The 5ound of Art!…


It’s the 0cto5quid! Chillin in the pool! This time we have very special guests we are going to cover from last week’s show!

We were joined by artists Joe Horejs and Carlos Flores as well as their friend Tom (shouts to Tom). Joe is a fresh sound artist and we showed listened to his two works.

They came and demonstrated their sound art. They did all sort of weird sound experiments involving a microphone, microwave, popcorn, a random rapping, a fan and various other “tools” used in instruments.


Listen to the interview here!

The Black Couch is a creative artistic space located in Hermosa / West Logan Square. They offer their art gallery and studio for a variety of events and shows. Their open mics usually bring in one hundred people while their freestyle battles bring in the most talented and aggressive MCs the city has to offer.  
The space promotes good quality values within its walls as well as outside in the community. The music is amazing, but the good vibrations are great. Wardens Midwest had the pleasure to interview Mark Narens, the owner and founder of The Black Couch a few weeks ago. We look forward to whatever the Black Couch has in store for us next !!!



Shouts to the homie Daddio for coming through with the water!

World War Me

Chicago’s hottest  band graced Wardens Midwest a couple weeks ago; Five outrageously talented individuals come together to form World War Me. A powerful match of like minded individuals who are two degrees away from blowing up.


They have upcoming shows throughout the extended Chicago area. Check them out!




New Kings

New Kingz is a hip hop group that consists of Ali and Lukas G. They take their Gospel fuzed Hip Hop and translate it into trap flavored beats. They’ve joined us once before and dropped some major beats for us. They hit the harmonies and flow melodically through their tracks that brings back nostalgic memories of a church.

Catch them on twitter as well as Soundcloud

Wardens Midwest /// Chi Babes / No Ra Ma


Following Trumps’ rally I had the pleasure of interviewing Chi Babes; a modeling agency that works with models that are more than a cute face and tight waist. These girls are multi talented. They are artists, singers, rappers, actors, poets, the list goes on and on. We were watched live by over 80 people from Facebook. Check out Chi Babes‘ website.


Also, this Friday they are celebrating their one year anniversary at the famous  Black Couch. Check out the event here




10360687_1156966720982134_5497284589735890219_nAlso coming on the same night was rising star Aaron Gruental ( No Ra Ma ). his sound is something out of a meditating robotic dream. The off beat rhythms crossed with the futuristic bass line is unmatched  in the scene today.

Check out the entire interview and mix here!

“I Have a Dream”

Howdy y’all, its 13lacula, your 0cto5quid!

There will be no Wardens Midwest show tomorrow. However you can catch our downloads here. Rather, I will be preparing for my second spiritual trip to California next week by practicing for the piano midterm.


However, this Saturday at Iridium Wardens Midwest alongside Ever Evolved, Dark Cloud and EatWell will be hosting an event titled “I Have a Dream”.  Our stellar lineup includes:

Rhymster with our MC of the night Mike Booth
(Ever Evolved)

Louie Vizzie
(Dark Cloud)


Also! Art by Mark Narrens!



Wardens Midwest /// 4ebruary /// 2.6

Howdy y’all, it’s 13lacula the 0cto5quid. This week we had Ur Girl Pearl co-host our Friday night show with Professor Yayoi Uno Everett guest starring. Professor Everett was born in  Yokohama, Japan and is now on her second year here at UIC teaching music theory. She tells us that she is a big fan of rap music and enjoys going to concerts! We played some Japanese music then moved to other east Asian countries.

We were joined by our featured guests theWhoevers and LEOCEAN about halfway into the interview. theWhoevers is the Chicago Hip Hop / RnB duo formed by DotKom and J.Arthur. Their blend of bubbly beats and 5oul-tronic vocals grants them on my personal best lists.  LEOCEAN creates electronic music; her choiced percussion she 4lips any sample to fit the texture of her otherworldy pads.

Afterwords, I was rapping some lyrics to a new beat I made titled 13lack 5word. It’s about the robot who finds a powerful weapon that he uses on his quest! Then a random harmonica special from 13lacula’s first project 5PACE7RAP

We’re so glad they came thru and showed us some love!

13lacula x 0ctosquid x theWhoevers x LEOCEON collab coming late summer guise!

Stay tuned!



Glamour Hotline – 6irl Power!

Glamour Hotline is formed by the three lovely ladies Hayley Riley and Alex. These 5pooky 6irls really come together and drive a ghostly coated amusement park ride of angst that ends up being as intimate as it does entertaining. I stumbled upon Glamour Hotline a few months ago when I was in the process of trying to get the 5eason together. We had them come in this past Friday and asked them an assortment of questions ranging from their startup as a band, to v srs political questions involving a skate off between Hilary Clinton and future President Bernie Sanders. They even performed their “spooky cool girls” album and revealed a never before heard track live on the air! Listen below!



And of course the amazing SQUAD pose.


Tune in this Friday when we have IRTKGMO legislators. Dj Jungle Jim, World War Me, and a new single from your Wardens of the Midwest!



Wardens Midwest presents: Professor Saunders the Beat Critique

Howdy y’all, it’s Joaquin, aka 13lacula… your friendly neighborhood 0cto5quid.


Professor Harris Saunders, the musicologist from UIC’s stellar Music Department joined us on UIC Radio, on the flagship project known as Wardens Midwest. Every month we bring in the very best of Chicago’s producers and go through the motions.

We give each artist a single track, and an hour to blend, mix, chop, remix, screw, splice, sample it into something of their own styling. This month, we chose Ut Queant Laxis for our producers. Our three producers this month are ∆ M A C H O B E A T Z ∆, The Color Army, and Hennibrown.

I asked Professor Saunders about his work on and off campus. The interview led up to an exclusive producer showcase session.



My boney butt accidentally stopped recording and did not pick up his comments on the tracks. =/


Listen to the interview here; ask the Professor what he thought of the tracks in person.


Here’s a bomb-@55 picture instead.




Giraffage /// Slow Magic

Giraffage comes from  California; more specifically The Bay.  I visted “My Mother’s Land” for our birthdays. It was in February when I was sent the newest music video featuring dogs being visited by extra-dimensional beings.  Next thing I know Pearl is telling me me I was locked in for the event. I was ecstatic! This was a long time in the making.

Despite my wait -two hours, of which I was tempted to just abandon the camera and pay for the tickets myself- I had an unforgettable time. As always, I look at these shows as a sort of spiritual cleansing. Giraffage’s bass driven and glitchy pops were scenes from a robotically cartoonish children’s animation.

My favorite jam is as always, Tell Me. Besides this one his live remix / edit of Hotline Bling is obnoxiously expressive. The screen behind him showing the iconic face of Drake crying. This mix

between Hotline Bling, Tell Me, and then his remix of Stardust’ “Music Sounds Better With You” was something out of a euphoric dream.  I was in a paegant for the sorority Delta Phi Epsilon where I performed Hotline Bling as well. After transcribing it, I learned the chords and played it for their event Deepher Dudes. I know you all want to see the video, I know its super embarrassing.  sO AGA

His Miley Cyrus remix toned it down for me. I felt fatigued, my forehead was slapped. I felt a large slap hit  me across the forehead that made me go seek something to drink.

When Slow Magic appeared he banged the ever loving hell out his drums. Again, in the trenches (WE OUT HERE!) I was snapping mad pictures. I know that Slow Magic picked up on my kinetic energy and started looking at me for pics. All I could think of staring at him was “This man with the mask is crazy!”

I’ve rarely seen anyone put that much work into the drums. He slapped them around like a punching bag. So intense were his mallets that he had to have someone sporting his clothes spot the mics for the drums. This man literally beat the sound off his drums.

Slow Magic is a mysterious being. His Tribal mask reminiscent of darkish culty daft punk yet still holding on to friendly and aesthetically pleasing elements. I could see he had trouble looking through the mask he donned, but regardless he still head that show down! His buildup and drop combos combined with the interaction he’s able to control with the crowd just shows he is the master of his dojo.



Part One: 13lack 4riday