Daniel Bryan had to forcefully retire from wrestling February 2016 due to medical reasons. He had suffered at least 10 concussions and had a lesion on his brain, which was the cause of his post-concussion seizures that he had hid from the WWE. He had to retire so they wouldn’t have another Chris Benoit incident which was very tragic, which was the cause of his brain being heavily damaged like an 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. Additionally, WWE did not want to have an accident happen to Daniel Bryan happen inside the ring. He did a farewell speech to the fans, and had a tribute for him.  However, overtime he started to get cleared by various doctors around the country, and has been doing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as treatment for his brain. In that time he was working as the General Manager of Smackdown Live. In a recent storyline he’s been in a feud with Shane McMahon (Commissioner of Smackdown Live) over a feud Shane has with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. And last week, Sami and Kevin attacked Shane and injured him. This past Monday, Daniel was medically cleared by WWE doctors to return to the ring, and as punishment for attacking Shane, Kevin and Sami were fired (in storyline of course). And he took some nasty bumps from Kevin and Sami, and he has to medically examined after every match. There is a big rumor that Shane and Daniel will team up against Kevin and Sami at Wrestlemania. I have 5 dream matches that I’d love to see.daniel-bryan

  1. AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan
    I know this match has happened before in Ring of Honor, back when both of these two were still young wrestlers; however, these two have become very great ever since their first encounter in Ring of Honor, both multi-time world champions,  and have had incredible matches with their opponents. I feel they can possibly have a 5 star match.
  2. Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan
    This is another match that has taken place before in Ring of Honor before their best years, where they’re both multi-time world champions, I feel these two can have another stellar match especially how much they’ve progressed over the years, and can possibly have a 5 star match.
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan
    This match has never happened before, and they both have expressed interest in wrestling each other, and both have hard hitting strikes in their move set, and both are very popular and can have a very incredible match.
  4. The Miz vs Daniel Bryan
    The Miz is one of the most popular heels on the roster, and has been in a feud with Daniel Bryan since he retired that The Miz has taken Bryan’s moves and chants and made them his own, so it’s only fair to have these two have a big feud and some great matches where they’ll both benefit from.
  5. Johnny Gargano vs Daniel Bryan
    These two are very similar in terms of popularity, though Bryan is more popular, for his time on main; meanwhile Johnny is still in NXT. Both are good babyface wrestlers, good on the microphone, own unique chants such as “Johnny Wrestling” for Gargano and “YES” for Bryan. Both are underdogs as well, and in Gargano’s latest matches against Andrade “Cien” Almas where he had everything stacked against him and ultimately lost, both had a stellar outing, and reminded me of Daniel Bryan when he was starting to pick up momentum. I feel Bryan and Gargano can put on one of the best matches of all time in WWE if they ever faced each other.

    I very much feel all these matches would be great and could elevate the wrestling and match quality of WWE back up, and could captivate the audience once again, because there is various lackluster stuff today in WWE, but gems are hard to spot. I feel there would be more gems, and can have another era with great wrestling programming.

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