Some people see a couch, I see a mid-day respite. (which is the same thing)


Everyone has a busy schedule. It seems like there’s not enough time in the day to get all of your classes, studying, workouts, work shifts, extracurriculars, and social life commitments done in 24 hours. Usually a single day involves some sleep, right? Sometimes you just need to crash wherever and whenever possible. Here’s my top 5 places to nap at UIC’s East Campus. (You should feel lucky that I’m sharing this information with you)



1. Newman Center

The Newman Center is the youth Catholic center on campus. It hosts mass every day. Catholic or not, the Newman Center is open for use for everyone. It has a multitude of couches and seats that are pretty empty the majority of the day. Being a church, it will most likely be quiet, so your naps will be uninterrupted.

2. UIC Radio, 3rd Floor SCE. Chairs right outside of the radio station

Right outside of the fishbowl that is the radio station, there are a pair of chairs and a table. This area in SCE is not very busy and if you sit in the chairs, you can put your legs up on the table to recline. It’s a pretty nice spot that no one uses.



3. Daley Library, 1st Floor. Idea Commons green couches

Facing the front of the Daley Library, the very far left side of the library is the Idea Commons. Next to the dry erase walls, there are a line of green couches with footrests. This place is a bit busy, but it’s an excellent place to take a nap. It’s also right in the middle of campus, so you most likely do not have to take a large detour to get here.


4. UIC Rec Center, 2nd Floor from elevator, leftmost lounge

In the UIC Rec Center, there is a lounge on the 2nd floor. There are a few circular couches that no one ever uses. It gets a bit loud in this spot due to the gym and rock climbing wall, but if you can deal with the noise, it’s a nice place to crash.


5. SES, central spire. Couches in the “art galleries”

SES is probably the most attractive brutalist style building on campus. However, that isn’t saying much. Despite all of that, the central spire within SES has a few couches that not too many people utilize. If you see one open, take advantage and seize a nap.


– Matt Cuartero

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