Deadmau5 Takes It Too Far? Bringing The “Animals” Back To Old MacDonald’s Farm

deadmau5_concert_El-PasoDeadmau5’s attempt to do a favor for a friend by taking Avicii’s place at Ultra Music Festival due to Avicii’s recent hospitalization and surgery not only had people talking—it had people in what seemed like an endless war with words.

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Future Music Festival Asia Cancellation: Death Fest?

future-malaysia-729-620x349Due to the deaths of six people, three people in critical condition, and 19 others arrested for drug possession, the narcotic situation in Future Music Festival Asia lead local authorities to cancel the third and final day of the music festival this past Saturday, March 15.

The cause of the deaths have been ruled as overdoses on methamphetamines.

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Kings of Leon Mechanical Bull Tour: have they lost their fire?


The Kings of Leon ended their Mechanical Bull Tour this Past Saturday at Chicago’s very own United Center.

“This is the last show on this leg of the tour” said lead singer Caleb Followill “So we’re going to blow it out.”

Cheers Ensued from an excited crowd of Chicagoans, followed by mesmerizing visuals and a dance worthy set list.

The band played old and new songs alike. The set list ranged from one of their newest songs called “Temple” to songs like “Pyro,” “Be Somebody,” and “Use Somebody.”

But Caleb’s announcement of “[blowing] it out” and actually delivering that type of performance may or may not have happened.

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Jared Leto Wins an Oscar and Millions of Hearts


Actor, singer, songwriter, and musician Jared Leto accepted an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor this past Sunday. Not only was his role vital in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” where he played an HIV positive transgender woman, but it was also representative of bigger issues.

Of course, the biographical film displayed the huge issues of the past with the distribution of drug treatments for HIV and AIDS, but the film was also crucial for Leto’s acceptance speech.

The speech flowed effortlessly, thanking important people and speaking for those whose voices have been ignored, silenced, or overlooked.

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Afrojack slows the beat down: “You & I” production

imgres2014 seems to be a milestone for the twenty-six-year-old Dutch producer, Nick van de Wall. Better known as Afrojack, his tracks have been climbing the charts while showcasing his success.

With track releases of “Ten Feet Tall,” “Musician,” and recent remixes of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” and Tiesto’s “Red Lights,” audiences can barely keep up with Afrojack’s productions, performances, and collaborations.

Fans are definitely ready for Afrojack’s new album that is rumored to include artists like Jennifer Lopez and Wiz Khalifa. Snoop Dog’s appearance on the album was confirmed recently with a sneak peak of the album track uploaded by Afrojack on Instagram.

His famous beat drops and EDM sound are easily pinpointed amidst other artists, but Afrojack’s production of “You & I” for Anouk is slowing down that pumped up beat.

The young producer has made it known via twitter recently that he isn’t a “purist.” In fact, Afrojack said he likes “making Dance, Hiphop, Trap, EDM and way more.” The cherry on top of his statement was his last sentence: “Fuck boxes.”

Well surely Afrojack is an eclectic producer who appreciates all types of music, but does this mean we’ll be hearing new tracks with a sound different than his signature style?

Listen to Anouk’s song “You & I” produced by Afrojack:

My Chemical Romance Officially Says “So Long and Goodnight”– “Greatest Hits” Album Release

ImageA little less than a year after the emo-esk rock band announced their disbandment, My Chemical Romance has released a previously unheard track named “Fake Your Death.”

The song is included as a part of their new greatest hits collection, “May Death Never Stop You,” that will be released March 25. MCR’s official page says the album will include “unearthed demos and over two hours of never-before-seen video footage.”

The video for “Fake Your Death” is clearly reminiscent of MCR’s successful career, but also seems to be a tribute to their fan’s inability to accept the band’s end.

When MCR first announced their split fans were surprised, to say the least. Unrelenting fans responded with a petition that read, “They need to do it correctly if they’re going to do it at all.” The petition demanded that MCR have one last world tour to say goodbye.

Although MCR did not heed the petition, “May Death Never Stop You” and “Fake Your Death” seem to attempt to give their long-time fans some closure.

Ray, Gerard, Frank, and Mike all released a statement in December that said, “we look at this collection as a celebration of our best songs, and hope the memory of them continues to bring joy to you all as they have for us.”

“Fake Your Death” is now available for purchase on ITunes.

Check out the MCR “Greatest Hits” Trailer with the song “Fake Your Death”

Bruno Mars Unlocks His Performance Heaven for Super Bowl Halftime Show


The halftime show for this Super Bowl Sunday was definitely a successful performance. Audiences could be seen dancing, jumping, and feeling the good vibes that Bruno Mars’ performance gave.

Following a brief introduction of the song “Billionaire” by a children choir, Bruno Mars  made quite the entrance. He performed a very unexpected drum solo, quickly transitioning into the song “Locked Out Of Heaven.”

“Treasure” soon followed and transitioned into “Runaway,” showing audiences his fancy footwork that was likely inspired by James Brown.

Super Bowl fans seemed to be enjoying the performance, even I was impressed at his ability to entertain. Bruno Mars went through a few more songs, eventually having the Red Hot Chili Peppers join him on stage for the song “Give It Away.”

The halftime show ended with fireworks and the song “Just the Way You Are.” Bruno Mars was visibly tired by the end of his performance but he definitely delivered.

By the end of the performance it was clear, to me at least, that this year’s halftime show was much stronger and more entertaining then last year’s. Maybe it was just the fact that the sound quality was soo much better this time around.

Check out the 2014 and 2013 Super Bowl halftime shows. Which one do you think was better? Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think!

Yuna is coming to the Windy City!

Yuna, an artist from Malaysia, is coming to perform in Chicago this Friday, January 31. This artists draws influences from and incorporates genres such as R&B, Pop, and folk into her songs. 

Yuna has done covers of various songs from artists like Nirvana to the Beetles. My favorites are “Come As You Are: from Nirvana and “Here Comes the Sun” originally by the Beetles. Her voice is very powerful, majestic, and has been praised and recognized as such by The Rolling Stones and the New York Times.

This artist has managed to successfully reach stardom and captivate audiences with her beautiful voice. Tickets for this event are priced at $17. The event will take place at the Harmony Grill in Chicago, starting at 9:00 pm. 


Her cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” is definitely moving. It seems so familiar, not only because of the lyrics, but because of the way in which the depth of the song hasn’t been lost despite the drastic change in vocals. Listen and tell me what you think!


“Here Comes the Sun Cover”:


“Thinkin’ Bout  You” by Frank Ocean Cover:



“The Office” is following YOU home– B.J Novak is coming to UIC

To all my fellow “The Office” fans, do I have some great news for you! Writer and Co-Executive Producer of “The Office,” B.J. Novak, is coming to UIC to perform at LOL@UIC this January 30, 2014. Novak is performing live at this comedy night for UIC students at the UIC forum.

If his name is simply not familiar to you maybe the name Ryan Howard, the temp from “The Office,” will help you remember a face that’s all too familiar. Yes, B.J. Novak played the role of Ryan, Kelly’s undying love, in “The Office.” If you’re not excited yet then you, my friend, are no fan of comedy.

His performance will take place at 7 p.m. This performance is strictly for UIC students, staff and faculty, as the flyer states. Don’t miss out on seeing this multi-talented comedian in what I’m sure will be an awesome performance. I personally cannot wait for the opportunity to see him up close and in real life. Did you know that he graduated from Harvard? Bet you didn’t. What a smart stud. His current networth, according to Celebrity Networth, is $18 million (although I’m not sure that the networth is up to date). B.J. Novak is also in a film recently released called “Saving Mr. Banks,” an adaptation of how the “Marry Poppins” novel was turned into a movie. Am I the only one who thinks someone should be getting some good quotes from this guy the night of the event?

I think the bigger question lingering here is: how did UIC score B.J. Novak? If you know, please leave a comment down below to help satisfy my curiosity.

I now give you “The Office” theme song to pump everyone up for this event:

Badfish- A Sublime Tribute is coming to Chicago

ImageFor those of you who are Ska fans, or just Sublime fans, start planning your first weekend of February now by booking tickets to their tribute band’s show. If simply hearing the songs of Sublime reincarnated live isn’t enough to motivate you then maybe hearing “Bohemian Rhapsody” might. 

For $23 you can indulge in both the songs of Sublime and Queen (or so I’ve been told by individuals who have gone to previous shows) that sound amazing and make for a great night. Badfish comes to the House of Blues in the Windy City this February 2, 2014. So check your syllabi this coming week and make sure not to miss this event.

Help keep the legacy of Sublime alive by attending this event and supporting this band, a band that definitely has earned it’s recognition. 

To visit their website click here


Take a break and listen to some of Sublime’s tracks to help you through the grueling first week of class.