Sneaking Brockhampton Into Jaden Smith’s Show And Drinking $50 Water


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photos taken by myself

Third eye: Opened. Chakras: Aligned. Just: Water. After waiting for this day to happen since Never Say Never, I finally got to see Jaden Smith perform live.

I took a lyft to Lincoln Hall around 11 a.m. , made small talk with the driver:

Who are you seeing tonight?”

“Jaden Smith.”

“The karate kid??”




“So .. uhhh what are you going to watch him do exactly????”

“… um .. perform his music, he raps…lol.”

“The karate kid raps??….I don’t like it.”

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Event Review: GAS at the Art Institute


Live ambient music has a tendency to come off as underwhelming. I’ve always found watching a producer manipulate tracks on their laptop insufficient to warrant the title of “live” performance. However, every once in a blue moon I’ll see an ambient performance that proves all of my assumptions wrong. Last week’s performance by producer Wolfgang Voigt’s GAS alias was one of them.

I’d like to make note of the way his performance highlighted the importance of setting when viewing live electronic music. GAS’s music at home is primarily a headphone listen, where you are completely sucked in to the music’s world. In order to replicate this feeling live, it needed to be experienced in “wide-screen” so to speak, and this is exactly we got. The months leading up to the show, I worried we would be stuck seeing GAS perform on a make-shift sound system, forced to stand for 90 minutes in a tiny room shoulder to shoulder with fellow techno nerds. Luckily we got the opposite, as the Rubloff Auditorium at the Art Institute proved to be the ideal venue for Voigt’s soundscapes. The audience was able to sit down while taking in both a massive video projection and immaculate sound thanks to the theater’s excellent PA and acoustics.

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2018’s “Little Dark Age” (Also MGMT concert in Chicago!)


I’d like to begin this article by saying welcome back to another glorious semester here at University of Illinois at Chicago; as usual, I ushered in the new year by being incredibly lazy, and I’m sure you had the same response.

Whatever. Let’s talk about MGMT who is releasing their 4th studio album on February 9, 2018. 

This marks MGMT’s fourth studio album, and a lot of the aesthetic of the album pertains to the Gothic medieval era, similar to the album’s namesake. The themes are very apathetic, evil, and has the typical trippy vibe of MGMT. “When You Die” is my favorite single on the album, and it is a very warm and tangy song for how dark its lyrics truly are. Just watch the music video and you’ll understand what I mean:

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Review: The Surround Me Tour

MpR0J4QB (1)

Sweden has produced an abundance of talented individuals ranging from Tove Lo to Lykke Li to Avicii, and so on.

Considering my family originates from Sweden, I always take great pride in artists who share the same origins. The sense of connectedness makes me root for them that much more.

On October 21, I had the pleasure to see the indie-pop artist from Sweden, Léon, perform live at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.

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A Spreading Deanfluenza

By some miracle, my first official post as a UIC Radio blogger is about an event I attended under the guidance of an experienced member- the incredible Pearl Shin! She graciously took me under her wing and influence and, thanks to all that, we successfully infiltrated a Northwestern KASA event: Seoulmates. Their Asian-American community, more specifically here, their Korean-American Student Association, was tight-knit and enthusiastic for their end-of-the-year event.

Photo by: Pearl Shin

Of course, this year was more hyped than ever; and even allowed outside guests (including us) to attend the event because of their incredible headliner! Northwestern KASA had managed to snag a growing Korean R&B sensation! Hailing all the way from Seoul Korea, young Kwon Hyuk, better known as DEAN, performed for the lucky people in attendance. This prodigious gentleman of only 23 years is steadfast in becoming one of the greatest cross-over acts to break into the music scene in Korea and the US. He has collaborated with in-demand artists and producers such as Eric Bellinger, EXO, Zico, Anderson Paak, and more.


Dean’s sensual and soulful sound captivated the crowd- not only with his voice but his charisma as a performer! As far as student production can go, Dean’s command of the stage was no joke, and it was hard not to be swept up in the overwhelming energy of the room. Despite his long travel time and lack of rest, his energy was high as he swaggered around the stage alone and roused the crowd. His nervous English endeared the audience and his cute poses for the camera only epitomized his adorability as a person.

Photo by: Pearl Shin

As for his concert setlist, it featured some of his popular US and overseas tracks, such as Pour Up, 21, Bonnie & Clyde, and D (Half Moon), as well as his hit single I’m Not Sorry featuring Eric Bellinger.

Social media chatter has definitely enhanced his career in Korea and other countries; so after witnessing this performance, it’s not hard to believe he’s come this far in his goal of bridging the divide between “western” mainstream and international music. If you want to follow Dean in his quest of bringing Korean R&B to the world, check out these links!

Instagram: @deantrbl

Twitter: @deantheofficial

Official website:

^^There are dates available for his upcoming shows, and coming up very soon he’ll be performing back to back shows at a club event in Los Angeles, CA on June 2nd and his own event in New York City, NY on June 3rd. Hopefully we’ll see him in Chicago again soon!


Introduction To Johnny Fan

Hey Everyone,

My name is Johnny Fan. I wanted to introduce myself to the UIC Radio audience and community as I’ll be a new writer to UIC Radio. My post days are on Sundays so why not start your Sunday right by relaxing and reading a blog post! =)

Photo of me by my friend Thomas.

To tell you a little bit about myself –  I am 19 year old sophomore studying and majoring in Business Marketing. I love coffee, dancing, traveling, writing, photography, and filmmaking. I think these 6 things pretty much sum up my life because they are all extremely time consuming – yes, even coffee.

I don’t have a lot of images of myself mainly because I am more used to being behind the camera rather than in front of it. With that being said, I have been spending a lot of time behind the camera recently. I’ve been taking photos on my phone for fun as soon as I got my first iPhone which was about 2 or 3 years ago. It was a hand me down iPhone 4, the one without Siri sadly. Nonetheless, I would just take random pictures wherever I could snap a photo and just keep tapping away at the capture button. You miss the 100% of the shots you never take, haha – am I right? Safe to say, I took 100 photos and still missed the shot…

It was not until a year and a half later where I really dived into taking photos for a purpose – to tell a story and share my vision with the world on my iPhone. This year, near the end of June/early July I wanted to take it more seriously so I picked up my first DSLR camera and started teaching myself and sharing my work on Instagram.

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Reunited With an Old Friend: City and Colour

Okay, so the singer City and Colour isn’t actually an old friend of mine, but considering the fact that I’ve been listening to his songs for nearly a decade, I feel like his songs really have become like an old friend to me. On Friday, I was able to see the singer perform at a sold out show at The Metro. The venue was literally packed to the brim with fans, but City and Colour still managed to perform an incredible set that felt intimate and had me mesmerized throughout the entire night.

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Concert Review: The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness Tour

The Weeknd’s sold out Beauty Behind The Madness Tour took place Friday November 6,2015 at the United Center. Get this seats in the nosebleed section were going for a whooping $300 a pop.Was it worth it? Let me tell you what not to expect The Weeknd did not perform any songs from Kissland or Trilogy. Do not expect the Weeknd to wear any elaborate costumes his performance wear was a one piece jumpsuit that envied Michael Myers.Word of caution if you are sitting very close to the stage do not wear anything flammable. What you can expect from Able XO (weeknd) sounds exactly as he does on the record, no lip syncing, and pitch perfect.The Weeknd’s over sexualized lyrics engross you and come to life. The sets were more simplistic than I expected, most songs were performed with the Weeknd singing inside a cage. The final song he performs is the Hills. If you ever heard the Hills as the song goes off you hear a low voice murmuring something. It is actually The Weekend speaking French! Follow me Ashlee Jordan on Instagram @heirjordan92! Giving you more Friday’s 2-4 pm The Pop Show by Ashlee Jordan

Robert Glasper and ADD-2 Surprise Performance at Promontory Chicago

Robert Glasper and ADD 2 surprise performance at Promontory Chicago 2015

Robert Glasper came through to Chicago recently at The Promontory, located in Hyde Park, and blazed the stage. During his always astonishing performance, Grammy award winning artist, Glasper also had a few surprise guests come through. Among them were Chicago’s very own Jamla Recording artist ADD-2. Glasper and ADD performed a cover of TDE artist Kendrick Lamar’s “How Much A Dollar Cost” and killed it! Giving the audience an awesome Soulful Hip Hop experience. Check out the video below, as Add takes viewers behind the scenes before, during, and after the show. This is just one of many episodes, of ADD-2’s documentary series 2aDays. Be sure to cop his latest album, Prey For The Poor, available now via  iTunes.

Photography and Video by @domi5th

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Northern Faces Interview – Riot Fest Chicago 2015

Northern Faces - Riot Fest Chicago 2015

Marco Testa, Matt Ippolito and Bryan Shortell, form the Alternative Rock band Northern Faces, who recently rocked the Radicals Stage at Riot Fest Chicago. They put on an awesome performance with great music. This show is about the last leg of them touring. I caught up with them for an interview. Check out the latest on Northern Faces below.

B Roc – You just did your show here for Riot Fest Chicago. What are your feelings on the fest?

Bryan – We love it! Awesome fest! Just coming from Riot in Denver… and we are just wrapping up, so it’s great!

B Roc – What do you hope your fans get from your music?

Bryan – We’re a rock band at our core, but we include Pop, Folk, and more… we are all over the place when it comes to our style of music. But I hope the fans get something from it. If our fans can get anything, from anyone of those styles, it means a lot to us.

Northern Faces - Riot Fest Chicago 2015

B Roc – Are there any artists that are currently doing their thing that you would like to collab with?

Bryan –  Yeah! We look forward to working with a few bands, and other collaborations. Portugal The Man, we definitely like his music… The Congos is also a band we look forward to working with and some others. Would love to share a stage and hit the road with them… for sure!

B Roc – Do you have any shows lined up in the near future?

Bryan –  We have a show November 13th, with Meg Myers at the Webster Hall… pretty excited about it! We did the Audiotree Festival, and Fashion Meets Music and a few others. We’re gonna head home, get in the studio and get back to creating music.

B Roc – What’s something you have to do before you leave Chicago? Can’t leave Chicago without….?

Bryan – Some of the members of our band are vegans. We have a spot back home called Upton’s Natural. And whenever we’re in town we always stop there. Really awesome food, organic with great selection and products.


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