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2018 marks the beginning of a slightly more polished version of Trash Talk. Consider this semester the start of Trash Talk season 2. We had an awkward and rough go of things in the first season, but now we’ve sorted out most of the kinks.

As we enter into a new semester, time slot and year of the show we want to list a few expectations we have for the show: 

1. More K-Pop 

We are putting the pressure on ourselves to feature the most k-pop UIC Radio has to offer. Now that we’ve found our footing, more or less, we can play more music and have the listeners fall down the k-pop rabbit hole with us.

2. Spotlight Queer Artists

We have free roam to play the music we want to (so long as its clean) so why not feature  marginalized artists that don’t get the recognition they deserve. 2018 is going to be full of new music from new and already established queer artists and bands. 

3. Engage With the Listeners

As two bitter old women we have to increase our social media presence so all of you can connect with us more easily. Listen live to hear about our upcoming social media announcement. 

4. More Themed Episodes 

Our show falls on Valentine’s Day this year, we already have something planned for that episode so make sure to tune in! More reviews of awful movies are on deck and well as  horror stories from four years worth of classes and awkward situations. 

5. Be Less Messy Overall 

I’m (Mikey) not going to hold us accountable to this, I’m just putting it  into the universe. Seeing as I’m typing this very slowly as my nails dry things aren’t looking up. 

Make sure to listen to Trash Talk live Wednesdays from 11am-12pm on UIC Radio and the Radio FX app

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