The Daily Blend’s September Top Ten 2018

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Hi friends! I’m alive! That is, I’ve come back from the worst city in Illinois and am currently in the best city in Illinois. It has been a very long summer, and I have oodles of new music for y’all. I wish I could say that this blog is solely based off of my music choices in September, but unfortunately, I’m not that creative and a good portion of this music is stuff I enjoyed over the summer as well. Also, a bunch of new albums just came out as this blog is being published, so while you all read this post, I’ll be listening to new albums to rave or rant about in about a month. 🙂

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The Daily Blend’s March Top Ten 2018

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Yo, people of the internet! I am BACK for the month, and I’m so excited for this blog. March is one of my favorite months of the year, and this year’s March just happened to be an amazing month for music!

With everything that is played on my show, you all probably think I have way too much happening in the skull area of my body. So, I want to give everyone a little insight as to what’s going on in my brain, without having to look at the “Recently Played” section on my Spotify. The solution I came to was to tell everyone about the hidden (and not so hidden) gems in my music library for the month. Some of the music I post will be at the top of charts, some of the music won’t be your style, some will be a band’s biggest hit that I’ve just been happening to listen to a lot, and some will be completely unknown to you!

So, to start it off, here’s just a couple of my favorite artists for March, a little bit about them, and some song suggestions:

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The Daily Blend’s February Top Ten 2018

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Hey guys! So, uh, sorry in advance for the lack of variety in this month’s edition of good music. It’s been kind of a pain to put this together because I’ve been REALLY into like three bands all month, so I was definitely scrambling to get all of my eggs together for the month (did you see what I did there??). Regardless, I would never leave you guys hanging; I promise, I’ll always have some good music on here, and I won’t just put stuff on here to fill the blank spots. BUT ANYWAY, let’s get into the prerecorded message for every single one of my blogs!

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The Daily Blend’s January Top Ten 2018

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Halleloo everyone, I’m back! There literally have been so many new albums this year already, and they’ve all been AMAZING! Every single new release this month (that I listened to) is on this list in some way, shape, or form. Believe it or not, though, even with all the new music this year, this probably has to be my most difficult blog to date. Probably because I was listening to the same three songs over and over all month, BUT LET’S NOT THINK ABOUT THAT! LET’S THINK ABOUT ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS ON THIS MONTH’S BLOG!

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The Daily Blend’s December Top Ten 2017


Hey, hey, everyone! Another month gone, and another year gone! WELCOME TO 8102 EVERYONE! In this new advanced year, instruments are no longer around, and are now artifacts preserved in a museum. Robots have taken over the world, and, of course, music. I’m kidding, of course; that’s a total nightmare! In all honesty, though, 2018 is bound to have some great music, and there’s already some releases coming up this month that I am SO excited about! But enough about new music, let’s have a look at the music that’s already been released, and has made it onto my playlists this past month! This month has honestly been a little different from past months: I’ve had less of a variety this month! As you’ll be able to tell, it has definitely been a rock-filled month, since almost all I listened to was rock-based music. But you’ll also see that there were a few hidden exceptions to this!

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The Daily Blend’s November Top Ten 2017

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Hey all! Wow, has it been a busy month. I’ve been SO busy with homework, my job, this (my other, unofficial, job), and every possible other thing you could think of. BUT I have found time to get some new artists, songs, and albums into my music library. I’m going to be honest though, there definitely are a couple people that I listened to A TON in October that I continued to listen to in November. And that’s okay! We all have those artists that we always go back to no matter what. Continue reading “The Daily Blend’s November Top Ten 2017”

The Daily Blend’s October Top Ten 2017

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Hey everyone! My name’s Sam, and welcome to my blog! I will be doing this blog once a month along with my show, The Daily Blend, which is every Monday at 4 PM. So first, introductions. I am a first-year student from Rockford, IL, which is like two (ish) hours north of here. I went to a high school with a performing arts program, which I was heavily involved in! I have also been a dancer for the past 14 years. When not doing my show or homework, I play for UIC’s rugby team and play and write music with some friends (not that it’s actually going anywhere…). I love all different styles of music, although I tend to favorite anything with guitars and drums over other music genres (oops). On my show, I play so much different music to give everyone something diverse to listen to, because let’s be honest, no one listens to only one style of music their entire life. Continue reading “The Daily Blend’s October Top Ten 2017”

2013 Rocked

Well, we did it guys. We survived another year. And what a great year it was for music. There are so many great albums that came out this year that really made 2013 rock (pun intended). So I thought I would share my personal top 10 favorite rock/alternative albums from 2013:

10. We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic – Foxygen
Foxygen’s album We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic has a retro-rock sound and kept my attention throughout the entire thing. It’s a great good-mood setter, too, and good to listen to with a group of friends.

9. The Next Day – David Bowie
David Bowie's The Next Day
I was super stoked when this came out. It still sounds like classic Bowie but also has a new kind of flair that keeps us interested.

8. Pure Heroine – Lorde
I was hooked on Lorde since I first heard her hit “Royals.” I love her voice, her lyrics, and especially the fact that she wrote all her own songs – all at 16 years old.

7. The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars
I was introduced to The Civil Wars a couple years ago, and their folk-rock sound had me obsessed ever since. This year, their self-titled album completely blew me away. Have you heard their cover of The Smashing Pumpkins’ song “Disarm”?

6. Days Are Gone – Haim
This album is very Fleetwood Mac-esque. I love the retro sound, and the sister trio girl power act hooked me right away. Haim has quickly become one of my favorite new artists of the year.

Basically a trip for the ears. This is also one of the most creative albums I’ve heard all year. MGMT maintains their 80s style rock while adding a twist in their self-titled album.

4. AM – Arctic Monkeys (arctic monkeys)
AM quickly became one of my favorites of the year after I first heard the single “Do I Wanna Know?”. I love the combination of rock/funk on this album, and throwing a little romance into the lyrics sold me on this one.

3.  Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City keeps the band’s classic style, while adds a more evolved sound that intrigued me right away. Nonetheless, this album was playing in my ears for quite some time this year.

2. AMOK – Atoms for Peace
With Radiohead’s lead singer Thom Yorke, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea, Atoms for Peace is a hard band to overlook for me. AMOK has an addictive combination of electronic-rock and funk that I can’t help but immerse myself into while listening. This was yet another great album that I couldn’t stop listening to for days.

And, my top album of 2013 is….

1. Reflektor – Arcade Fire
I had heard that former member of the band LCD Soundsystem and music producer, James Murphy, was going to produce this album, and this news immediately made me anxious for the album’s release. Hearing the single “Reflektor” only made my anxiousness intensify. When the album was finally released, I had listened to it on repeat for at least two weeks. This album shows how the band has evolved, yet it still somehow has that Arcade Fire sound that I love. (I could honestly go on about this album for hours, if you asked me to. But I think I’ll leave it at this.)

So that’s my list of my top 10 rock/alternative albums for the year 2013. Know of any that I missed? Feel free to reply and let me know about them!