Dally Auston drops “99¢”

c1bkdynuaaawoxqChicago has been put in the spotlight for many years to work from city natives Twista, Common, Kanye West, and more recently: Chance The Rapper. For years, social media has been exploding over good friends of Chance and affiliates of the “Savemoney army”. Talent in this super-group are Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, RnB artist Brill, Towkio and more. Although all of these are artists have developed over the past few years, they still give back to Chicago and often host concerts and secret parties for their most loyal fans.

In the month of January, fans have expressed their excitement for one of the member’s new projects: Dally Auston. It is his first project in about 3 years and everyone is very eager to jam on his latest work. On January 20th at 3pm (CT), Dally released his latest project, titled “99¢”. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Dally will be live on UIC Radio’s Thumpin’ Thursdays show on Feb 2nd at 3:30pm (CT)

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Aleksandar Zhitmirsky

What a mouthful. And what an exhibit!

Joseph Goebbels (Head of Nazi Propaganda) and a Hollywood Producer in the 40s-50s


Humanism + Dynamite at the Art Institute is the most shocking exhibit I’ve seen there in ages. Brilliant prints of India ink and original editions of propaganda magazines showing off the decades-long career of Zhitmirsky, a Soviet propaganda artist.

His job was to turn the German soldiers against their leaders in WWII. And then, he was tasked with turning the American people against our capitalist leaders throughout the Cold War.

“The War Drummer”

Hundreds of prints depict controversial leaders, from Goebbels to Truman, akin to apes, fat cats, Hitler, and nuclear missiles. In his work, Zhitmirsky always appeals to the disenfranchised individual, whether it’s a German soldier fed up with his duties, or a poor American, feeling that the economy is unfair. He speaks to “you” in his illustrations, while depicting incredibly intimate and personal situations to strike a certain chord among his viewers.

“American Foreign Policy”

Zhitmirsky’s most incredible feat is his ability to get you to examine yourself. Sure, Soviet propaganda isn’t a reliable method for basing judgement about the character of a country, but an exhibit like this reminds one to keep a skeptical eye, and that there is power in questioning authority. Doubt is a sign of intelligence, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t study for your exams.

Have a Scien-tastic day!


The View From Here Is Amazing

I don’t care if I’ve seen the Sears tower (I refuse to call it the Willis tower) a million different times, I’ll never get tired of the view. I feel like every time I look up while walking to BSB, riding the train, or riding the Halsted bus, I’m seeing the Sears tower for the first time.



When the clouds are moving away from the tower on a cold day,


When the Sears tower seems to stand out even more when the sky is clear and blue, when we can’t see it all because it’s gloomy, cloudy, and foggy. When the leaves change colors in the fall, or when the trees are bare,


When spending all day and late nights around Chicago are a must during the summer,




When snow covers the streets of Chicago, consuming the world below the Sears tower, when the night comes and it looks just as beautiful,


I have to take a picture. I have to capture the beauty because it’ll never look exactly the way I’m seeing it with my eyes again.

The view of Chicago from the 103rd floor of the Sears tower is pretty amazing too.


Project: Vision-A Quick Shout-Out

Image result for project: vision

I have spent the last few weeks racing back and forth between UIC campus and Chinatown, working as a tutor at this incredible organization called Project: Vision. All this racing has kept me quite busy, so this week’s blog will be a short and un-researched one.

Project: Vision is an after-school, non-profit tutoring center. All the families that register their kids don’t pay any fee, and students are welcome Monday through Saturday until seven PM. Weekend seminars in topics like financial literacy and tax help are even offered for parents and community members.

The only catch is that each student must participate in one of the service projects offered three times a semester. Usually, all our students are excited to sign up and travel with their friends to Chicago’s parks and beaches and help out. The staff look forward to Service Saturdays, too!

P:V’s tutors can help students from 6th to 12th grade with all subjects, including the dreaded AP’s, test prep, and study and reading strategies. We often work with English language learners in conversation hours. Not every student has a quiet place to do homework or peers to ask for help. Many don’t actually have a safe place to spend time after school when mom and dad are still at work. This is where P:V steps in; you don’t have to be struggling with homework to spend an afternoon at the center. Even when CPS closes for the teacher’s strike (as will happen next week on October 11th), P:V will be open for business for students to come and study, read, or play learning games.

Strike or session, rain or shine. I’m incredibly proud to work for this service, and if you have fallen in love with its description, we just so happen to be hiring. Click literally any of these words to learn more.

Have a Scien-tastic day!

Thirteen Laughing At Each Other

Ever walk through a museum and feel like the figures in the exhibits are the ones watching you?

Photo courtesy of The Juan Munoz Estate, The Marian Goodman Gallery, and the Art Institue of Chicago

Spanish sculptor Juan Muñoz has based his 2001 piece on this very sensation. When you walk through his exhibit in the Bluhm Family Terrace at the Art Institute, you won’t be looking at sculptures; they’ll be looking at you. Muñoz is a “storyteller,” who “writes the viewer into the drama.”

Thirteen bronze figures decorate four bleacher stands surrounding the terrace. The figures seem delighted with your presence and appearance, as their mouths open into wide grins, their hands and feet lift and stomp, and their eyes squint shut as their heads tilt back.

Photo courtesy of The Juan Munoz Estate, The Marian Goodman Gallery, and the Art Institute of Chicago

You become the “unwitting subject” in this artwork, feeling the pressure of being the center of (perhaps unfriendly) attention. You become engaged with this art in a way very unique to Muñoz. And, as he puts it, you begin to feel that something is wrong. Something is odd about the way you’re being regarded, but there’s no hope of asking your bronze viewers just what exactly they find so funny.

Photo courtesy of The Juan Munoz Estate, The Marian Goodman Gallery, and the Art Institute of Chicago

By adding the height, depth, and an effective frame with the bleachers, Muñoz’ design is able to incorporate a sense of architecture, unlike sculptors who focus solely on the figures. These are the elements that change the elevation of the display and convey the sense that you’re physically diminished in their eyes. Because, well, you are. If only we were allowed to climb up those bronze bleachers and see ourselves from their perspective…

This beautiful exhibit will be on display at the Institute until October 5th! Hurry out and see it this weekend, before it gets packed up or before it starts snowing!
Even more detail can be found here, at the website for the Art Institute.

Have a Scien-tastic day!

Riot Fest 2016 Day-By-Day Review

Once again, Fall begins to roll around in Chicago, and so does the annual Riot Fest. This year, there were significant improvements compared to past years: there was not as much stress about where the festival was going to be held – finally finding its place in Douglas Park following the (justified) drama of having to leave Humbold Park last year.

Overall, for a punk rock festival, the crowds stayed relatively calm, save for some organized and contained mosh pits during some of the sets, proving once again that Riot Fest is one of today’s most genuine music festivals. We danced, we raged, we moshed, we had the time of our lives. This year, members of UIC Radio got to experience some amazing sets at the festival, from melancholy indie rock to classic punk reunions to experimental hip hop and beyond, we saw the best of the best. Long live Riot Fest.


(Check out our reviews and image gallery below!)

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An Interview With “Dreamers” At Lollapalooza 2016

Magical things happen at Lollapalooza. You get to discover lots of talented, new bands, but you also get to be reunited with old favorites. At this year’s Lollapalooza, I was fortunate enough reunite with one of my favorite up and coming bands and talk to them about their journey thus far.

Dreamers is a band that I saw two times prior to their Lolla performance (I got to see them open for Stone Temple Pilots and Zella Day). Seeing them perform on the festival stage and witnessing how much they have grown since the last time I saw them live was one of my favorite moments at Lolla 2016.

At the festival, I was able to have a brief conversation with the band members Nick, Nelson, and Jacob about how Dreamers first got together, their experience with touring, and their upcoming debut album (which will be released on Aug. 26). So without further ado, here’s my final Lolla interview! Check out my interview with Dreamers below!

Dreamers at Lolla 2016 (Photo by me)
Dreamers at Lolla 2016 (Photo by me)

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An Interview With “Mothers” At Lollapalooza 2016

One of the things that I loved the most about Lollapalooza is how the festival allowed me to see so many of my favorite bands over the course of one long weekend. BUT in addition to that, I also loved how the festival gave me a chance to discover many talented bands that I may not have discovered on my own. That’s how I came across the band Mothers!

I came across the band and their music, when I saw their name listed on the 2016 Lolla lineup. Mothers is an indie-folk band from Athens, Georgia which consists of four incredible musicians: Kristine Leschper, Matthew Anderegg, Drew Kirby, and Patrick Morales. After hearing Kristine’s delicate voice and really getting to experience the band’s intimate tunes live at Lolla, I haven’t been able to stop listening to their songs. Check out my interview with the band below!

Photo by Shervin Lainez

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Lollapalooza 2016 – Everything I Desired And More

First of all, let me put it out there that despite being an avid concert-goer, music lover, and a born and raised Chicagoan, I’ve never been to Lollapalooza before in my life. That’s pretty nuts, considering that the music festival is an enormous part of both Chicago and music culture in general. However, this year, I was lucky enough to venture into the vast greenery of Grant Park and join the celebration for Lollapalooza’s 25th anniversary!

(Photo by Charles Reagan Hackleman, Lollapalooza)

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Hey guys! What, I’m back again so soon?!

As you may know, I now co-host a show with my friend Pearl on Wednesdays from 4-6. Last week, on April 27th, we had our last show of the semester, and on it, we featured a special guest and returning UIC Radio visitor, Sonny Apollo!

In the past, Sonny appeared on Pahhhsitive Thinking with Elif and Push Love with D-Red. Now, to announce his very own upcoming EP, ADVENTURESINPARADISE, Sonny joined us on air to give us the details in an exclusive interview.

Local Chicagoan, Sonny made his way over here from the east coast, and embarked on quite a journey of both musical and self-discovery. Music has been a part of his life since Sonny was as young as 3 years old. He finds influences in Prince, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder, among others. He explains he received a mix tape from his parents with a melting pot of different artists, giving him exposure to inspiring talent at a young age.

Sonny’s upcoming EP, ADVENTURESINPARADISE, involves messages stemming from self-expression, self-exploration, and sexuality, or as Sonny put it, the “Plight of the Milennial.”

Sonny introduced the instrumental track for his upcoming song off of ADVENTURESINPARADISE, “Zoo.” To conclude, Sonny revealed that ADVENTURESINPARADISE will be released in late July, and the first official single will be released late June.

Sonny Apollo on Midnight with Pearl Girl and Sonia Universe

Sonny will also be performing live shows very soon. For specific dates for the releases and shows, be sure to follow Sonny on Twitter, and Facebook, and check out the full interview below: