Dally Auston drops “99¢”

c1bkdynuaaawoxqChicago has been put in the spotlight for many years to work from city natives Twista, Common, Kanye West, and more recently: Chance The Rapper. For years, social media has been exploding over good friends of Chance and affiliates of the “Savemoney army”. Talent in this super-group are Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, RnB artist Brill, Towkio and more. Although all of these are artists have developed over the past few years, they still give back to Chicago and often host concerts and secret parties for their most loyal fans.

In the month of January, fans have expressed their excitement for one of the member’s new projects: Dally Auston. It is his first project in about 3 years and everyone is very eager to jam on his latest work. On January 20th at 3pm (CT), Dally released his latest project, titled “99¢”. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Dally will be live on UIC Radio’s Thumpin’ Thursdays show on Feb 2nd at 3:30pm (CT)

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Aside from having the best Pizza, hot dogs and burgers, Chicago is definitely on the map for having some of the best chicken wings in the country. Although the chain restaurants are known to have good wings, step out of your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised to find what real chicken wings are (sorry wingstop). Every summer we set adventures or something different we want to do. This year I compiled a list of awesome bars, grills, restaurants and lounges all across the city of Chicago that I’ve heard good things from as far as their wings.

The list contains 30 different locations of places with wing specials sorted from Monday to Sunday. The goal is to randomly go to every spot on the list, have their wing special and rate them (0-100%) based off flavor, wing quality, service, sauce and price + size (yes, size matters). Those that score an average of at least 70 of 100 I will return, while those that score below 60/100 will never see me or my #RealFriends again. The letters next to the score is a letter grade, because…well, just because. The (J) next to the price indicates that the wings are jumbo.

Below is the table of the list I’m talking about, including the neighborhoods they are located in, the date I went to visit them, and any rules or times included in the deal. Feel free to add any suggestions, corrections and connections to the list on the comments below, and let me know if you’re interested in coming to any of these places with me! #LongLiveTheWings Follow us on Instagram for more adventures and shenanigans: @CeaseDays@TheHomeBoyTyler @KeepItFlashy




25c: Wild Goose Bar & Grill (Ravenswood)

25c:  F. O’Mahony’s (Wrigleyville)

25c: Jack & Gingers (Logan Square)

25c: The Rail (Ravenswood) *J

35c: Output Lounge (West Town)-92% (A)

35c: Hawkeye’s (University Village) – After 3pm [May 16, 2016]-38% (F)



25c: Racine Plumbing (Lincoln Park)

35c: Vintage Lounge (University Village) (L) [Feburary 13, 2017]-86% (B)

35c: Irish Oak (Wrigleyville)

35c: Sully’s House (Old Town) (J) – After 4pm [May 24, 2016]-74% (C)

40c: Reggie’s Rock Club (South Loop) (J) – After 2pm, with a drink [May 17, 2016]-86% (B)


10c: Select Ultra Lounge (West Ridge) – At least 15

25c: Five Star Bar (Wicker Park) – After 4pm

50c: McFadden’s (Gold Coast ) – Until 7pm

50c: Kelly’s Pub (Lincoln Park)

50c: Bar 10 Doors (University Village) (J) [July 14, 2015]-74% (C)


50c: Kincade’s (Lincoln Park) (J) – With a drink

35c: Birds Nest (Lincoln Park) [Nov 20, 2016]-92% (A)

50c: Small Bar Avondale

50c: Weather Mark Tavern (South Loop) [Jan 04, 2017]-81% (B)



25c: Lion Head Pub Lincoln Park – 4-7pm w/ Drink

25c: Black Rock Pub (Lakeview) (J)

50c: Lottie’s Pub (Wicker Park) (J)

50c: Guide’s Sports Bar (Garfield Ridge) – 4-6pm [Nov 05, 2017]-79% (C)


25c: Third Rail Tavern (West Loop)

25c: Polk Street Pub (+M/W) (West Loop) – After 3pm [Jul 13, 2016]-82% (B)


15c: Bar Celona (Wrigleyville)

30c: Kendall’s (+T) (Lincoln Park) – After 2pm

50c: Birds Nest (Lincoln Park) [Oct 02, 2016]-92% *J

50c: The Beer Bistro (West Loop) [May 22, 2016]-78% (C)

50c: Brisku’s Bistro (North Center) *J

5 Must Listens for Chicago this summer


It’s obvious. Chicago HAS talent. DJs, producers, hip hop artists, bands, singers, painters, graffiti artists, dancers and more across the north, south, east and west side. But ever since unsigned artists like Chance The Rapper (10 Day, Acid Rap, Chance 3) started gathering national attention and headlining national events, the more motivated and unified these artists have become.

It’s created an inspiring movement in which kids as young as 12 start making music and art in a positive way. We’ve seen it for ourselves and heard it as well. Artists in Chicago on the rise have created a new, original voice to their own music, and aren’t afraid to show it.

Some of the artists I’ve seen recently have showed that they have what it takes to lead the city in one way or another, and I seriously recommend you check them out if you haven’t yet. We’ve been focusing on this talent for a while; not only are they amazing artists and performers, but they are amazing people that you’d want to hang around with. We’ve had the pleasure to talk to them, ask them questions and even have them on Thumpin’ Thursdays. With that being said.. this summer is about to be “LIT”.

Let us know what you think about their music below, and tell us what YOU wanna hear on the show by following us on Instragram: @CeaseDays – @TheHomeboyTyler – @KeepItFlashy

1) Chris Crack and Vic Spencer, both nominated for the 2016 XXL list, go as Chris $pencer. They’re newly released project: “Who The F*** Is Chris Spencer” includes gems like “Zebra Ave” & “Wanna See A Dead Body”. It was a rated as an 8.1 by Pitchfork (higher than Rihanna’s “ANTI & Future’s “EVOL”) and is just the tip of the iceberg for the duo. Chris Crack recently dropped “Last of the Lean”, with popular tracks such as “Coke Donuts”. Their versatile stile speaks for itself, and their performances leave audiences at a loss of words.

2) We met Erik Write about a year ago downtown at an end of the year festival at Columbia. The young, experienced artist (Like a real artist) is hungry for the craft and puts 140% in everything he makes. We’re lucky to call him our friend, and all we can say is that this is barely the beginning for Erik. He’s been working with @DJ Serdna on a few tracks (you can listen to them here) and works till perfection. This spring, he released “Complex American”(Prod. by Quality), one of the most inspiring, eye-opening projects I’ve ever listened to in my entire life (alongside “Section 80” by Kendrick Lamar and  “The Revolutionary” by Immortal Technique). This is what Chicago should listen to in 2016.

3) Moecyrus X Jinerik X Aglox
These 3 really took me by surprise. I’ve had conversations with them separately and have listened to their tracks individually, but never interviewed them at once. The 3 are as real as it gets. Moecyrus talks about everything he does and acts (seriously!). Pay attention to the lyrics and you might laugh every once in a while, but it´s true, he is thirsty and chases the tail! Jinerik is a new artist we´ve been working with. The fact that he plays in a rock band and is a hip hop artist is definitely something different. He recently dropped ¨Beligerence Is Bliss¨, a project that features a story with vocals of him having conversations with staff at a bar through the night. Their buddy Aglox is one of the cleanest, fastest hip hop artists I´ve seen live. Representing the south side of Chicago, the 3 are the definition of ¨having no chill¨ when they´re all together. Their recent track titled ¨White Russians¨ is a prime example.. so ¨Wuz Good¨?

4) He´s performed all across the city with acts like Alex Wiley, Hurt Everybody, Taylor Bennett, and most recently Lil Uzi Vert. The energetic 21 year old has jaw dropping performances and his lyrics are relatable to anyone´s experiences. Logan began the 1636 Feo Mob movement for his fallen friend ¨Feo¨ back in 2013 and has not looked back since. Tracks like ¨24/7¨ talk about how he works nonstop to get to where he wants to be, while tracks like ¨All Real¨ talk about his life and different aspects of it. Last week he was in a music video with our friend known as Emmtee, titled ¨Day N´Night¨. Both are also from the Southside of Chicago, living through similar experiences and conditions. A more positive light for Chicago, artist Logan Cage talks about the good in life instead of the usual violence in the streets. Checkout ¨vibes¨, and let us know what you think about it below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m9Pxc-QxZ4

5) Freddy 2 Wox
I met Freddy at ALAS Fest 2016 at Jones College Prep last week. This kid not only has a love for real hip hop (Its rare now), but also speaks on life as a Latino in Chicago. While switching between Spanish and English, his raps consist of bringing more of his culture to hip hop. His performance at ALAS Fest showed how excited he was to perform for a big audience, and although he was unable to perform, I pulled him to the side and decided to checkout his bars (insert flame emoji’s). I´m not too into conscious rap but this kid blew me away with his fast paced style and verses on an ancient Aztec warrior. He constantly makes music with Manasseh Doso Champion, a current UIC student as well. Definitely an artist to look out for, let us know what you think below!

“Grip The Mic Mondays” & “Broad Shoulders Live”

What a year it’s been. 2015 has treated us so well; we hope it has for you as well. Next week will be reflecting on the year as a whole, but for today, we have some news:

This year we’ve been hustling on creating a better brand for ourselves and bettering our relations with artists. Let me just say it has been working really well. In addition to being a DJ, I had the honor to be given the role of a manager to my long-term friend: Chris Ruben. We’ve invaded just about every university campus in the city, as well as performed at shows and open-mic events. The most popular one has been “Grip The Mic Mondays” which takes place at Grandbar every Monday night from 10pm-3am. Open mic performances take over from 10pm-12am, followed by 3 hours of your favorite Hip-hop tracks by yours truly.12434281_10156477979470294_1411102027_n

Most recently, DJ Serdna and I have been working with Taylor Bennett & Morocco Brown with rehearsals for the upcoming show on 12/26 titled: “Broad Shoulders Live” at Lincoln Hall. Artists on the bill include an all-Chicago roster: Morocco Brown, his manager Taylor Bennett, producer Ludlow, Logan, DJ Oreo, and a couple special guest appearances including Chance The Rapper. The almost sold out show brings a lot of excitement for youth in Chicago, seeing that Taylor is only 19 years old. Check out Taylor Bennett’s new project below, and remember to follow us on social media to keep up with events in Chicago. Happy Holidays!