Get to Know Twenty One Pilots

As you probably heard, the headliner for this year’s Spark 2015 is the band Twenty One Pilots. Contrary to their band name, the band doesn’t actually consist of 21 pilots. Instead, the band is made up of two pretty normal guys: Tyler Joseph (lead singer) and Josh Dun (drummer).


Over the past couple of years, the band transitioned from playing small, local venues to sold out shows at large concert halls. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise though. The band garnered a lot of attention from people everywhere thanks to their unique sound that’s a blend of rap/ alternative/ pop, their relatable and stimulating lyrics, and their captivating performances (Josh literally does a backflip off of a piano during the live performance of “Holding on to You“).

Despite the fact that the band is made up of only two people, Tyler and Josh project their whole heart and energy into each and every performance, making every show a truly special experience.

The guys just recently performed in front of a full crowd at Lollapalooza and created quite the commotion with their powerful set. Their setlist now consists of songs from their album Vessel as well as their newest album BlurryfaceYou guys will get to experience all of the hype firsthand next week!

Excited yet? You should be! To get a taste of the songs you’ll hear next week, check out the playlist below for more songs by Twenty One Pilots and check back with UIC Radio for more news about Spark! The concert is at the UIC Pavillion on Thursday, September 3rd, with doors opening at 6pm. Hope to see you all at Spark 2015!

Who’s Ready for Spark 2015?

Welcome back, UIC! Classes are finally back in session. You know what that means? UIC’s Spark 2015 is right around the corner! We have an incredible line-up prepared for you. Twenty One Pilots will be headlining this year’s concert. The band will be accompanied by the rapper Wale and UIC’s very own TanZen, the winner of UIC Radio’s 2015 Battle of the Bands. This is a show that you won’t want to miss.

Spark 2015 is a free, private concert for current UIC students only. Make sure to bring your UIC ID cards with you in order to gain access to the show. The concert will take place at the UIC Pavillion on Thursday, September 3rd, with doors opening at 6pm.


Not familiar with Twenty One Pilots? That’s no problem. Check out the playlist below to familiarize yourself with some of their songs! Be sure to check back with us throughout the week for more news about the concert and for more playlists. Hope to see you all at Spark 2015!

A Conversation with Meric Long of The Dodos

Meric Long is the lead singer and guitarist of the two-person indie band, The Dodos. On March 6, he performed a sold-out show at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall. I was able to interview Meric before his show about touring, the inspiration behind his newest album called Individ, and what it’s like to be experiencing The Dodos’s ten years as a band.

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UIC Radio’s Second Annual Battle of the Bands is finally here!

Hi everyone! It’s almost halfway through the semester and I’m sure that all of us are getting tired out by our classes. This is a good time to tell you that you should take a break and come out to see UIC Radio’s Battle of the Bands! We are hosting our second annual Battle of the Bands on March 18th at 6pm in the Illinois Room at Student Center East and we have an incredible line up!

This year we have seven bands competing: Starbender, Oracle, Pharaon, Ghoul for a Goblin, Jiggawatts, The Red Flag Boys, and TanZen. We will also have a guest band, Karma Wears White Ties, giving a special performance during the event.

The admission will be free for all UIC students and $2 for non-UIC students. We will be partnering up with the charity called “Hope For the Day” this year. All of the money made from the entrance fee will be donated to this charity.

The night is sure to be phenomenal. Come out to support these amazing bands and also to listen to their great songs. Hope to see you all there!


Battle of the Bands!

Hey everyone! I hope that all of you have been making a smooth transition back into your school routines. But let me interrupt your studying for a bit to share some good news. UIC Radio will be hosting our second annual Battle of the Bands this year and as of today, we are taking in applications.

From now, January 15, until the end of the month, we will be accepting applications from bands that are interested in performing at the 2015 Battle of the Bands. It’s really easy to apply! Just click here, fill out the form, and submit a song or video sample. There’s only one catch: one band member must be a current student at UIC.

So what are you doing? Apply for UIC Radio’s 2015 Battle of the Bands TODAY!