Gentlemen Hour 1 Year Anniversary @ Efebinas Cafe

Photo of Malafacha

This past week, I celebrated UIC Radio’s The Gentlemen Hour 1 Year Anniversary! With the help of No Manches Clothing Co. this event was a definite success. Filled with awesome performances ranging from rap, indie rock to ska at Efebinas cafe in Pilsen’s. The event featured performances by J1S, Malafacha, You Are Here, One Man Down and Siul of Gold Fires.

All of these artists were once featured on the Gentlemen hour with Memo (host of the Gentlemen Hour). All in attendance were treated to an “unplugged” performance. If you aren’t familiar, an unplugged performance means the artists are challenged to simplify their music usually playing acoustic instruments or going a capella. Needless to say to anyone there, this unplugged event had a very intimate feel to it. Continue reading “Gentlemen Hour 1 Year Anniversary @ Efebinas Cafe”

Get to Know Gold Fires

Hey UIC! As you may know, UIC Rado’s very first Battle of the Bands is coming up next Wednesday, March 19th! This free – yes, free! – event will be held in the Illinois Room of Student Center East at 6pm.

So, in honor of the battle that will commence soon, I’m giving you, my faithful readers, the chance to get to know the members of one of the bands entering – Gold Fires.

644684_509894165733318_43284557_n(Photo from left to right: Siul Reynoso, Jose Anthony Izaguirre, Edgar Elio Diaz, Mark Rendon, and Josh Allen. Courtesy of Gold Fires’ Facebook page).

Gold Fires is a local Chicago band whose unique sound resembles that of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, and the members’ influences also include Tame Impala, Interpol, The Smiths, and Ratatat, according to their Facebook page.

The band has a Soundcloud, along with a Youtube channel as well, where you can hear several of their songs.

A huge thanks again to the band’s members, Siul, Jose, Edgar, Mark, and Josh for taking the time to answer all my questions, and best of luck to you all at the battle!

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Gold Fires – Heart Skips A Beat

I might be a little late on this one because the group released this track about a month and a half ago but I’ll go ahead and post it up anyway. This is my form of procrastination right now. Gold Fires is a local band from the Chicago land area for those who don’t know. Check out my earlier post on them for more information on them if you’re interested.

This track is titled “Heart Skips a Beat”. This track is off of their upcoming EP. I’m looking forward to checking that out soon. They’ve also been nominated for the best alternative act of the year award in the Chicago Independent Music Awards for 2014 which is actually pretty cool.

You can stream this track below. Share your thoughts on this track and this band below as well.

Gold Fires – Suede


Let me introduce you to this band for those who have not heard of them yet. This band is named Gold Fires. The members of this group are from the Chicago land area. To be more specific the Berwyn/Cicero area. If you’re into cool local bands check this group out. This group consists of five members: Edgar Elio Diaz, Siul Reynoso, Mark Rendon, Jose Anthony Izaguirre, and Josh Allen. One of the members of this group reached out to me asking me to check out their work and I’m glad he did because I really enjoyed their work.

These guys recently released this track titled “Suede”. This song is very clean and well put together. This is definitely a very talented group of people I will keep following. Its great to find a new group of young guys make great music like this. This was my first time listening to this band but when I first listened to this band the first thing that it reminded me of was Interpol. Now when I say that I’m not saying that they copied their style or anything like that but it gives off the same vibe and there are similar sounds between the two bands. It was definitely something unique and different.

I don’t think there are many local bands that I know of that make music like this band. They identify their style of music as Indie Rock/Alternative Rock. On their Facebook page under their influences they listed Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Tame Impala, Interpol, Ratatat and The Smiths. I think anyone who listens to any of those bands will see how those influences are reflected in their music. If you do happen to listen to any of those bands go check these guys out they’re very talented and will definitely be enjoyable. They have an EP that is supposed to be released sometime soon. That gives me something to look forward to.

If you want more information about Gold Fires and their music you can like their Facebook page or go to their Soundcloud page. You can stream this track, “Suede”, below.

So you’ve decided to seduce a woman….


So you finally have the courage to go on to the next level with this girl…

Women can be complicated, but if you follow these simple steps we’ll guarantee your night will be successful.

1. Brush your teeth with the finest toothbrush you can find at the market
2. Purchase a pack of c…….andy… after all who doesn’t like candy
3. Eat a large bowl of Lucky Charms, you don’t want your stomach making noises
4. Do a series of pushups (This will help your testosterone flowing)
5. Look at yourself in the mirror and be confident that tonight is your night
6. Suit up
7. Listen to Kings of Convenience to get your romantic juices flowing

Kings of Convenience is perfect for any occasion, but in particular they make these beautiful soft harmonies that is more than suitable for a romantic encounter. The samba styled acoustics compliments the rhythmic foot tapping and the uncontrollable finger snapping.  We’d recommend you to play “Boat Behind” before the date, “24-25” when the magic is about to happen and of course “Me and You” after the deed is done. And you will definitely want the girl to know you have a great taste in music, so play Kings of Convenience when she’s around… she’ll like that.

And for goodness sake take a listen to the whole album: