EDM From Around the World: Aly & Fila



Have you listened to Aly & Fila recently? Well you definitely should. This rising duo is revolutionizing the trance scene.


Aly & Fila hail from Cairo, Egypt, where they also air their Internet radio show, “Future Sound of Egypt”.  Their interest in EDM music pushed them to experiment during their teenage years. Popular trance artists of the 90’s, especially the great Paul Van Dyk, have greatly influenced the duo in their early years. They later collaborated together.


The duo have made their name shine through their collaborations with many EDM artists as well as going on tours. Last time they visited Chicago they were at Castle in June 2013. Today, they are consistently featured on Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance Radio show. They also opened a record label with the same name as their radio show and they have a cast of cool artists.


Check em’ out

Here is one of their cool hits ft. Roger Shah and Adrina Thorpe.


A Resolution Not on Your List

I feel that break flew by, at least mine did, and here we are jumping into second semester already. This could be one of many semesters for many of you out there. For me though, its luckily and sadly enough, my last semester as an undergraduate.

One thing I have been thinking about constantly is what I will end up doing after I graduate. But more importantly than that, what am I looking forward to do? And that’s what I want to ask you as a reader.

Most people look forward to work, continue school, find an internship, etc… which are all things I have also been once consumed with as well. But the question remains, have you purposefully thought of going somewhere? Traveling? Discovering? Temporarily stepping outside your known world?

This is one task you should have on your to do list this year. Don’t let your lives be consumed with the everyday hustle and bustle. Don’t rob yourself of your days and time without making time to go further into discovering yourself. Change your settings, at least temporarily. Plan a trip somewhere, even if its to your neighboring state.

“Travel is supposed to be about a departure from the familiar. Whether the setting is the parched Kalahari Desert or the barrel-vaulted space of a Florentine cathedral, the point is to relinquish your everyday self to new surroundings and a new context. But there is another journey; one in which self knowledge is the very goal, with the route and even the destination secondary to that pursuit.” – Condé Nast, Travel

So where will you be? What will you be looking forward to this semester? Or perhaps during this semester? What stories will you bring back?

Afrojack? Eminem? Whooooo? Publicity Stunt? What?

So if you are part of Eminem’s fan army, you are probably familiar with this. You have probably went on Afrojack’s FB page or Instagram or Twitter, and posted somewhere, “Who?” If you are not, here is “what happened”

  1. During the MTV EMAs Afrojack was spinning for Snoop Dogg (lion, lol), in front of a very entertained crowd.
  2. Will Ferrell was also there playing Ron Burgundy and promoting the event. After Eminem received his award, Burgundy asked what Eminem thought of Afrojack “talking s**t” about him, to which Eminem replied “WHO?”…Yea this was on TV.
  3. Eminem’s army took off to social media, to face Afrojack with one question, “WHO?”
  4. Afrojack and Snoop upload a short video dancing to Eminem’s “My Name is”…Except its not my name is slim shady, but, Afrojack. Afrojack also said that he loves Ron Burgundy and Eminem.


ImageWhat do you think, is this a publicity stunt or a real beef?



ALESSO is coming to Chicago!!! (Let’s have a group trip to his concert)

A lot of good news coming towards our way. Dj Alesso is coming to Chicago on Saturday Nov. 23rd at the Aragon Ballroom. This will definitely be one the notable end of the year DJ events happening in the City prior to New Years Eve.

Alesso is a Swedish DJ with a renowned progressive house reputation in the EDM world. He collaborated with the Swedish House, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and also with Sebastian Ingrosso on one of the hottest tracks of 12’, Calling (Lose My Mind). Alesso is definitely one of the hottests on the scene right now, so don’t miss this one out.

If you are interested in going, you must purchase your tickets as soon as possible (link below). Presale tickets are gone. If you are interested in going as a group, email me at aali42@uic.edu and I will organize it!!!


Swedish House Mafia is Back!!!! (for a documentary)

I know. I know how you just felt reading that the greatest trio of EDM history is back. That rush of excitement, the lapse imaginative moments where you thought of the possibility of attending one of their concerts no matter what because you couldn’t attend the one last tour when it came to Chicago. Well, they are obviously not back to continue making music. They are back in this tell-all documentary that possibly has the answer to why they split up.

Swedish House broke many EDM fans’ hearts when they announced their split up. It remains a mystery why the group decided to break up at the height of a successful career. The good news is that these three talented guys (Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso) are still making music on their own. Even though the group is over, they still got voted on DJ Mag’s Top 100, which shows how loyal their fans are.

I leave you with a clip from the documentary to be released. It will definitely bring back a good feeling of the love that you had when you heard these guys. I personally can’t hear “Don’t you worry child” without remembering my time traveling through Europe and meeting new people (Because I heard it so much abroad). Anyways, let’s see what this documentary will tell us when its released.


Well, here it is once again. DJ MAG released its TOP 100 list that includes Dj’s from all around the world. If you are a trance/house lover, this won’t surprise you much. On the other hand, if you are a bass junkie, a “deadmau5 is house” and “Skrillex is the best”, then just scroll down down and away. Here are some of the highlights.

1)   DJ MAG Top 100 polls are based on the votes of participants from around the world. No one or committee picks the DJ’s, or believe me, Skrillex would make it on the Top 1000 at 999 (if such list existed).

2)   Armin Dethroned (no, not really)

Armin Van Buuren a.k.a the God of Trance/House/Progressive, father of all, is not number one this year. Whatever the reason is, Armin’s spot in the EDM world remains the same. The man himself concluded that he won the title 5 times and thinks that’s enough.

3)   Hardwell worked hard for it.

Hardwell took in #1 at no one’s surprise. At least not the top DJ’s, including Armin, Tiesto, and others. One notable factor in his rise from 5th last year to 1st this year is his performance at Tomorrowland.

4)   David Guetta is 5th and not 100

Why David Guetta keeps on making it in the top 5 for the past several years is a question that needs an answer. My answer is this, because the people who vote obviously don’t know club, house and trance, and anything electronic by a big name is considered good to them.

5)   DJ Mag Polls are very much affected by the activity of each DJ from the time of the release of the previous year’s polls until the votes get counted for the current year’s votes. That means if a legendary DJ like Carl Cox wasn’t very active, his rank will go down. And if someone like Avicci releases a catchy song that is more pop music than EDM, he will go up the rankings. That is because most people usually vote based on the tracks they like instead of the DJ.

6)   Some real talented Dj’s and duos to look for this year: Aly and Fila (20), Nicky Romero(7th), Above and Beyond(17th), Arty (57th), R3hab(58th), Omnia (48)

What are your thoughts on the TOP 100….Who would you vote as your top 3 ?????

I leave you with Hardwell’s awesome performance from Tomorrowland 2013.