We’re a good two weeks removed from North Coast Music Festival, summer’s proverbial “last stand”. I had the pleasure of going this year all weekend. The weather might have not been great, but the acts were. Sadly the festival line-up was a tad male heavy, not a lot of love to the female acts. But if you’re boy crazy then the performers, mixed with the sweltering heat, makes for a great time. An endless supply of free drinks in the VIP section also helped matters.

I went into North Coast with no agenda or real expectations. I wanted to hear some artists I was unfamiliar with. As well as see Miguel, Friday’s headliner, and Mura Masa, who would be playing on Sunday. Things did not go as smoothly as I hoped. The festival was evacuated early on Friday before Miguel even went on stage and similarly on Saturday before DJ Snake’s headlining set. But I was still going to make the most out the weekend!

But what ended up happening was me falling for and crushing hard on most of the acts I saw. So in the same vein as Lara Jean Covey from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before I have decided to write a blog post for these intense crushes. 


I had gone to see NoMBe’s set on a friend’s recommendation. And I will now be naming my first child after this friend. NoMBe is a complete performer who is nothing but electric when he’s on stage. Sunday’s crowd was admittedly weak early in the day, but NoMBe preserved through a rough crowd and still gave his set-list 100%. His music, look, dance moves and on stage banter can all be described as smooth. NoMBe? More like Nom-bae. He is the Peter Kovinksy for my loose To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before theme here.

Jacob Banks:

I was not prepared for his voice. My jaw dropped at his deep and soulful voice that I feel could be heard throughout the entire park. Also he is British and has an accent, once I found that out he made the list immediately. Again not the best crowd during his set, but I like to think everyone was just still and in awe of his vocals.

Moon Taxi (especially their keyboardist):

I’m sure every member of the band is lovely, however, the man on the keyboard had a Queer Eye shirt on. He immediately made the list when I spotted the shirt. Also I think the lead singer looks exactly like the cartoon figure on the North Coast stage banners.



Mura Masa (& Fliss):

This quiet cutie was in his element during his entire set. Mura Masa’s music is feature heavy and coming in during his live shows to fill in for these guest features is Fliss. She singlehandedly played the role of substitute for artists like A$AP Rocky and Charli XCX and she crushed it! Her energy was infectious.


This is an honorary mention on the list since I didn’t actually get to see him perform or at all for that matter

The man serving me drinks all weekend:

Another honorary mention. I don’t know your name but know that I appreciate you and am okay with you judging how frequently I came up to the drink station all weekend.

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