The Daily Blend’s April Top Ten 2018

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Wassuppppppppp everyone! IT’S FINALLY NICE OUTSIDE, WHAT A CONCEPT! I am so excited that it is finally warm and also that new good music is being released! This month’s edition of my music library is full of new releases, both released this month and this year. Keep reading if you’re wondering if certain albums made it on the list. Also, PS, sorry for this being later than I usually do this blog; not only has April been a good month for new music, but also it has been the busiest month of my entire year.

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Towkio + Lucki Ecks + SAVEMONEY Thanksgiving Show Recap

Chicago Only.

Towkio, headlining his own show, is part of the SAVEMONEY collective (front lined by Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa.) He has joined Chance The Rapper on his Family Matters tour along with Metro Boomin performing around the United States at different cities and venues.


Towkio’s show took place last Saturday on November 28th, 2015 for the Thanksgiving Weekend at the Metro. Towkio recruits Lucki Ecks and the SAVEMONEY Collective to join him for the evening. These talented Chicago natives continue to push through the music scene as they emerge into the ranks of hip-hop in their own lane.

Lucki Ecks opened up the show with “Lowlife” by coming out with his signature style with a slow energy and “xanax-flow” tied into the trap hip-hop instrumentals to which he calls Alternative Trap. The crowd is feeling the music as they sway and bump to the Lucki Ecks flow.

SAVEMONEY Collective members Brian Fresco, Caleb James, and Leather Cordoruys (Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu duo) follow up soon after with songs like

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Notable Writer: Amora

Writer Anthony Amora Co-Host of the Gentlemen Hour
Writer Anthony Amora Visiting UIC Radio

A tone of darkness and a spark of psychedelic nostalgia, writer and blogger Anthony Amora made it a personal goal to write for the entirety of July. While seated at his desk clicking and clanking on his old typewriter he has given us an insight at what it’s like to be a full time writer.
“It’s not easy, there’s moments when I can’t find the exact words to describe joy, pain, love or hate in the way I feel them, but hey who doesn’t get writers block from time to time.”
Now in his junior year in college, Amora has been writing and keeping short stories stashed in a box since the fourth grade.
As a co-host of the Gentlemen Hour in UIC Radio, he has featured a few of his most celebrated poems and stories and is now working up a new creative project with Radio Depaul’s Charlie Higher.
He encourages his listeners and followers to continue expressing themselves through writing, not for the acknowledgement of the masses, but to be self satisfied and able to express themselves.
As a new member of the Rude Gentlemen clan he has taken the role of spearheading a Chicago writer’s platform that will be released within September.
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