Swizz Beatz on Ruff Ryders’ Anthem: “DMX didn’t want to do it” [VIDEO] (by @leofromthego)

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Swiss Beatz has accomplished a lot in his time in hip-hop and not many have worked with such a wide spectrum of artists that he has. Swizz has production credits ranging from the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce to Damian Marley and Gwen Stefani. Yet and still, his work with DMX defines his career and”Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” may go down as the song that defines his production.

So it was interesting to learn from Swizz, that the making of “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” hinged on single solitary bet.

“X was scared of change and he didn’t want to do Stop/Drop (Ruff Ryders’ Anthem) he was like, ‘why you giving me this white boy-rock n’ roll record?’ He thought Stop/Drop was a white rock n roll record because of the yelling and chanting. Him and my uncle Dee (CEO of Ruff Ryders) made a bet and X lost the bet. And than Dee was like ‘ok you lost the bet you gotta do the verses.’ Thats how he did the verses to Stop/Drop cause he lost a bet. He wasn’t even gonna do the verses. Most of the artists that you heard on my records, they didn’t like those records or it wasn’t for them.” (“Rap Radar Podcast”)

Starts at 1:20:55 mark.

It safe to say with the talent and tenacity that both DMX and Swizz Beatz has displayed over the years, that they were bound for success. But sheesh, “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” one hell of a springboard into the game! It brought a new sound to the world, introduced bike life to hip-hop, and ushered in the careers of rap royalty from Eve to Jadakiss and even reinvigorated the career of Jay-Z. Were would hip-hop would be without the”Ruff Ryders’ Anthem?” Scary thought…let’s move on.

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Fat Joe Almost Signed Bryson Tiller?

Over the years hip-hop veteran Fat Joe has established somewhat of an unflattering yet admirable reputation for the list of artists he missed out on. The most noticeable artist being Eminem than there’s international sensation Pitbull just to name a few. Now it appears we can add Bryson Tiller to that list. According, to Fat Joe he had the opportunity to sign the scorching hot R&B rookie. 

Here’s how the story goes:

“He was discovered out of this tree.” Fat Joe goes on to explain, “so my man Rich The Barber…Bryson Tiller used to live in Rich The Barber’s house. To keep it a buck…I tried to sign Bryson Tiller and he fronted, he fronted!” BDot chimed in asking, “Did you hear the ‘Don’t’ record before?” Fat Joe replied, “Nah, he was just dope, he was just sitting around with us like everyday and I got records with Bryson Tiller…big records with Bryson Tiller. He was the last ni**a to come from the air, from the energy. Cause the ni**a come from Kentucky and somehow he’s sitting on the couch with us for three years. So its the cloth somehow.” (“Rap Radar Podcast”)

Starts at 1:45:51 mark. (I thought I’d help you guys out since it is a 2 HOUR INTERVIEW!) 

It goes without saying that Fat Joe has an eye for talent from Big Pun to Remy Ma to DJ Khaled, the list goes on.  However, at this point, we are well off into the seven-figure range when referencing Fat Joe’s “potential” signees. But who knows maybe Eminem would’ve never made that crossover to mainstream and maybe Pitbull would’ve kept his braids and started making reggae music (cause with braids Pitbull looked just like Sean Paul). Again. Who knows? But Damn Joseph you need to improve on closing some of these deals. What’s an ear for talent without a knack for signing them.

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CHICAGO, IL – On December 27th the third annual OreoFest stormed into Portage Theatre for what was to be the best OreoFest to come. For those who may not know OreoFest is musical showcase curated by DJ Oreo most notable for his work with Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa of Save Money. The Redbull and BreadnButter sponsored event was primed for battle as Metro Boomin and DJ Oreo faced off.

While attending OreoFest it became easy to conclude that without a doubt this event is becoming that must-see event in Chicago. If you were present you were able to rub shoulders with your favorite fashion designers, tastemakers, and reality tv stars. Its just a great place to be if you love the young and vibrant musical culture of Chicago. Although, they didn’t hit the stage you could see artists such as YP, Dreezy, members of The SOX Experiment, Treated Crew, and Save Money sprinkled through the building. Goes without saying but if you weren’t at OreoFest you likely missed out on one of the best and most diverse hip-hop lineups of the past year. From established artists like Rockie Fresh, Katie Got Bandz, and Lil Durk to rising talent like Martin $ky, Towkio, Sicko Mobb, Z-Money, and a slew of others. The who’s who of the Chicago hip-hop scene blessed the stage that night.

Now for those not familiar with the Chicago music scene grabbing Lil Durk for a performance in his hometown may not appear to be much of a feat or accomplishment and that is understandable. Because it’s not rare to see a Migos performance in ATL, or catch a Joey Badass show while in NY. Whereas, in Chicago a Durk performance is a rare event mainly due to the early tension between club venues, CPD (who flanked the stage upon Durk’s arrival) and the initial flag bearers of “the drill movement.” Yet and still, Durk’s performance went off without a hitch as he performed “Bang Bros” and capped off the night with Metro and Oreo as Chief Keef’s “Faneto” vibrated throughout the building.

The only question I was left with after this event was…how the hell you gonna top this Oreo?!?   

Photo credit: Omar773

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Gittaa Thomas – “Scottie Pippen”

​Chicago artist Gittaa Thomas drops off his latest single “Scottie Pippen”. This track is hard-hitting and in your face. Gitta released this track as a thank you to everyone that has been supporting and following his music all year.Gittaa’s confidence is spread all over the track . With a triumphant beat, Gittaa Thomas flexes over it with hard hitting metaphors and witty punch lines. Get ready for a special 4th Quarter from The Luxury Group.

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Aye Rome – “King’s Anthem”


Aye Rome is back with a nice laid back track titled “King’s Anthem”. This track is a welcomed contrast to the trap sound that’s been dominating. The female emcee is both lyrical and witty as she rides the chill vibes that producer PoppaZannie provides. “King’s Anthem” is a must listen for the ambitious go-getter. In the words of Aye Rome “let’s get this money”.

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OVO Fest or Meek Mill’s Funeral?

So for those who don’t know OVOFest was this weekend. OVOFest is an annual concert hosted and curated by Drake. His recent beef with Meek Mill was expected to be highlighted at OVOFest and needless to say Drake did not disappoint.

Take a look below at the clips of Drake’s performing “Back2Back.” Is this the nail in the coffin?? Is there any chance that Meek can comeback somehow?? Let Me Know…

Drake No?!

Why Meek…Why?!


Than this happen! Lord save him!

Can I open my eyes now?

Take A Listen: Finally Meek Mill Responds with “Wanna Know” (Drake Diss)

Nobody expected Drake to reply and he did…TWICE. So this automatically puts Drake up 2-0 in my book. Considering that Meek already played his Ace (that being Drake ghostwriter, Quentin Miller) I was intrigued to see how Meek would play this.

It appears that Meek is trying to catch up…giving us 2 tracks in 1. However, Flex teases the second song than fades it out (thumbs down). Take a listen as Meek sends shots at Drake and SB Stunts (Nicki’s ex). So who’s up right now? Is it Drizzy? Is it Meek? Let me know…

Meek Mill Sends Shots At Drake For Not Writing His Own Raps

Well Meek Mill has definitely broken the internet (a term in which I despise) but is very fitting for this occasion. It remains unclear what sparked this twitter rant but if Meek stands behind these tweets his “friendship” with Drake is clearly over. Meek did not only call out Drake in particular, but he indicated the verse in which Drizzy didn’t write was on his very album Dreams Worth More Than Money (R.I.C.O), saying, “He ain’t even write that verse on my album and if I woulda knew I woulda took it off my album.” I guess the ultimate question is this another case of a hacked twitter account or was Meek feeling some kinda way (seriously pissed being that kinda way).

drake-free-meek-mill Poor Drizzy can’t seem to keep any rapper friends first Kendrick than Meek…who’s next Bieber?! Let me know you thoughts…    

R.Kelly says he wants to work with Trey Songz: 5 Reasons Why That Will Never Happen

In a recent interview with Hot97 R&B legend, R.Kelly was asked who would he like to work with and this seemingly traditional question took a turn when Kelly unveiled his answer. Kelly initially hesitated at first but than after some slight pleading and probbing, R. Kelly admitted he wanted to work with Trey Songz.

“I’m at my best when I’m wanted. I always wanted to take somebody and just do what their trying to do and really do it they way they trying to do. Cause I see where they trying to go, I know what they want to do, and I know exactly how to get there.  Their taking the elevator but where their trying to go they have to take the stairs. So I would take Trey Songz and tie him up and really Give him what it is he’s trying to do. The whole album….everything. look young fella this trying to do bam! “

“I look at everything and everything is about timing. I’m at my best when I’m wanted and incredible when I’m needed. so people have to realize that though.”

After hearing this my inner pessimist and I comprised a detailed list of reasons why this will never happen.

1. The R. Kelly shadow: Not every R&B artist falls into the R. Kelly shadow but if you started singing after the 90’s or even early 2000s than it’s likely you spent sometime in the “Kelly shadow.” Early in his career, it appeared as if every note and video from Trey was being compared to Kelly. Trey has been trying to escape the R. Kelly shadow for years and since clipping the cornrows and releasing “Neighbors Know My Name”, Trey has silenced some of the comparisons. Doing a full album with Kelly would not only bring back those comparisons but welcome them on a red carpet. Is this a wise move for Trey?

2. R.Kelly’s recent music: It’s fair to say that Kelly’s new music hasn’t been getting the reception that his earlier work has. On the other hand, Trey is beginning to peak and find his signature style.It seems like Kelly is in the process of reinventing himself once again. All said and done, it appears as if R.Kelly’s best work is behind him while Trey’s best work seems to be just over the horizon. In my opinion, his most recent work Trigga is his best work to date. Would it be a step back for Trey at this point?

3. Past beef: Kelly’s and Trey’s R&B beef has been well publicized. It all started with the Trapped In The Closet series. R.Kelly had fans and an uproar and on pins and needles for every chapter. Actually, if you look back on it TITC was the initial template for Fox-series Empire. Soon after, Trey began to make his own versions of TITC and Kelly quickly unleashed his lawyers on Trey and shut that down immediately.  Consequently, when R. Kelly tried his hand at autotune, Trey was one of Kelly’s harshest and loudest critics. Kelly than responded by shunning Trey existence all together choosing to not address his desire for all things trendy at the time. However, since than both Kelly and Trey have sinced buried the beef and spoke highly off each other and various media outlets.

4. Both are doing just fine: Neither of these artists need this collaboration. Trey Songz is on a steady incline in his career and Kelly’s face is solidly engraved on the R&B Mount Rushmore. R. Kelly can go on tour whenever he desires because of his extensive catalogue and the same goes for Trey because of versatility and hardcore fanbase.  Kelly made clear that he wants to feel needed and this situation. So could this be the deal breaker?

5. It just might be a good idea: Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Sometimes if something sounds perfect, logical, and makes sense we tend to reject it. I’m not sure why…I guess life is more interesting that way. This “good idea” theory along with ego is the reason why we might never hear a Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj record, Rihanna and Beyonce record, Eminem and Vanilla Ice (just kidding…well kinda). Good ideas are rarely realized.

So what do you think? Is this a good idea or bad idea? Could you really count out someone as great as R. Kelly out? Although, they speak to two different generations will the competitive nature smother this idea or better yet will it create another Best Of Both Worlds catastrophe. Let me know.

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