The Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting matches in WWE history, because of the various things that can happen in the match; for example, returns of wrestlers who were injured or were released who are making their comeback, debuts of new wrestlers who can definitely cause an impact and tease dream matches for the future, even returns of retired wrestlers making their comeback for one show. Another exciting thing is you never know who’ll win it, because there are many wrestlers going into it with momentum, and some who are just thrown out of left field. There is also history being made with the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. So here are some predictions for this Sunday’s Royal Rumble.

  • Debuts
    • Andrade “Cien” Almas: He is the current WWE NXT Champion and has a match against Johnny Gargano the night before at NXT Takeover, and there is a possibility that Andrade might lose his championship to Johnny and can debut for the Rumble, and he is a very talented wrestler who used to wrestle for CMLL before making his way to WWE.
    • Ember Moon: This wrestler is the current NXT Women’s Champion and she’s defending her title against Shayna Baszler at Takeover too. There is also a possibility that she may lose her title to Shayna, and debut in the first ever Women’s Rumble.
    • Iconic Duo (Peyton Royce/Billie Kay): These two have been in NXT for a while and have improvised and have become great heels in their own right, and can be great for the Women’s Rumble, and can make a great addition to the Smackdown roster and can be the stepping stone to having a Women’s Tag Team Division and Championship.
  • Returns
    • Ethan Carter III: He was just released from Impact Wrestling where he had a better career than when he first started in WWE. He as has been spotted at the Performance Center recently, so there is a possibility that he could make his return to the company in the Royal Rumble.
    • Trish Stratus/Lita: These two wrestlers were pioneers in women’s wrestling at a time when women’s wrestling wasn’t that great with their phenomenal feud they had. It can also be for nostalgia, which everyone loves.
    • Daniel Bryan: He would be great to have comeback from his forced retirement by the WWE. He has been cleared by various doctors except the one from WWE. It would be great to have him wrestle again for the company, and become a champion once again. He was at his peak in popularity when he was forced to retire.
  • Winners
    • Shinsuke Nakamura: He hasn’t had the greatest time, but he’s a great wrestler with his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling where he is one of the greatest IWGP Intercontinental Champions. If he wins the rumble he can go on and challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania and put on an amazing match and sequel to their previous match in New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 10.
    • Asuka: It would be great for her to be the first ever winner of the Women’s Rumble, and she has an undefeated streak and can be considered the best women’s wrestler at the current time. She’s had a tough time finding her footing on main roster, but with a Rumble victory could get her the momentum she needs to headline Wrestlemania.

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