I had the opportunity to interview a very creative individual and photographer this week! I’ve come across Karoshi’s instagram so many times and really admire his work and wanted to learn a little more about his place within photography. Enjoy!

I: Hi Karoshi! Introduce yourself, tell us a little about yourself.

K: My name is Khriz Karoshi. I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, I shoot photography, and I’m really into the Comic game.

I: Where did the name Karoshi come from?

K: The name Khriz Karoshi came from two different things. Khriz comes from the way my mom says my name. My first name is Christian but since my mom has a strong Hispanic accent, she pronounces C’s and S’s with a strong tone. Karoshi actually is a new way of passing in Tokyo. It means death of overwork. And because I’ve always worked two jobs since I was 17, Karoshi reminds me of myself. So that’s how the name Khriz Karoshi came about.

I: How did you develop an interest in photography?

K: I developed my love for photography early as a kid. My parents got me a Tazz Polaroid. I would eventually go on and get those instant cameras you could get at Walgreens and that’s how it started. I fell in love with the ability to take a quick photo and have it tell a story.

I: How many years have you been into photography?

K: I’ve been into photography for a long time. But I started taking it seriously four years ago.

I: What equipment do you prefer to use?

K: I shoot with a Nikon 3200.

I: What do you expect from your photos when doing a shoot?

K: I want my photos to speak. I want them to make people feel something like adrenaline or even feelings even deeper than that. I want to make my photos cry of passion. Colors, scenery, and anything in between.

I: Do you have a particular favorite shooting style?

K: I like shooting urban or abandoned areas. Or anything that isn’t too common. I like the emptiness of the areas.

I: Where do you see yourself in the 10 next years?

K: I’d like to see myself exploring and traveling more. Traveling the world is the first thing on my list.

I: What’s your big picture/end goal when it comes to photography?

K: My biggest goal with photography is to learn so much about cameras and more ways to shoot so one day I can pass it on to new people. I was taught so much from certain individuals so I just want them to see that it wasn’t for nothing. I want to give back to everybody that ever gave anything to me.

I: Anything specific you plan to achieve within this field?

K: I want to achieve as much as possible. But specifically, I want to shoot with as many artists as possible. I want my name to be out there. I want to keep growing as an artist.

I: Looks like you have many aspirations and talent to go along with it Karoshi! Thank you for this opportunity to learn a little more about yourself, and showcase some of your awesome photography. Good luck!

K: Thanks so much!



You can check out more of Karoshi’s work on Instagram! (@karoshi.image)

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