Ah, Vinyl; the Bitcoin of the hipster. Remember when you were on the brink of extinction, only to be resurrected by a bunch of pasty fellas sporting ironic mustaches and unironic superiority complexes? I do, mainly because every time I walk into a Barnes & Noble I see the pile of new $50 vinyl reissues get larger and larger like the world’s most overpriced tumor.

“Ok, we see where this is going, you don’t like the resurgence of vinyl. Stop being such a d*ck.”

Actually you’re wrong; I love vinyl… I just like making fun of its comeback even more. In fact, I even have my own little collection right here at home, do you want to see it?!


Too bad!

Overview –

Because I’m home for the weekend, I thought it would be fun to spice things up a bit by taking a look at the pile of gross, moldy vinyl that’s been sitting in my closet collecting all of the world’s dust. I think how this is going to work is that because the collection is relatively small, I’ll just go through all of them and hopefully it’ll be interesting. It’s Sunday and I have writer’s block give me a break OK.

Queen, Jazz.

One of my personal favorite Queen records, I think this copy in particular was picked up at a Goodwill by my dad some years back. While the cover itself is pretty nifty, the inner sleeve showcases a nice picture of the band with a bunch of expensive looking instruments. The real fun begins when you find the poster inside the cover. What’s on this poster you ask? A bunch of naked women riding bicycles, which was fun find back when I was fourteen.

Genesis, Selling England by The Pound

The Peter Gabriel fronted Genesis of the early seventies was a fundamentally different beast then the Phil Collins led trio that everybody is most familiar with. With a higher emphasis on longer songs with lyrics about fairies and sh*t, early Genesis records can be really interesting listen. Selling England by the Pound is seen as the most digestible of all of them, and I would agree. What’s cool about the vinyl itself is that it features an add for a bunch of other records that includes the likes of George Carlin: Occupation Fool and Led Zepplin IV.

Peter Gabriel, Melt and Security

So i’m going to these together because they’re kind of related and i’m also a lazy man. Both of these records are some of the earliest to be recorded digitally, and as a result both of them carry a really unique sound to them. I picked up Melt along with a few others from an old record shop down in Bloomington, while Security is actually a newer reissue. What’s interesting about my copy of Melt is that it’s actually the japanese issued version, and features an extra sleeve and lyric sheet.

REM, Life’s Rich Pageant.

Another reissue, this record’s real job is to make it seem as though I listen to more than just Pink Floyd and Genesis. It also has the added bonus of being an exceptionally good record, so there’s that.

Pink Floyd, (Half of) The Wall

After years of searching, I had finally found an original copy of Pink Floyd’s magnum opus in the basement of a thrift shop while vinyl hunting with a friend. I was so enthusiastic about my discovery that I never actually bothered to open the thing until I got back into the car. When I finally did, I realised that the second half of the double LP had gone AWOL. Thankfully since I treat these things more like art pieces than anything, it wasn’t a huge deal.

Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon(s)

While I only have half of The Wall, I do have both an original and reissued copy of the bands other magnum opus. Both versions still hold up well with or without the use of psychedelics. If your one who enjoys fancy posters, than I would check out the newer version. I actually framed the original one, because I’m the guy.

Bill Cosby, The Best of Bill Cosby

Yeah… ouch.

Phil Collins, No Jacket Required  and Genesis, Duke

The more I look through my collection, the more I come to realize that it doesn’t really cover a lot of ground. These two very different records helmed by the same english midget, both original print, are both fun additions to the party. While Duke is much more interesting, No Jacket does help to liven up the bunch by featuring a giant, red tinted version of Phil’s enormous and weirdly shaped head.


The Jonah Jones Quartet, Jumpin’ With Jonah

My first and most meme-able record. I’ve had this one for as long as I can remember, but never actually got a chance to play it until fairly recently. The verdict? It’s actually a really solid collection of jazz standards covered by the quartet, with Jones himself performing a mix of vocals, alto sax, and his signature Trumpet.


Pink Floyd, The Final Cut

The awkward middle child of the Pink Floyd canon might possibly be me favorite record of the bunch. Why? Well because it’s not a record you see in stores and collections all too often. While not exceedingly rare by any means, the record is at least fairly uncommon enough to make any collection a bit more unique. It’s also fun to have if you’re a freak like me who gets a kick out of collecting the band’s memorabilia.

So that’s about it. I thought I had more, but I guess i’m even less musically well rounded than I thought. I think I have some more lying around, but this chair is really comfortable.

That actually might be a blessing in disguise though, because this took way longer than I thought. Anyway, I hope this was both informative and entertaining for all of you. Now I just need to find a vinyl player

Also, I just found a third copy of Dark Side of The Moon. I have a disease.


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