Battle Royal games such as Fortnite, PubG, and H1Z1 have been the most popular games right now on consoles and pc. However, there is a game very similar to them but on mobile. It’s known as Rules of Survival which is available to on iPhone and android carriers, and on pc as well.

This game is very addicting that me and my friends play it every chance we get, sometimes during class, when the class is dragging. Some of the features it has are:

  • Various game modes: Solo, Duo, Squad and Fireteam, Zombie Mode, Ranked, Custom, and Gold Mode (for more coins). Gives you the option to play either with friends or alone when all your friends are either in class or working.
  • 2 Big Maps: Ghillie Island and Fearless Fiord. Fearless Fiord being the bigger map to hold up to 300 people on it which makes it harder for people to stay alive
  • Customizable Characters: has many options for you to customize your character whether male or female with various clothing options and for you to customize weapons among other things
  • Speaker and microphone enabled so you can speak to your teammates however far they may be
  • Ranking/Statistics system which the game keeps track of your K/D ratio, kills, wins, losses, assists, Top 5, among other things
  • Loot crates to spend the coins you earn in game for clothes and camouflage

It is a very enjoyable game yet highly addicting, so I can recommend this game if you’re into the Battle Royal type video games, and at times are bored in class or got nothing to do to pass the time.


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