A Quick Tour Through My Paltry Vinyl Collection

Ah, Vinyl; the Bitcoin of the hipster. Remember when you were on the brink of extinction, only to be resurrected by a bunch of pasty fellas sporting ironic mustaches and unironic superiority complexes? I do, mainly because every time I walk into a Barnes & Noble I see the pile of new $50 vinyl reissues get larger and larger like the world’s most overpriced tumor.

“Ok, we see where this is going, you don’t like the resurgence of vinyl. Stop being such a d*ck.”

Actually you’re wrong; I love vinyl… I just like making fun of its comeback even more. In fact, I even have my own little collection right here at home, do you want to see it?!


Too bad!

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NCAA-March Madness: Final Four

March Madness has definitely been an eye-opener this year. College basketball fans all over the country had shocked reactions when noticing that a majority of the brackets started breaking in the round of 64 with upsets of UAB over Iowa State and Georgia State over Baylor.

Unfortunately, my bracket was done and over with as soon as I found out Baylor lost to Georgia State by just one point.

However, this tournament has still been one that many fans are talking about everywhere.

final four

Tonight marks the night of the Final Four, and with no surprise Kentucky is up against Wisconsin, both ranked at the first seed in their respective regions.

Not only that, Duke, who is also ranked at the number 1 seed in the South region is up against Michigan State which is a surprise to a lot of fans, thinking they would not make it as far as they did.

uk and wisconsinduke and michigan state

Michigan State has been doing very well in this tournament so far. They definitely started gaining attention when they defeated Oklahoma in the Sweet 16. Things also turned around when they defeated Louisville in the Elite Eight in a close game with the final score being 76-70.

With Michigan State playing extremely well, tonight’s game will be very unpredictable to say the least.

Be sure to check out the games tonight on TBS!

Duke vs. Michigan State= 5:10 PM Central Time

Kentucky vs. Wisconsin= 7:50 PM Central Time