My Top 10 Electronic/Dance tracks of 2017

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Like most of the UIC Radio DJs and music lovers in general, I’ve been compiling my end of year lists. Because my interest is mainly in electronic and dance music,  I’ve decided to focus my list on the best tracks of 2017. The past year has been huge for electronic music. Techno continued it’s current wave of popularity, with new voices both refining and warping the genre into new directions. Lo-Fi house died and then came back, club music got deconstructed and rebuilt into a noisy mess, and push for more representation from female, queer, and POC DJ’s helped bring new voices to the table. Here’s what I took away as the best of the year:

10. DJ Boring-Goodbye Michael

This little wonder of a remix is only number 10 because it’s technically a release from the the late hours of 2016. Created in the wake of George Michael’s passing last December, DJ Boring takes the late singer-songwriter’s 2003 track “Amazing” and downgrades it for the lo-fi house generation. The result is a remix that improves upon its source materiel by letting Michael’s melodic genius shine through the distorted bass and tape hiss.

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I Should Really Talk About This Radio Show I’ve Had For Like Two Weeks

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This may surprise some of you, but these blogs aren’t my only means of dispensing garbage throughout the campus.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen my long dormant Twitter suddenly reawaken with weirdly incoherent and rambling tweets about something called “The Longplay”. Well don’t worry folks, those aren’t the ramblings of a madman; they’re poor attempts at plugs for my now three week old radio show “The Longplay”.

“But Jonah,” you say, your wide, infantile eyes locked with mine; “your blog is bad enough, so why on earth would I use the finite amount of precious seconds I am allowed in this life to subject my ears to whatever dribble may come cascading out of the airwaves?”

First of all, thank you.

Second, let me talk about the show a bit here, and then you can decide if you want to commit or not. Does that sound fair?

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Dally Auston drops “99¢”

c1bkdynuaaawoxqChicago has been put in the spotlight for many years to work from city natives Twista, Common, Kanye West, and more recently: Chance The Rapper. For years, social media has been exploding over good friends of Chance and affiliates of the “Savemoney army”. Talent in this super-group are Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, RnB artist Brill, Towkio and more. Although all of these are artists have developed over the past few years, they still give back to Chicago and often host concerts and secret parties for their most loyal fans.

In the month of January, fans have expressed their excitement for one of the member’s new projects: Dally Auston. It is his first project in about 3 years and everyone is very eager to jam on his latest work. On January 20th at 3pm (CT), Dally released his latest project, titled “99¢”. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Dally will be live on UIC Radio’s Thumpin’ Thursdays show on Feb 2nd at 3:30pm (CT)

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Branko Presents, 10 Years of Lisbon Sound [Music Stream]


Yes, the weather outside is frightful… But that doesn’t mean you music has to be. Electronic Dance Music Producer/DJ, Branko comes through, with a little bit of old, mixed with a little bit of new with his latest mix, 10 Years of  Lisbon Sound.

Hear unreleased music with Buraka Som Sistema & Azealia Banks. Best of all you can get your hands on it for free! Branko decided to put this one out at no charge, and takes you on a fun trip down memory lane of his musical journey with 10 years of music. Check it out, and stay posted for more from Branko.

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“Grip The Mic Mondays” & “Broad Shoulders Live”

What a year it’s been. 2015 has treated us so well; we hope it has for you as well. Next week will be reflecting on the year as a whole, but for today, we have some news:

This year we’ve been hustling on creating a better brand for ourselves and bettering our relations with artists. Let me just say it has been working really well. In addition to being a DJ, I had the honor to be given the role of a manager to my long-term friend: Chris Ruben. We’ve invaded just about every university campus in the city, as well as performed at shows and open-mic events. The most popular one has been “Grip The Mic Mondays” which takes place at Grandbar every Monday night from 10pm-3am. Open mic performances take over from 10pm-12am, followed by 3 hours of your favorite Hip-hop tracks by yours truly.12434281_10156477979470294_1411102027_n

Most recently, DJ Serdna and I have been working with Taylor Bennett & Morocco Brown with rehearsals for the upcoming show on 12/26 titled: “Broad Shoulders Live” at Lincoln Hall. Artists on the bill include an all-Chicago roster: Morocco Brown, his manager Taylor Bennett, producer Ludlow, Logan, DJ Oreo, and a couple special guest appearances including Chance The Rapper. The almost sold out show brings a lot of excitement for youth in Chicago, seeing that Taylor is only 19 years old. Check out Taylor Bennett’s new project below, and remember to follow us on social media to keep up with events in Chicago. Happy Holidays!

Adam K – The Word Is Love Remix [Interview + Music Stream]

artworks-adam k the word is love steve slim hurley

We all have songs… blast from the past, that we know and love. A remix is always a dope way to breathe new life in to a song that holds meaning, and help to carry on. Electronic dance music DJ/Producer Adam K, by way of Toronto, Canada, has done just that! Bringing you a new remix to a track that he himself personally loves, and does it justice! Chicago’s own Steve “Silk” Hurley’s house music classic “The Word Is Love” is back, with a fresh sound and sure to be in rotation, and keeping you on the dance floor!

I got a chance to catch up with Adam K, check the interview below.

B Roc -What made you choose to remix the single “The Word Is Love”?
Adam K – I remixed “The Word is Love” because it’s my all time favorite house record as I’ve been listening to that song since I was a kid.  When my manager told me he knew Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and the S&S guys and could get me the vocals, I  was like…. ummmm yaaa set it up!!!

B Roc – How did you get started in music?
Adam K – My brother taught me to how to play drums right before junior high school as he didn’t want me to get stuck playing the flute. (laughs)

B Roc – Tell us something about you as a DJ/Producer, that you want us to know. 
Adam K – I had to think about that for a second.  Everything you see about me is 100% real… no fake followers, friends, fake plays, fake likes. All real, what you see is what you get. Organic Adam. Oh!… and I like rock music too!

B Roc – Who are some of your musical influences, and why?  
Adam K – Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, and deadmau5. Neil because he’s Canadian and such a brilliant lyricist. Pink Floyd literally taught me what a synthesizer was. Hendrix … well just because. And deadmau5 because he doesn’t give a fuck, even if he is a total douche bag sometimes.

B Roc – What do you hope the fans get from your music?
Adam K – Well, that’s a pretty broad question as I do a lot of music. I’ll say for this song specifically, I hope they see the magic in that vocal. It’s special and needs to be heard and perhaps for an audience that’s not familiar with the timeless original.

Here’s the music video to a version of the original track by Steve “Silk” Hurley’s “The Word Is Love.”

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adam k

DJ’s Wanted – UIC Radio’s 2nd DJ Battle

UIC Radio has done it again; this time the DJ’s get the main stage. That’s right, UIC Radio’s Battle Series continues with our 2nd Annual DJ Battle. If you believe you have what it takes to captivate the crowd, applications are now open, but don’t sit and wait because the deadline is August 31st! All we ask is that you must be a UIC student. Mark your calendars and tell all your friends that the DJ Battle is going down September 25th.

The requirements to participate are as follows:CP_2015_DJBattle_11x17_crop

  • Must be a UIC student.
  • Must submit an mp3 or video sample of your DJ mixes/performances.
  • Complete application at:


The DJ Battle, part of the UIC Radio Battle Series, is scheduled for Friday, September 25th at 8:00 PM in the Lecture Center Plaza (Quad).  Selected applicants will be notified by Friday, September 4th.

For more information, please contact Austin Sellers, UIC Radio Marketing Director at

Check out photos from the Spring 2015 DJ Battle on Facebook.

(DJ) Carnage!

From Guatemala, to L.A, to Miami and now Chicago, we see Carnage playing at major festivals and venues. His bass heavy music crossed with his style of hardstyle flair is a testament to the neo-electronic age we are living in.



Carnage has made Electronic Drill songs featuring Katie Got Bandz and Migos, but theres more to him than just a simple fist pumping Festival going DJ. His style is evolving along with the ages. You can hear his NuDisco / Future Bass visions come out with his newest song on Soundcloud, “Let the Freak Out!”

Carnage is heading in the right direction. The style and skill of Carnage is seen in his primary genre, Festival Trap. The artistry has help him gain a strong fan base, and he is soon to be experimenting with new soundscapes that will lead him into an entirely new direction.  I for one am very excited to see where the new year leads us with electronic music. I know that with Carnage’s stylings, he will lead the electronic scene into the right direction!

Carnage is playing at the Aragon Ballroom on November 15th in Chicago! To find out how to score some tickets tune in Friday at 8PM!

Beyond the Barrier…Behind the Scenes

Beyond the Barrier is the name of the show I started last year when I joined UIC Radio as a Junior here at UIC. Now going into my last year here at UIC i thought it would be good to properly introduce myself as a DJ, a blogger, and now the assistant marketing director for UIC Radio.

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 That’s me..
My name is Kris Lori Fuentes Cortes a 4th year communication major also pursuing a minor in managerial skills. Born and bred in Boston, Massachusetts and then left the nest back in 2011 to wind up here in Chicago. I hope to work in the music industry as part of a touring crew while I’m young and then settle in an office somewhere still be active in the music scene. I am the assistant marketing director for UIC Radio, photographer/ writer/ interviewer for AltRockLive, and a member of SynnerNation for The Syndicate; I’m pretty involved as much as I can be. 

Here are my loves..

Loves: Music…obviously…My cat Shadow, flowers, adventures, road trips, shows, vinyls, writing, trying to learn an instrument, drinking tea, photographing, riding my bike, long boarding, volleyball, softball, and playing video games. 

What’s my show about you ask?

Good question…It’s really about playing a good mixture of rock music. but not just classic rock, pop rock, ect. It’s to play everything really; my heart can’t settle on one genre so of course I’ll just play everything. I love to bring in artists to interview them or try to get your guys some free stuff or tickets to shows.I take a lot of pride in my show and in the station. I really want to show that UIC Radio is just as diverse as the students we have.

Now you know a bit about me and my show I hope to see you around campus!
Pass me a note in class with a song request 😛



Click play hear the brand new track by Terry Tertiary produced by UIC’s very own 13lacula! 13lacula and Terry’s love of both organic sounds, such as trumpets and Jazz soundkits, and synthetic sound, such as the breakdown involving the craziest modulation of an EQ you’ll see.

We see Terry’s use of unconventional lyrics to send out positive vibes. The message is simple, free your mind from what you think is going on outside.

“This generation must discover that we are holding all the cards the end result of 52 pick-up.”

The sample used is actually from the game L.A Noire. But after two pots of coffee and with a little bit of inspiration from artists such as Caravan Palace, Opiuo, Massive Attack and Machinedrum, 13lacula is able to transform it into something unique.

After listening to this song, you’ll be able to free your mind.

Be sure to like TerryTertiary and 13lacula both on all social media sites!