Frank Ocean Drops New Music


This week, Frank Ocean aired the third episode of “blonded RADIO,” on his Beats 1 show. On previous episodes of “blonded RADIO,” Ocean premiered his songs, “Chanel,” and “Slide,” featuring Calvin Harris and Migos. On this most recent episode, Ocean ended the show with his newest song, “Biking” featuring Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator.

Talk about an iconic trio.

–  You can find “Biking” on SoundCloud  here  –

Tyler, The Creator, who is now back on Twitter after a brief disappearance, tweeted his lyrics to his verse on “Biking,” on Saturday afternoon. Lana Del Rey Responded with, “who else’s lyrics could these be !” and I automatically had high hopes for this song.


I was not disappointed. I’ve always been a fan of Jay Z, an even bigger fan of Tyler, The Creator, and a disgustingly huge fan of Frank Ocean.

“Biking,” is a relatively mellow song, that for a reason I cannot explain, makes me feel the way I feel when I look at a painting by Vincent van Gogh.

Everyone interprets music in a different way, and every feeling is unique to the listener. And that’s the beauty in music.

With a slumbering sound and acoustic harmonies, “Biking” gives me a feeling of nostalgia for deep summer nights, and with summer just around the corner, this was great timing for Ocean to drop this hit.

Frank Ocean will always be one of my top favorite artists, and I strongly and whole heartily believe “Channel ORANGE,” and “Blonde,” are two of the greatest albums to have been produced of all time.

Ocean never lets us down with his music, and I can’t wait to hear what is yet to come from him.


“You Took me As Safe”: An Interview With Dumbfoundead

Just a few weeks ago, one of my favorite rappers, the LA/ Korea Town native Dumbfoundead (aka Parker), dropped a powerful single titled “Safe.” The track, which states lyrics like “The other night I watched the Oscars and the roster of the only yellow men were all statues/ We a quarter of the population there’s a room of f**kin’ one percenters laughing at you,” talks about some issues that have been very prominent in Hollywood: whitewashing and the discrimination of minorities.

I was recently able to chat with him about his inspiration to write “Safe,” what it means to be an Asian-American, and the importance of being true to your identity. Check out the interview below!

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Too High to Riot


Too High to Riot is the artist Bas’ second studio album. Now if you find yourself wondering who I’m talking about, Bas is a rapper that is currently signed to J Cole’s Dreamville Records. And for those of you with long memories, he also performed at Spark at the Park as J Cole opening act in 2014. If I’m being honest at the time, I wasn’t a fan. Maybe it was because I really just wanted to J cole, or there might have been some other reason, but end of the day I wasn’t a fan.

Then, around early March my roommate was listening to his new album, and I thought it sounded great, so I asked who he was listening to. Since then I’ve loved this album. Too High to Riot is a wonderful listen, and I think both avid, and casual fans of rap will enjoy this album. Some of my personal favorites in the album are Ricochet featuring the Hics, Night Job which features J Cole, and Too High to Riot the song named after the album.

Not giving this album a chance is a disservice to yourself, because you never know you might just end up loving it just as I have.

Swizz Beatz on Ruff Ryders’ Anthem: “DMX didn’t want to do it” [VIDEO] (by @leofromthego)

By Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images.

Swiss Beatz has accomplished a lot in his time in hip-hop and not many have worked with such a wide spectrum of artists that he has. Swizz has production credits ranging from the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce to Damian Marley and Gwen Stefani. Yet and still, his work with DMX defines his career and”Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” may go down as the song that defines his production.

So it was interesting to learn from Swizz, that the making of “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” hinged on single solitary bet.

“X was scared of change and he didn’t want to do Stop/Drop (Ruff Ryders’ Anthem) he was like, ‘why you giving me this white boy-rock n’ roll record?’ He thought Stop/Drop was a white rock n roll record because of the yelling and chanting. Him and my uncle Dee (CEO of Ruff Ryders) made a bet and X lost the bet. And than Dee was like ‘ok you lost the bet you gotta do the verses.’ Thats how he did the verses to Stop/Drop cause he lost a bet. He wasn’t even gonna do the verses. Most of the artists that you heard on my records, they didn’t like those records or it wasn’t for them.” (“Rap Radar Podcast”)

Starts at 1:20:55 mark.

It safe to say with the talent and tenacity that both DMX and Swizz Beatz has displayed over the years, that they were bound for success. But sheesh, “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” one hell of a springboard into the game! It brought a new sound to the world, introduced bike life to hip-hop, and ushered in the careers of rap royalty from Eve to Jadakiss and even reinvigorated the career of Jay-Z. Were would hip-hop would be without the”Ruff Ryders’ Anthem?” Scary thought…let’s move on.

By @leofromthego he likes Motts fruit snacks and Real Time with Bill Maher. Follow him!

Bellion’s Acoustic Beauty


So it’s no secret that I am a fan of Jon Bellion. I used my first ever blog post to showcase the marvelous wonder that is the music of Jon Bellion. I love how he is both an amazing singer and producer, and also is a pretty good rapper too. The amount of musical talent that this man was gifted with is amazing. It may seem like I’m exaggerating this man’s musical talent, but then again I might be correct about everything I have written here, and maybe you can find out by checking him out, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So recently Bellion has released acoustic versions of two of his songs. The first acoustic songs came from one of his released singles called All Time Low. This song consists of Bellion talking to his ex, speaking about how they have fallen out now. The other acoustic version comes from his album, The Definition(which you can buy from his website). The song Human basically comprises of Bellion thinking about all his faults that make him Human. Both acoustic version are amazing, and I don’t know how to tell you just how beautiful they are, so I’m just gonna tell you to listen to both songs.

“The Life of Pablo” Has Been a Journey, But It’s Finally Here

Kanye West’s 7th studio album, “The Life of Pablo”, has to be one of the most confusing and most chaotic album releases that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. First off, who is Pablo? Ye could makes references on the album to both Pablo Picasso and Pablo Escobar, so it could be either of those, or maybe even both. This title would technically be considered his fourth title if you include his 2015 announcement “So Help Me God”, followed by “SWISH”, and then “WAVES”. Besides the ambiguity of the name itself, this album has led us to confusion with release dates and track lists.

Originally, the album was set to release on February 11 at the the same time as his debut of Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden. The event was available for stream that allowed us to hear some of the songs for the first time ever. Even after the show, the album wasn’t available to the public because of last minute changes that had to be made. Because of the delay, Kanye decide to drop “30 Hours” that Friday.

Who was to blame for the delay?


Kanye tweeted that Chance the Rapper insisted on putting “Waves” on the album, a song that he actually helped compose. He claimed “The world is a better place because of it”. Aside from this song alone, there were others that made it onto the album last minute. This was all happening last Saturday, the 13th. At this point the album is already 2 days late.

That night, with fans still waiting on the album, Kanye appeared on SNL, where he debuted a couple songs off the album. Accompanying him was Chance the Rapper, the Dream, Kirk Franklin, and Kelly Price. After his last performance, Kanye signaled to fans that his album was finally out with the words, “Kanye West dot com right now, Tidal Streaming right now”.

It was here.

This album has received a lot of hype because he was actually supposed to release the album last summer, but nothing ever happened. People didn’t know what to expect with this album, following his last album, “Yeezus”. Even the Kanye haters were eager to see what he had up his sleeve and if he could still bring the heat.

For anyone who is interested and wants to listen, you can stream it on Tidal, or you can wait a few more days when Kanye releases his downloadable, purchasable version.


“I Have a Dream”

Howdy y’all, its 13lacula, your 0cto5quid!

There will be no Wardens Midwest show tomorrow. However you can catch our downloads here. Rather, I will be preparing for my second spiritual trip to California next week by practicing for the piano midterm.


However, this Saturday at Iridium Wardens Midwest alongside Ever Evolved, Dark Cloud and EatWell will be hosting an event titled “I Have a Dream”.  Our stellar lineup includes:

Rhymster with our MC of the night Mike Booth
(Ever Evolved)

Louie Vizzie
(Dark Cloud)


Also! Art by Mark Narrens!





If there is one thing that I’ve learned in my year and a half at UIC is that it flourishes with talented musical artists. It’s one of my favorite things about going here. One of these talented artist is named Ibraheem Kudaisi, a sophomore at UIC, and one of my close friends. If you actually keep up with my posts, you would have learned about a band called Oracle. The rapper of the group is Ibraheem, also known by his friends as Ibra.

Ibra is a great rapper, and I’m not saying that because I’m nepotistic, I’m saying it because he’s really talented and I’m excited to see how far he’s going to go. He’s already proven his rapping ability through his endeavors with Oracle, but now he’s about to show the world his ability to create great songs just with his talent.

But there is a point why I’m writing about him now, tomorrow he going to release his first single on his Soundcloud account, and I want to give the readers of the UIC radio blog the opportunity to say that they listened to Ibra first. The song is called “Cruisin” and when Ibra let me listen to it, I loved it, and I’m excited for everyone to see just how talented he is.

Day In The Life Of Chicago’s Very Own Sir The Baptist

If not now, when? 24 hours is all we have in any given day. Time is free and doesn’t cost us a single dime but time is also the most valuable currency we can spend. Mind boggling, isn’t it? How you choose to spend those 24 hours is truly something precious. Do you ever wonder how a music artist spends their 24 hours? Between interviews, photoshoots, studio sessions, performances, legal agreements, and more – the life of an artist is definitely not an easy task.

Photo by Johnny Fan (yours truly)

Chicago’s very own, rapper-singer, Sir The Baptist, shares with us a video showcasing the behind the scenes of what a day in the life of a music artist looks like. Sir The Baptist calls himself the Urban Monk with a unique genre of his own, the Ghetto Gospel sound. A truly vivid yet complex sound captures the cadence of church. (I dropped a bar right there, yay for alliteration.) Sir’s collaboration with music artists include Chance The Rapper on Surf, Twista, and Logic, among others. With features on Jay Z’s TIDALFakeShoreDrive, Apple Store EventChicago TribuneOkayPlayerWGN RadioSway In The Morning and more, Sir The Baptist is definitely making waves Kanye will hear.

Among other news, Sir The Baptist will be the sole performer at the Chicago’s 58th Grammy Viewing Party at Thalia Hall! RSVP is available! Following the announcement of the Grammy Performance, Sir The Baptist’s “Raise Hell” hits #2 on Spotify’s U.S. Viral Top 50!

Without further ado, here is the Day In The Life of Sir The Baptist below!

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Hoodie Allen is a man of the people. I think that is one of my favorite things about him as an artist. Sure I love listening to his music, and I’m always excited to hear any new songs he releases, but his ability to connect to his fans like few other artists can is amazing. Though honestly even if Hoodie didn’t have this amazing connection with his audience I would still be a huge fan because his music is just that great.

Hoodie graduated college with a degree in finance, and marketing, and found a job at Google. Yet he found him unsatisfied with his plight in life, and chose to work on a career in music. The first Hoodie Allen song I listened to was No Interruption. I was still a young child, just a senior in high school, with such little knowledge of the world, but I did know one thing, that this song was fire. His mix of rap, and catchy pop beat make for a amazing tune.

Hoodie Allen has a wide range of music, from his mixtape Crew Cuts, to his EP All American. Hoodie has been dropping a lot of music for some time now. He most recently dropped his album People Keep Talking in 2014.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this article, Hoodie has just announced that he is releasing a new album, Happy Camper on the 22nd of this month, and I am so excited, and I want you to be excited too. The best thing about this album, is that its free. And honestly as broke college students we can’t afford to turn down free quality music. So that you can check out his music, and get updates on the new album there are links for his sound cloud and twitter at the bottom.