Bulls are 2-0!

Butler Celtics Game

Currently the Bulls have just finished their second game against the Boston Celtics, in a best of 7 series. And guess what? We won. Can you believe it? I’m not sure if I do. I know I’ve been a rollercoaster when it comes to my blog posts that have been about the Chicago Bulls this year. Some weeks I wanna quit at life and wish they would tank, and other weeks, such as last week I’m telling you guys to believe in them. But the thing is, can you blame me? Thats exactly the type of season their having. It is confusing.

But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re up 2-0 in the series, having won both the games in Boston. Usually the lower seeded teams are aiming to win at least one, to win home court advantage over the higher seeded team. Yet we won both. Now I know the series is a long way from over, and the Bulls can possibly go back to their ways of being great one week, and playing like the Brooklyn Nets the next. I’m just happy that things are looking good.

The next two games are critical, as their both right here in Chicago and even if we win just one, we will have a commanding 3-1 lead in the series. So unless we’re the Golden State Warriors things would be looking great.

Also just pointing out my last article was based around the Bulls having a chance to make a playoff push, ESPN can contact me if they wanna new basketball analyst

The Playoffs


The NBA playoffs are almost here. Now as a fan, a few weeks ago I posted about how the Bulls should give up on the season, because even if they did make the playoffs, the chances they could beat the Cavaliers were pretty low. Additionally, if we did try to make the playoffs, and end up barely not making it, we would have a lottery pick, but it would be a pick in the middle of the draft, so not that good. In my mind the best thing to do was shut down our players, and hope we could fall in the standings.

Now instead we find the Bulls in the 8 spot of the playoffs and all they have to do is beat the Nets to make it to the playoffs. Now theirs a good chance we win that game, because the Nets are pretty bad. And if the Pacers lose, we still win we get the seventh seed. So basically, we have the 7th or 8th seed on lock.

Depending on how things shape up, we either play the Celtics or the Cavaliers. If we’re talking about the Bulls of a month ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got swept. But the Bulls from the past couple of weeks have put up some top tier performances.

We’ve swept the Cavaliers every time we’ve played them, and we’re 2-1 against the Celtics. This team has lost to a lot of teams that they probably should have beaten. They’ve also risen to the occasion and beaten top teams, and have brought it many times when it counts. The Bulls will probably lose to those top teams. But I believe they both have a chance to beat the Celtics and the Cavs. If Jimmy Butler plays his best as he has during some parts of the season, I really believe the Bulls can at least make a decent run in the playoffs.

Can The Bulls Just Tank Already?

Butler and Wade Pic

Hello fellow Chicago Bulls fans, its pretty clear that we’re not winning the chip this year. We’re not even in the playoffs, currently in the standing we are listed in 9th place. Can someone explain this to me please. The east is so weak. You don’t even have to be above .500 to be in the playoffs. The Bulls can’t even win half their games. This incredibly disappointing. I’m more disappointed in the Bulls than I am myself, and that says a lot.

But what I don’t understand is why don’t they just tank for the rest of the season. They probably should have started a while ago, but at this point its almost unbearable to watch them stay at mediocrity. Dwayne Wade is out for the rest of the season. Jimmy Butler is basically the only player on our team.

The Bulls could take a page from the Suns and the Laker and sit their vets so they can both develop young players and not risk wins that will take away anything from their draft lottery position. We can just sit Jimmy for the rest of the season, and then if we win games its cause our young core is developing, or we lose games and hopefully we better our draft position.

I just cannot take this team trying to win, but then end up doing something wrong at every turn. Its time to focus on next season, and try to fix the issues that plagued us this season.

It Snowed Today

SnowLike a lot. Like way too much. Does mother nature not know it’s March 14th? It’s spring break next week. I can’t deal with this. Why is it that for the last two months when it is actually supposed to snow it doesn’t, but now all of a sudden when Spring is right around the corner, it’s going to snow.

I had an eight am today, and my teacher emailed us that she was gonna make it and we should still go to class. And then at 7:50, when I was on the bus going to class she emails me and cancels class. How is she gonna play with me like that?

I almost died out there today. No that isn’t an exaggeration. Anything could have happened, and I put myself in risk. Did you see how scary it was out there? It was crazy.

Yes I am going to use this blog post to complain about the weather, because I was cold and wet this morning. My feet were freezing, because almost all the shoes I own are sneakers, so that really sucked. Usually I’m a fan of winter, but not when the weather fluctuates for no apparent reason.

Khalid’s American Teen


American Teen is an album that you can’t miss out on, and thanks to me, you won’t. Released just a few days ago, the album is pretty much the only thing I listen to. With this debut album Khalid seems destined for success, and I have no doubt this is just the beginning to a great career.

You may have already heard of Khalid, due to his successful single, Location, a song also featured on the album, but his whole album is also rich with quality music. With 15 songs, Khalid is giving both quality and quantity.

Khalid explores a couple of themes through his music. His songs Young, Dumb and Broke and 8teen, explores his youth. Songs like Location just explore love and girls through his own personal experiences. Another prevalent theme is his hometown of El Paso Texas, intertwining his r&b sound to the area brings out his originality.

American Teen marks Khalid as another edition to the amount of young artist that are on the rise, and give yourself the privilege to hear this young mans artistic work.

You can find the Spotify link of the album below.

Why Do The Bulls Hurt Me

Chicago Bulls v Cleveland Cavaliers

Why does it feel like the Bulls are going out of their way to make me sad? It seems like every decision they make is a bad one, and really no one in the organization knows what they are doing. The front office is trash, and fans have a petition to fire Gar Forman every month. While Hoiberg is a coach that cannot even seem to control the team.

The trade deadline was just a new occasion for the team to disappoint me. It occurred when the team traded away Taj Gibson and Doug Mcdermott away to the Thunder. Now you have to realize I am rational fan, so even if a team trades away one of my favorite players I’m fine with it depending on how much the trade helps the team. But this is the problem the Bulls are doing terrible trades. In return for those previous players, we got Cameron Payne, and Anthony Morrow. HOW? Can someone explain to me what monkeys are running this team. How many people said okay to this idea, because they all need to fired immediately.

This is just like the Derrick Rose trade, when we got Lopez in return. I still think Lopez is trash. This organization is trash, Gar Forman is trash, Hoiberg is trash, Rondo is trash and still can’t shoot to save his life. I have lost all I hope I’ve ever had. At least we still have Jimmy Butler, he is amazing.

Same Drugs Music Video

Chance the Rapper is one of my favorite artist at the moment. I think he makes great music, and he is lyrically gifted. If you want to see proof of this lyrical genius, look no further than his verse on Kanye’s Ultralight Beam, where he absolutely kills it. He’s also nominated for 7 Grammys.

Chance’s album Coloring book came out over the summer, and it isn’t exactly new music, as most fans of music have listened to it countless times. But if you are a fan of Chance, and Coloring Book, good news he just released a new video for Same Drugs. It isn’t as exciting as a new song, but just the same its nice to see new content

The video features some new vocals, as well as a puppet just as he uses when he performs the song live. I know because I went to Magnificent Coloring Day, the music festival Chance hosted, and just a side note it was pretty amazing. Anyway, the video is pretty good, and you should check it out if you’re a fan of Chance.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.

I’m Weak


I love finding new music, especially artists that I haven’t heard before. There something so refreshing hearing music originating from someone that is alien to you. Last week I was once again glad to find myself upon a new artist, and greatly enjoyed the music that  I found. The song was Weak by AJR a band that consists of three bothers from New York. The song is pretty popular with 40 million listens on Spotify.

I loved the song Weak it sounded beautiful, and was something that I could connect to pretty easily, but then continued to listen to the entire EP What’s Everyone Thinking, and loved every song. It consists of Come Hank Out, Weak, Turning Out, I’m Not Famous, and No Grass Today.  The EP reminds me of Twenty One Pilots, which is an amazing band. Each song is unique and I can’t help but listen to the multiple times.

Below is the music video for the song I’m Not Famous, which is a nice tune about just how unknown the band is.


Why I Am Binging Empire?

BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING.  I started the show last night, and I am now on season 2 episode 9. Now it may seem like I have a problem, and can’t stop watching but I assure you, that is very true. It is currently streaming on Hulu from my tv while I type out this post. But at this point, I paused the tv because I literally had been sitting here completely distracted by the television.

Empire is a wonderful show for so many different reasons. I’m a fan of all the music that they create for the show. The story line while sometimes crazy and hectic is probably the most addicting aspect of the show. I find myself not being able to stop watching, needing to know what turn the plot will take next. And the acting is pretty great, there have been moments where the actors really shine through with near perfect performances, and characters are fully transitioned into reality. While the show can by corny at times, I find myself liking all occasional corny line. empire

This show is amazing, and really its the only thing on my mind right now, so I wrote a post in hopes that maybe you’ll give Empire a chance as well, and find yourself wrapped in a blanket for hours, wondering if you should be doing something more productive, but instead click on next episode.

The Rise of Jimmy

Before the 2015-2016 NBA offseason, the biggest question the Bulls had was who’s team is it. Was it Derrick Rose’s team? He was the man that lead us to being the number one seed in the East two seasons in a row, winning a MVP along the way. But then injuries occurred and he was a shell of the player he used to be, and people were starting to accept that he will never be the player he once was. He could be good but never again great.

Or was it Jimmy Butler’s team? Drafted as the last pick in the first round, Jimmy was supposed to be a role player at best. Someone who could come in and play great defense. Maybe he would develop a jumper along the way too. Instead Butler got better every year, and the year before he jumped to a star level, by dropping 20 a game, and locking down other team’s best players on defense.

This was the drama that continued all season for the Chicago Bulls. Jimmy clearly outplayed Derrick, but many were unable to give up on the former MVP. The team’s chemistry couldn’t take it, and the second most talented team in the East didn’t make the playoffs. This was which lead to the Bulls trading away Derrick Rose to the Knicks in the summer. It was finally without a doubt Jimmy’s team.

And with the 2016-2017 season Jimmy has transitioned into a superstar. He has literally dragged this Chicago Bulls team in multiple games. He’s averaging 25 points a game. He put up 52 against the hornets. With a team where Rajon Rondo can’t even start, Robin Lopez seems to be on the court just to help us lose, and D Wade is the only other bright side, Jimmy is the only thing keeping these Bulls alive.

Chicago Bulls v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game One