Battle of the Bands 2016

UIC Radio is proud to host it’s 3rd annual Battle of the Bands supporting local music and talented UIC students.

This FREE event showcases some of the best bands on campus:

The Jades 
Flames of Funk (exhibition)

If you are a fan of these bands or just want to check out some new music, come and support the battle. Wednesday March 16, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the Illinois Room at SCE is where the battle will commence.

This free event is open to the UIC community. So bring your friends, bring your boo, even bring your mom if you want! For more information on these amazing bands check back here on for blog and radio interviews.

“I Have a Dream”

Howdy y’all, its 13lacula, your 0cto5quid!

There will be no Wardens Midwest show tomorrow. However you can catch our downloads here. Rather, I will be preparing for my second spiritual trip to California next week by practicing for the piano midterm.


However, this Saturday at Iridium Wardens Midwest alongside Ever Evolved, Dark Cloud and EatWell will be hosting an event titled “I Have a Dream”.  Our stellar lineup includes:

Rhymster with our MC of the night Mike Booth
(Ever Evolved)

Louie Vizzie
(Dark Cloud)


Also! Art by Mark Narrens!



Calling All Bands!

Welcome back, UIC! I hope your semester is off to a great start.

Are you in a band, or do you know someone in a band? Have you always wanted to be the best of the best? Are you currently attending UIC? Then enter to participate in UIC Radio’s third annual Battle of the Bands!

UIC Radio is currently accepting applications for local talent and UIC bands to participate in this upcoming March’s Battle of the Bands.

In order to compete, at least one band member must currently be a student at UIC. Applications are due February 7th. Enter here!

TanZen performing at UIC’s Battle of the Bands 2014 (via UIC News)

Wardens Midwest presents: Professor Saunders the Beat Critique

Howdy y’all, it’s Joaquin, aka 13lacula… your friendly neighborhood 0cto5quid.


Professor Harris Saunders, the musicologist from UIC’s stellar Music Department joined us on UIC Radio, on the flagship project known as Wardens Midwest. Every month we bring in the very best of Chicago’s producers and go through the motions.

We give each artist a single track, and an hour to blend, mix, chop, remix, screw, splice, sample it into something of their own styling. This month, we chose Ut Queant Laxis for our producers. Our three producers this month are ∆ M A C H O B E A T Z ∆, The Color Army, and Hennibrown.

I asked Professor Saunders about his work on and off campus. The interview led up to an exclusive producer showcase session.



My boney butt accidentally stopped recording and did not pick up his comments on the tracks. =/


Listen to the interview here; ask the Professor what he thought of the tracks in person.


Here’s a bomb-@55 picture instead.




“Grip The Mic Mondays” & “Broad Shoulders Live”

What a year it’s been. 2015 has treated us so well; we hope it has for you as well. Next week will be reflecting on the year as a whole, but for today, we have some news:

This year we’ve been hustling on creating a better brand for ourselves and bettering our relations with artists. Let me just say it has been working really well. In addition to being a DJ, I had the honor to be given the role of a manager to my long-term friend: Chris Ruben. We’ve invaded just about every university campus in the city, as well as performed at shows and open-mic events. The most popular one has been “Grip The Mic Mondays” which takes place at Grandbar every Monday night from 10pm-3am. Open mic performances take over from 10pm-12am, followed by 3 hours of your favorite Hip-hop tracks by yours truly.12434281_10156477979470294_1411102027_n

Most recently, DJ Serdna and I have been working with Taylor Bennett & Morocco Brown with rehearsals for the upcoming show on 12/26 titled: “Broad Shoulders Live” at Lincoln Hall. Artists on the bill include an all-Chicago roster: Morocco Brown, his manager Taylor Bennett, producer Ludlow, Logan, DJ Oreo, and a couple special guest appearances including Chance The Rapper. The almost sold out show brings a lot of excitement for youth in Chicago, seeing that Taylor is only 19 years old. Check out Taylor Bennett’s new project below, and remember to follow us on social media to keep up with events in Chicago. Happy Holidays!

Introduction To Johnny Fan

Hey Everyone,

My name is Johnny Fan. I wanted to introduce myself to the UIC Radio audience and community as I’ll be a new writer to UIC Radio. My post days are on Sundays so why not start your Sunday right by relaxing and reading a blog post! =)

Photo of me by my friend Thomas.

To tell you a little bit about myself –  I am 19 year old sophomore studying and majoring in Business Marketing. I love coffee, dancing, traveling, writing, photography, and filmmaking. I think these 6 things pretty much sum up my life because they are all extremely time consuming – yes, even coffee.

I don’t have a lot of images of myself mainly because I am more used to being behind the camera rather than in front of it. With that being said, I have been spending a lot of time behind the camera recently. I’ve been taking photos on my phone for fun as soon as I got my first iPhone which was about 2 or 3 years ago. It was a hand me down iPhone 4, the one without Siri sadly. Nonetheless, I would just take random pictures wherever I could snap a photo and just keep tapping away at the capture button. You miss the 100% of the shots you never take, haha – am I right? Safe to say, I took 100 photos and still missed the shot…

It was not until a year and a half later where I really dived into taking photos for a purpose – to tell a story and share my vision with the world on my iPhone. This year, near the end of June/early July I wanted to take it more seriously so I picked up my first DSLR camera and started teaching myself and sharing my work on Instagram.

Here’s a few photos that I have taken since then. Continue reading “Introduction To Johnny Fan”

13lack 4riday

Every year we celebrate our blessings with gluttony. More than anything I am grateful for the people I surround myself with. You are all amazing……. I won’t attack the festive feast because that would just make me a hypocritical beast. Symbolically, the eats represent my feats from the past year. I ate moderately =)


Instead, I’m here to dig into 13lack 4riday shopping…

I have not once marched with the madness. When I had both a car and care for the shopping season it meant no difference. I was working the gulag that is Menards. I was 18 years old at the time, working insane amount of hours; close to forty during the 13lack 4riday season.

There were ‘door-busters’ at Menards which could include anything from television sets, dog treats, paint, children’s toys and even holiday candy. Doors open at 6AM every 13lack 4riday, and they stay open till 10pm. Working 13lack 4riday is mandatory for Menards Team Members. No one is exempt from working on this hellish nightmare.

I’m out the retail game. I was at Menards for three years and two 13lack 4ridays. From the time I was 18 to 20 I didn’t get a chance to participate in the outrageous assault of employees and goods. Having this experience, I have still not gone through with shopping on 13lack 4riday.

An important woman in my life -aka grandmother aka matriarchal goddess of fortitude and perseverance- is one of those poor employees.  She is a Menards “Team Member” getting up at 4am this 13lack 4riday to make sure her “Guests” get whatever items they need.

I am not going to cite my copy of the Communist Manifesto, but I will tell you that my grandmother has been working since she was 13. Working long hours at that labor camp is taking its toll on her. I can’t even spend as much time as I want with her because she has to wake up so damn early!

With all that said I want to ask all of you to stop giving in to our corporate overlords and quit shopping for stupid ISH you don’t even need. Spend 13lack 4riday playing a board game, or maybe even re-capping Game of Thrones.

Anyways; I made a mix for 13lack 4riday. Whether you’re working, shopping, or having a fun outside of the monetary system this mix is meant to motivate you to keep on the good fight.

Joaquin Vasquez-Duran

Production Director  @ UICRadio

Wardens Midwest




Wardens Midwest – 5eptember


Holy Guacamole 13atman! 5eptember is going to kick ass isn’t it?!
Season 1, Series 2, Episodes 1 – 4.

That’s right 12obin 13oy \/\/onder! We have an exciting season with #WardensMidWest
Golly! Turn up or turn around 13atman!


Season 1. Series 2. Episode 1

Kicking us off is the most deafest of chefs. DeafCheff.

After the DeafChef, we’re moving on into UIC Radio’s very first 13eat 13attle. #13eat13attle15. This match will see some of the most talented producers in the scene showing off and battling each other to win this round. Four enter, only one will be claimed the winner!

We have Kez The Dude, Machobeatz and Henni Brown competing against each other. The battle is very real and only one winner will be granted an honorary wardenship.

The format of the #13eat13attle15 will be an open format. Our producers come through with their best collection of beats and prepare to show off. After three rounds there will be an open and timed format. The battlers are given fifteen minutes and are using elements of #Folktronica in their beats.

The host @13lacula will be DJing a Juke vs Trap Mix following the battle!


Season 1. Series 2. Episode 2

The amazing Brittany Nacole will be interviewed starting off! From Ohio but Columbia College trained. She totally kicks ass with her beautiful and soulful voice. Check her out at Soundcloud !

#Investigate311 !  Our first ever Cypher is happening live on UIcradio!
Our MCs of the night include Nova the G.O.D, Kennard, Reign Supreme and Mike Rivers. These multi faceted MCs are given a light script for them to think over.

Then we have a coast 2 coast hip hop mix from @13lacula!

Season 1. Series 2. Episode 3

Joe Crutchfield will be starting us off with his mixing! Star of his own Future Company muscianship! He produces and mixes a wide variety of EDM! Mixing for Colors Runs as well as across the states!

Next up is Graphic Nature MCs! They are some of the realest truest Hip Hop artists on the block and they;re back to rock it with us another time! Their aesthetics of the learned MC is what keeps them going!

After another true Chicago Hip Hop group, Tunnel Movement, will be joining us. They bring the West and East coast to the No-Coast North Coast! With their block rocking beats and smooth old school lyrics and style, they’re here to take over the game!

then we get a dope edm hybrid mix from MK19! No genre is safe from their mixing! Theyve played at The Crocodile as well as the evilOlive! Turn up!

Then we get to see the amazing beats brought to you by DonP! One of the Warden’s personal favorite producing artist. He never disappoints on the MASCHINE !

Season 1. Series 2. Episode 4
Come check out the DJ battle at UIC! Free for UIC Students !

UIC Radio’s Second Annual Battle of the Bands is finally here!

Hi everyone! It’s almost halfway through the semester and I’m sure that all of us are getting tired out by our classes. This is a good time to tell you that you should take a break and come out to see UIC Radio’s Battle of the Bands! We are hosting our second annual Battle of the Bands on March 18th at 6pm in the Illinois Room at Student Center East and we have an incredible line up!

This year we have seven bands competing: Starbender, Oracle, Pharaon, Ghoul for a Goblin, Jiggawatts, The Red Flag Boys, and TanZen. We will also have a guest band, Karma Wears White Ties, giving a special performance during the event.

The admission will be free for all UIC students and $2 for non-UIC students. We will be partnering up with the charity called “Hope For the Day” this year. All of the money made from the entrance fee will be donated to this charity.

The night is sure to be phenomenal. Come out to support these amazing bands and also to listen to their great songs. Hope to see you all there!


Battle of the Bands!

Hey everyone! I hope that all of you have been making a smooth transition back into your school routines. But let me interrupt your studying for a bit to share some good news. UIC Radio will be hosting our second annual Battle of the Bands this year and as of today, we are taking in applications.

From now, January 15, until the end of the month, we will be accepting applications from bands that are interested in performing at the 2015 Battle of the Bands. It’s really easy to apply! Just click here, fill out the form, and submit a song or video sample. There’s only one catch: one band member must be a current student at UIC.

So what are you doing? Apply for UIC Radio’s 2015 Battle of the Bands TODAY!