Rad Radar: Clara Tang


My friend, Clara Tang, is a musically talented chick who hails from Connecticut. She samples pop vocals and mixes dreamy beats to create chill electronic music you can cruise late nights to. Under the moniker SleepyHaze, her tunes have been making waves.

When did you start making tracks?

I started making music midway through junior year of high school – so two years ago. My brother made music, so he had me download software awhile ago. Basically, I got super depressed and I couldn’t play violin anymore. So then I started making electronic music to fill the void – the creative void – that I had. So at that point I didn’t really listen to electronic music. I was in a huge indie phase, but I had just started listening to Tokimonsta and Flume. They are kind of younger. Especially Tokimonsta; she’s a Korean female producer and I thought that was really cool. You don’t see many female producers lately. It made me realize that I could do that too. Those were the first two that kicked off everything else, and then I started to get into more electronic stuff.

Who or what do you sample from the most?

Honestly, I just have a folder on my computer of random vocal stems that I find on the internet. Most of them are pop songs. I’ll just kind of shove it into a song until one of them works, and then usually I’ll put a bunch of effects and then make it seem like – you usually can’t tell what I’m sampling. I like that about it. I try to blur the words a little bit so you can’t really tell what they are saying. I’ve sampled One Direction, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and stuff like that.

What is the best set that you have experienced that you want to pay yourself?

Favorite set that I’ve ever seen was my first show here, in Chicago! It was the Soulection show. I saw AbJo, Stefan, and Joe Kay. The sets were really – they start off a little bit more chill and vibey and they got really – not hype but more trappy and future-bass. I really like that and it kept you dancing for a full four hours. I think that if I ever were to play a live show it would be – I don’t know. My music is too slow, I think, for a live show. I’d probably do more of a DJ set and I’d want it to be that kind of vibe.

How did you come about with the name SleepyHaze?

It’s so lame! SleepyHaze… I was tired as hell, so I took a shower at 5 p.m. and was feeling all groggy. Then, mid-shower, I thought of the name and realized it was totally my sound.

What is the ideal scenario you would want your songs to be played during?

Well a lot of it is inspired by night driving, so that would probably be a good situation. Or like a montagey, lo-fi indie film type thing – I could see my music being played on top of that. Teen angst type, I guess.

If you are, like most of us, feeling that teen angst because of recent political events, take a good hour to relax with SleepyHaze’s recent release, WeakNights, on blast. A chill, downtempo feel is what you will get from this electronic piece. Inspired by thinking too much late into those dead nights that you just drift, the album’s ambient soothing is what SleepyHaze stands for.

5 Must Listens for Chicago this summer


It’s obvious. Chicago HAS talent. DJs, producers, hip hop artists, bands, singers, painters, graffiti artists, dancers and more across the north, south, east and west side. But ever since unsigned artists like Chance The Rapper (10 Day, Acid Rap, Chance 3) started gathering national attention and headlining national events, the more motivated and unified these artists have become.

It’s created an inspiring movement in which kids as young as 12 start making music and art in a positive way. We’ve seen it for ourselves and heard it as well. Artists in Chicago on the rise have created a new, original voice to their own music, and aren’t afraid to show it.

Some of the artists I’ve seen recently have showed that they have what it takes to lead the city in one way or another, and I seriously recommend you check them out if you haven’t yet. We’ve been focusing on this talent for a while; not only are they amazing artists and performers, but they are amazing people that you’d want to hang around with. We’ve had the pleasure to talk to them, ask them questions and even have them on Thumpin’ Thursdays. With that being said.. this summer is about to be “LIT”.

Let us know what you think about their music below, and tell us what YOU wanna hear on the show by following us on Instragram: @CeaseDays – @TheHomeboyTyler – @KeepItFlashy

1) Chris Crack and Vic Spencer, both nominated for the 2016 XXL list, go as Chris $pencer. They’re newly released project: “Who The F*** Is Chris Spencer” includes gems like “Zebra Ave” & “Wanna See A Dead Body”. It was a rated as an 8.1 by Pitchfork (higher than Rihanna’s “ANTI & Future’s “EVOL”) and is just the tip of the iceberg for the duo. Chris Crack recently dropped “Last of the Lean”, with popular tracks such as “Coke Donuts”. Their versatile stile speaks for itself, and their performances leave audiences at a loss of words.

2) We met Erik Write about a year ago downtown at an end of the year festival at Columbia. The young, experienced artist (Like a real artist) is hungry for the craft and puts 140% in everything he makes. We’re lucky to call him our friend, and all we can say is that this is barely the beginning for Erik. He’s been working with @DJ Serdna on a few tracks (you can listen to them here) and works till perfection. This spring, he released “Complex American”(Prod. by Quality), one of the most inspiring, eye-opening projects I’ve ever listened to in my entire life (alongside “Section 80” by Kendrick Lamar and  “The Revolutionary” by Immortal Technique). This is what Chicago should listen to in 2016.

3) Moecyrus X Jinerik X Aglox
These 3 really took me by surprise. I’ve had conversations with them separately and have listened to their tracks individually, but never interviewed them at once. The 3 are as real as it gets. Moecyrus talks about everything he does and acts (seriously!). Pay attention to the lyrics and you might laugh every once in a while, but it´s true, he is thirsty and chases the tail! Jinerik is a new artist we´ve been working with. The fact that he plays in a rock band and is a hip hop artist is definitely something different. He recently dropped ¨Beligerence Is Bliss¨, a project that features a story with vocals of him having conversations with staff at a bar through the night. Their buddy Aglox is one of the cleanest, fastest hip hop artists I´ve seen live. Representing the south side of Chicago, the 3 are the definition of ¨having no chill¨ when they´re all together. Their recent track titled ¨White Russians¨ is a prime example.. so ¨Wuz Good¨?

4) He´s performed all across the city with acts like Alex Wiley, Hurt Everybody, Taylor Bennett, and most recently Lil Uzi Vert. The energetic 21 year old has jaw dropping performances and his lyrics are relatable to anyone´s experiences. Logan began the 1636 Feo Mob movement for his fallen friend ¨Feo¨ back in 2013 and has not looked back since. Tracks like ¨24/7¨ talk about how he works nonstop to get to where he wants to be, while tracks like ¨All Real¨ talk about his life and different aspects of it. Last week he was in a music video with our friend known as Emmtee, titled ¨Day N´Night¨. Both are also from the Southside of Chicago, living through similar experiences and conditions. A more positive light for Chicago, artist Logan Cage talks about the good in life instead of the usual violence in the streets. Checkout ¨vibes¨, and let us know what you think about it below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m9Pxc-QxZ4

5) Freddy 2 Wox
I met Freddy at ALAS Fest 2016 at Jones College Prep last week. This kid not only has a love for real hip hop (Its rare now), but also speaks on life as a Latino in Chicago. While switching between Spanish and English, his raps consist of bringing more of his culture to hip hop. His performance at ALAS Fest showed how excited he was to perform for a big audience, and although he was unable to perform, I pulled him to the side and decided to checkout his bars (insert flame emoji’s). I´m not too into conscious rap but this kid blew me away with his fast paced style and verses on an ancient Aztec warrior. He constantly makes music with Manasseh Doso Champion, a current UIC student as well. Definitely an artist to look out for, let us know what you think below!

Wardens Midwest /// Chi Babes / No Ra Ma


Following Trumps’ rally I had the pleasure of interviewing Chi Babes; a modeling agency that works with models that are more than a cute face and tight waist. These girls are multi talented. They are artists, singers, rappers, actors, poets, the list goes on and on. We were watched live by over 80 people from Facebook. Check out Chi Babes‘ website.


Also, this Friday they are celebrating their one year anniversary at the famous  Black Couch. Check out the event here




10360687_1156966720982134_5497284589735890219_nAlso coming on the same night was rising star Aaron Gruental ( No Ra Ma ). his sound is something out of a meditating robotic dream. The off beat rhythms crossed with the futuristic bass line is unmatched  in the scene today.

Check out the entire interview and mix here!

“I Have a Dream”

Howdy y’all, its 13lacula, your 0cto5quid!

There will be no Wardens Midwest show tomorrow. However you can catch our downloads here. Rather, I will be preparing for my second spiritual trip to California next week by practicing for the piano midterm.


However, this Saturday at Iridium Wardens Midwest alongside Ever Evolved, Dark Cloud and EatWell will be hosting an event titled “I Have a Dream”.  Our stellar lineup includes:

Rhymster with our MC of the night Mike Booth
(Ever Evolved)

Louie Vizzie
(Dark Cloud)


Also! Art by Mark Narrens!




BBHM – Surreal.ak

A good mix for when you’re in a good mood. It’s hard for me not to dance when this mix comes on. It’s also one of my favorite things to listen to when I’m working out. Featuring well known artists such as Future, Drake and Fetty Wap as well as up and coming artists like Playboi Carti and Robb Bank$. This compilation is a perfect mix of trap and upbeat moods.


Scholarships- Drake & Future
Brackin- Johnny Drama
Flu Games- Cashmerely
Can’t Lie- Ralo Feat. Future
Don’t Tell Nobody- Playboi Carti
Gold House- Reese
Oh My Dis Side- Travis Scott
Sensational- Robb Bank$
Jersey- Future
Dui- Jose Guapo Feat. Quavo
Bet It- Key! & ManMan Savage
48- Shy Glizzy
Time- Fetty Wap
Jumpman- Drake & Future

Sippin & Simpin Pt2- DJAmberAlert

A more laid back mix. This compilation gives off a slow and down to earth vibe. I can’t help but sing a long to each song. Featuring smooth transitions between chill tracks and cute lyrics, just about anybody can enjoy it.



Chill – Trey Songz (Prod. By Saaj x DrewsThatDude)
Cruzin’ – Th3Rea$on (Prod. Xander J)
Go Without Her – Key Wane ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Take Me As I Am – Diggy Simmons ft. Mishon
Still – Trumaine Lamar
Late Night Drive – Yo Trane
Uber – Makio
Frank – Jodran Bratton
Better – Ezra
Over – Vann
Can I (Ekali Remix) – Alina Baraz & Galimatias
All That Matters – Elhae
Say It (Ed Sheeran Cover) – Tory Lanez
Sweeterman (Clowd Remix) – Drake
Throwback Love – Nieman
My Love – Villette
Til the Morning (JASE Remix) – JASE.
1738 – e s t a.
DSYLM – Rubee Rayne
Not Around – NOVA & VNSN
Gibberi$h ft. Anthony Funcheon – JoeeBilli
Flickering ft. Common Souls – Smoaj
Sunshine – Joonie
Drive Me Crazy (Rasmix) – RA$CAL
Love Again ft. JMSN & Sango – Ta-ku
Smokers Room – candiceRNB

Vol. 1- Marty Khan

A mix of all of his own tracks. Something you can lay around and vibe to, but also carries the innovative elements of rap and soul that make you want to get up and sing along.



Dopimem- Marty Khan
Charlie Masnon- Marty Khan
Change Yo Life (Do Dat) – Marty Khan
Apollo Apollo- Marty Khan

IS THIS LOVE? (it wasn’t)- Yazmine

Another laid back mix by the talented 17 year old Yazmine. This compilation is complete with soulful beats from artists such as SPZRT & Sango, paired with Aaliyah lyrics to top it off. Yazmine puts a twist on the relaxed mood by adding her own techno/pop sound over and between tracks.

Note from the artist: “I decided to make this mix at a very weird place in my life, my life is still very weird and I don’t know exactly where my mind is. I feel very wandered off and in another world when it comes to my thinking. So I just put it all into this mix, as well with a lot others.”



Unknown – 347 EST SDE
The Code – Natural
Skai Chai – Say You Will Remix
SPZRKT & Sango – JMK
Fortune – Sooner Than Later
Partynextdoor – Her Way Remix
Fortune – Rotation

Wardens Midwest presents: Professor Saunders the Beat Critique

Howdy y’all, it’s Joaquin, aka 13lacula… your friendly neighborhood 0cto5quid.


Professor Harris Saunders, the musicologist from UIC’s stellar Music Department joined us on UIC Radio, on the flagship project known as Wardens Midwest. Every month we bring in the very best of Chicago’s producers and go through the motions.

We give each artist a single track, and an hour to blend, mix, chop, remix, screw, splice, sample it into something of their own styling. This month, we chose Ut Queant Laxis for our producers. Our three producers this month are ∆ M A C H O B E A T Z ∆, The Color Army, and Hennibrown.

I asked Professor Saunders about his work on and off campus. The interview led up to an exclusive producer showcase session.



My boney butt accidentally stopped recording and did not pick up his comments on the tracks. =/


Listen to the interview here; ask the Professor what he thought of the tracks in person.


Here’s a bomb-@55 picture instead.




Branko Presents, 10 Years of Lisbon Sound [Music Stream]


Yes, the weather outside is frightful… But that doesn’t mean you music has to be. Electronic Dance Music Producer/DJ, Branko comes through, with a little bit of old, mixed with a little bit of new with his latest mix, 10 Years of  Lisbon Sound.

Hear unreleased music with Buraka Som Sistema & Azealia Banks. Best of all you can get your hands on it for free! Branko decided to put this one out at no charge, and takes you on a fun trip down memory lane of his musical journey with 10 years of music. Check it out, and stay posted for more from Branko.

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“Grip The Mic Mondays” & “Broad Shoulders Live”

What a year it’s been. 2015 has treated us so well; we hope it has for you as well. Next week will be reflecting on the year as a whole, but for today, we have some news:

This year we’ve been hustling on creating a better brand for ourselves and bettering our relations with artists. Let me just say it has been working really well. In addition to being a DJ, I had the honor to be given the role of a manager to my long-term friend: Chris Ruben. We’ve invaded just about every university campus in the city, as well as performed at shows and open-mic events. The most popular one has been “Grip The Mic Mondays” which takes place at Grandbar every Monday night from 10pm-3am. Open mic performances take over from 10pm-12am, followed by 3 hours of your favorite Hip-hop tracks by yours truly.12434281_10156477979470294_1411102027_n

Most recently, DJ Serdna and I have been working with Taylor Bennett & Morocco Brown with rehearsals for the upcoming show on 12/26 titled: “Broad Shoulders Live” at Lincoln Hall. Artists on the bill include an all-Chicago roster: Morocco Brown, his manager Taylor Bennett, producer Ludlow, Logan, DJ Oreo, and a couple special guest appearances including Chance The Rapper. The almost sold out show brings a lot of excitement for youth in Chicago, seeing that Taylor is only 19 years old. Check out Taylor Bennett’s new project below, and remember to follow us on social media to keep up with events in Chicago. Happy Holidays!

Mid-Day Cruise: 2015 Top 10 Albums

2015 has been an amazing year for music across all genres. Whether you’re into rock, pop, R&B, or hip-hop, there had to be an album that met or exceeded your expectations. With the slew of great music this year, it was extremely difficult to choose albums that I wanted to put in my top 10 list. There have been a few albums that I left out only because I made this list based on albums that I found myself listening to more so than the other releases this year.

10. The Weeknd – “Beaty Behind the Madness”


Beauty Behind the Madness marks the Weeknd’s entrance into mainstream stardom with singles like “Can’t Feel my Face”, “The Hills”, and “Often”. When he released “Can’t Feel my Face”, he was delivering a new Weeknd ‘pop’ sound that gave a Michael Jackson feel, but still a sound that many of his fans weren’t used to hearing. This song, as well as many others off of the album, quickly topped the charts. Although this was mostly a solo album like many other Weeknd albums, he brought in other great artists such as Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey, and Labrinth. This album proved that the Weeknd has come a long way from his first album, “House of Balloons”, and is going to continue to be a major player in the game.


9. Goldlink – “After That We Didn’t Talk”


This is Goldlink’s debut album, and although not a lot of people know who Goldlink is, it was an album that I was able to listen to again and again. He’s not your average hip-hip artist, as he rhymes over up-tempo house music with hip-hop influence, as he calls it “future bounce”. He’s been on tour with artists such as Mac Miller, SBTRKT, and Kaytranada. When legendary music visionary Rick Rubin heard Goldlink was working on this album, he decided to help guide him through the release of his first album in an attempt to mentor him. This isn’t a radio album, and Goldlink didn’t have any hit singles, but all in all, I liked the vibe on this album as a whole and am eager to see what else Goldlink comes up with in the future.


8. Jamie xx – “In Colour”


Jamie Smith, aka. Jamie xx released “In Colour” earlier this year. This album consists of a lot of catchy and up-tempo house music. There are a lot of DJ’s out there and a lot of house music to choose from. What sets Jamie xx apart from the rest is his unique use of vocal samples from the past decades, the choppiness within songs that change the mood and direction, and interesting instrumentals. Unlike a lot of other DJ’s, not all of his music sounds the same. This album didn’t have too many features, but had Yung Thug on his track “I Know There’s Gonna be (Good Times)”, which was a risky move, but a great choice. Jamie is not a hip-hop producer and even with this rap feature, this was not a rap-sounding song. He seems to have a vision for his sound, and doesn’t let anything get in the way of it. It’s worth a listen if you haven’t heard it already.


7. Vince Staples – “Summertime ’06”


If your favorite rapper had a favorite rapper, it’d probably be Vince Staples. This Long Beach, California native has a good sense of humor and knows his sports, which he expresses immensely on his Twitter page and various interviews. You could ask him his opinion on any subject, and he will give you his very blunt and straightforward opinion. Vince gives his listeners a look at the world through his own eyes. This debut album talks about Long Beach’s gang violence, police brutality, and drug presence. Vince has a lot to say, which is probably why “Summertime ‘06” was a 2-part album that consisted a total of 20 songs. With Vince’s powerful use of words and untouchable flow, I would easily consider him one of my top rappers. Because of Vince’s lack of sugar-coating anything, he’s also an artist that may not be for everybody.


6. Earl Sweatshirt – “I Don’t Like Sh*t, I Don’t Go Outside”


I actually discovered Vince Staples through an interview with Earl Sweatshirt, as he claimed that Vince was the best rapper out there (in his opinion). Vince has been featured in a few of Earl’s songs including “Hive” off of Earl’s first album, “Doris”. Earl has been known for being somewhat of a dark and murky artist, and this album stays pretty consistent with that description. This album is a snapshot of Earl’s state of mind after a serious breakup in his life. Through his seclusion and depression, he made “I don’t Like Sh*t, I Don’t Go Outside”. The production on the album was done entirely by Earl, and all of the features were done in house and by close friends. What puts Earl at the top is his intricacy and poetic delivery. As dark as this album is, if you can understand where he’s coming from and actually listen to what he’s saying, it’s hard not to appreciate his skill.


5. Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment – “Surf”


Chance the Rapper, Donnie Trumpet, and the Social Experiment come together to make the music they love. They are all friends from Chicago that play the music that they enjoy playing without trying to copy anyone else’s sound or conform to what’s popular in the industry. The best way that I can describe the overall sound of this album is that it reminds me of the background music to a Broadway play or musical. It’s heavy in brass and raw instrumentals but also carries the weight of some huge features such as J. Cole, Busta Rhymes, Eryka Badu, Big Sean, Janelle Monae, and a ton of others. If you love music and want to listen to some upbeat music that’s easy on the ears, I would definitely recommend this album.


4. Tame Impala – “Currents”


I admit that before this album, I had no idea who Tame Impala was, but after listening to this album, I was immediately a fan. Kevin Parker delivers his version of psychedelic pop with a heavy use of synths. “The Less I Know the Better”, one of my favorite songs off of the album offers a disco vibe, which is cool since it’s not a sound that a lot of people have. The album itself is an array of different sounds and moods, making it fun to listen to.


3. A$AP Rocky – “At.Long.Last.A$AP.”


This is probably some of his best work to date. A$AP started off as a Tumblr rapper and has come a long way since. He is very open and proud of the lifestyle that he lives whether it be expressed through his good fashion sense, or his drug use. He’s very open and doesn’t really care what people think. He’s become a major artist in the hip-hop world with his consistency of dropping good music to suit various moods for a variety of listeners. He recently went on tour with Tyler, the Creator, which has shown his evolution in his performance and style. Hopefully his next projects continue to progress.


2. Drake – “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late”


Drake has stated that this project was a mixtape and not an actual album release, but the general public continues to think otherwise. Drake insists that his fourth album is still on its’ way. Either way, he continues to kill the rap game with songs that you can’t help but sing along to. I personally wouldn’t consider this project an album simply because there is no real theme and each song seems to have its’ own purpose. Theme or not, this album has received a bunch of positive reviews and reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 list, selling over 495,000 copies in the first 3 days.


1. Kendrick Lamar – “To Pimp a Butterfly”


“To Pimp a Butterfly” is an album that’s going to force you to think. Kendrick doesn’t rap over beats; he raps over carefully constructed instrumentals whether they be sampled from old jazz songs or curated right in the studio. On top of these instrumentals, he delivers his message that inspires civil rights, or expresses the struggles of fame and depression. Kendrick draws a lot of his inspiration from 2Pac and the album itself is actually addressing 2Pac directly as all of these stories seem to be told to 2Pac himself. Kendrick is critical to hip-hop as not only having respectable and powerful music, but also having such a diverse use of musical choice that helps the listener live through and experience each song as he addresses a lot of relevant issues in America and the world as a whole. This is a legendary album.

That concludes this post from Mid-day cruise and maybe the last on for the year. Thank you for reading, and if you want to stay updated on more posts from me, like my page on.