album, the rest of the hour will be filled with other favorites from the same artist. To answer your question yes, I will be playing an entire hour of Elton John. Yes, really.

I actually see the show less as a standard music show, and more along the lines of one of those late night movie shows where the host is a washed up actor who’s been working as a Walmart greeter for the past 30 years and only got the job out of sympathy.

Think less Mancow and more Mystery Science Theater 3000, but with music.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that I’m not by any means beholden to this formula at all. I’d like to try a good variety of different special episodes and really get creative with things. While I won’t reveal too much of what I have planned, I will say that the first first of these new ideas will have a test run on tonight’s episode.

I’ve been very happy with how the first couple of show’s have gone, and I can’t wait to see where all of this ends up going. The response I’ve gotten so far has been nothing short of humbling, and I hope that I can continue to deliver to you wonderful, wonderful people.

The Longplay with Jonah Nink airs every Tuesday from 9pm and 10pm, right here on UIC Radio. Follow @johannasink on Twitter for news and updates about the show.


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