I’m Weak


I love finding new music, especially artists that I haven’t heard before. There something so refreshing hearing music originating from someone that is alien to you. Last week I was once again glad to find myself upon a new artist, and greatly enjoyed the music that  I found. The song was Weak by AJR a band that consists of three bothers from New York. The song is pretty popular with 40 million listens on Spotify.

I loved the song Weak it sounded beautiful, and was something that I could connect to pretty easily, but then continued to listen to the entire EP What’s Everyone Thinking, and loved every song. It consists of Come Hank Out, Weak, Turning Out, I’m Not Famous, and No Grass Today.  The EP reminds me of Twenty One Pilots, which is an amazing band. Each song is unique and I can’t help but listen to the multiple times.

Below is the music video for the song I’m Not Famous, which is a nice tune about just how unknown the band is.


The 5ound of Art!…


It’s the 0cto5quid! Chillin in the pool! This time we have very special guests we are going to cover from last week’s show!

We were joined by artists Joe Horejs and Carlos Flores as well as their friend Tom (shouts to Tom). Joe is a fresh sound artist and we showed listened to his two works.

They came and demonstrated their sound art. They did all sort of weird sound experiments involving a microphone, microwave, popcorn, a random rapping, a fan and various other “tools” used in instruments.


Listen to the interview here!

Oh Daughter!

On Friday, March 11th, I attended Daughter‘s (@ohdaughter on Instagram and Twitter) show at the Metro, and after dealing with the possibility of a certain political figure and his supporters appearing on my campus earlier that day, it was exactly the tranquil music environment I needed to refresh.

Daughter, consisting of members Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella, formed in 2010 in London. They released their first EP His Young Heart in 2011, followed by their second The Wild Youth later that same year. After signing to a label in 2012, the band recorded and released their first full album If You Leave.

Daughter is currently touring for the release of their newest album Not To Disappear that was released this past January. The album features singles “Doing The Right Thing” and “Numbers.”

Arriving at the Metro on Friday night, I was ready for a night of calm, ambient indie music, and that is exactly what I got.

Opening for Daughter was Wilsen, a “dream folk” indie band from New York whose whistling skills are incomparable. Their EP Magnolia was released in May of 2014, and recently released a single titled “Centipede.” Wilsen started off the show with an ambient sound that set the mood for the night.

Wilsen, photos by Pearl Shin

Following Wilsen was the headliner of the night, Daughter. The band came on stage and opened with their song “How” off of the new album. The crowd was packed tight inside the venue in anticipation for more new music. Every song that they performed was met with an uproar of applause and cheers from the audience. Continue reading “Oh Daughter!”

“I Have a Dream”

Howdy y’all, its 13lacula, your 0cto5quid!

There will be no Wardens Midwest show tomorrow. However you can catch our downloads here. Rather, I will be preparing for my second spiritual trip to California next week by practicing for the piano midterm.


However, this Saturday at Iridium Wardens Midwest alongside Ever Evolved, Dark Cloud and EatWell will be hosting an event titled “I Have a Dream”.  Our stellar lineup includes:

Rhymster with our MC of the night Mike Booth
(Ever Evolved)

Louie Vizzie
(Dark Cloud)


Also! Art by Mark Narrens!



Day In The Life Of Chicago’s Very Own Sir The Baptist

If not now, when? 24 hours is all we have in any given day. Time is free and doesn’t cost us a single dime but time is also the most valuable currency we can spend. Mind boggling, isn’t it? How you choose to spend those 24 hours is truly something precious. Do you ever wonder how a music artist spends their 24 hours? Between interviews, photoshoots, studio sessions, performances, legal agreements, and more – the life of an artist is definitely not an easy task.

Photo by Johnny Fan (yours truly)

Chicago’s very own, rapper-singer, Sir The Baptist, shares with us a video showcasing the behind the scenes of what a day in the life of a music artist looks like. Sir The Baptist calls himself the Urban Monk with a unique genre of his own, the Ghetto Gospel sound. A truly vivid yet complex sound captures the cadence of church. (I dropped a bar right there, yay for alliteration.) Sir’s collaboration with music artists include Chance The Rapper on Surf, Twista, and Logic, among others. With features on Jay Z’s TIDALFakeShoreDrive, Apple Store EventChicago TribuneOkayPlayerWGN RadioSway In The Morning and more, Sir The Baptist is definitely making waves Kanye will hear.

Among other news, Sir The Baptist will be the sole performer at the Chicago’s 58th Grammy Viewing Party at Thalia Hall! RSVP is available! Following the announcement of the Grammy Performance, Sir The Baptist’s “Raise Hell” hits #2 on Spotify’s U.S. Viral Top 50!

Without further ado, here is the Day In The Life of Sir The Baptist below!

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Young Buffalo Interview w/ Noteworthy

Young Buffalo Press Photo


Ivan of Noteworthy here again (Mondays, 6PM-8PM at uicradio.org) to tell you about a band called Young Buffalo hailing from Oxford, Mississippi. Their debut full-length, House, was released earlier this year and featured a bounty of wonderfully hazy harmonies along with some classic power pop crunch and a few layers of synths. They’ll be in town this Sunday at Township (2200 N. California Ave.) on Nov. 22, which was switched to from the original venue at Abbey Pub. I spoke with band co-founder Jim Barrett (pictured second from right) to find out a little bit more about the band.

Noteworthy: How long has Young Buffalo been around?

Young Buffalo has been a band since the summer of 2009, so a little over six years now.

NW: As I understand, you and Ben Yarbrough (the other co-founder) have been writing together since you were teenagers? 

Yeah, we had some middle school bands and some high school bands where we played some shows and then started Young Buffalo transitioning to college.

NW: In what ways has it been easier having the same writing partner since you started and in what ways have you still been able to learn new things? 

It’s been great that Ben and I have worked together for so long because we get to narrow down the quirks. There’s not much mystery, so you can get things done a bit easier having gone through a lot. As far as learning stuff, that always sort of happens. It moreso happens apart when we work on stuff while playing in different bands and come back with ideas.

NW: How did you guys come up with the title for the latest album, House

It was originally going to be a different title. The middle song, leading off Side B, “My Place,” was originally called “House,” actually. Once we had the track listing in place, we reworked it a little bit and kind of realized it appeared at a certain point of the record and tied together a lot of things. We figured that it represented the album well. Also, whenever we record demos and practice and get ready for shows and stuff for all these other spinning wheels, it’s at Ben and Will’s (keyboardist Will Eubanks), so that fit into the theme as well. Taking in all that, it just felt right to call it House.

NW: What are some of the guitar sounds you’re proud of on the new album? Something that you did in the studio that everyone may not catch the first time around?

There’s this guitar in the first song called, “Man Of Your Dreams” and at the end of it, it kind of breaks out into a a bunch of stuff going on. It was a Danelectro baritone guitar with a really cool Spaghetti Western sort of strum. It’s really subtle, kind of mixed in the background. I’m proud of that. I think it was one of the last things I recorded on the record.

Some other guitar sounds from the album was this really awesome pedal steel sound on the song “Cliff Diver” that Ben got that we went into it not even thinking we would need. I’m sure there’s more, but it’s been a while since we recorded that album so I forget. It’s been a few years.  Continue reading “Young Buffalo Interview w/ Noteworthy”

Reunited With an Old Friend: City and Colour

Okay, so the singer City and Colour isn’t actually an old friend of mine, but considering the fact that I’ve been listening to his songs for nearly a decade, I feel like his songs really have become like an old friend to me. On Friday, I was able to see the singer perform at a sold out show at The Metro. The venue was literally packed to the brim with fans, but City and Colour still managed to perform an incredible set that felt intimate and had me mesmerized throughout the entire night.

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New Up and Coming Artist: Sun Club

For those seeking new music or looking for the next big thing, I recommend you check out Sun Club. These guys are a indie pop-rock band from Baltimore. I recently found this band as I was going to attend a The Districts show, another band you should definitely check out. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the show, however my friend told me about Sun Club saying that they stole the show. Sun Club offers something different from most of the song you would listen to on Q101.1 or whatever it is called now. However, they still keep the radio acceptability that I think can make then a very popular new band. Them touring with The Districts is already a good sign, so listen to these guys now so you can tell your hipster friends that you listened to them before they were big.

Also, check out this Audiotree session they did, which is a cool Chicago based music company.

Branko’s Club Atlas World Tour and Interview

Branko's Club Atlas World Tour

Electronic Dance music producer/DJ, Branko, by way of Lisbon Portugal, gives fans and the world a multi dimensional experience with Club Atlas. For your ears, he brings the album Club Atlas. For your eyes, a documentary web series powered by Red Bull Music Academy “Atlas Unfolded.” And last but not least, for your body, to move on the dance floor the “Club Atlas World Tour.” Let’s take a minute to talk about the massively collaborative project and all things Atlas. The album carries 10 tracks, a collective of collaborations with over 20 artists. Recorded in 5 weeks, in 5 different cities… Amsterdam, New York, Lisbon, Sao Paulo, and Cape Town. With tracks like Atlas, Eventually, and Out Of Sight, Club Atlas gives you a dope fusion of cultural sounds like no other. “Atlas Unfolded”, Red Bull Music Academy and Branko takes you along, from the streets to the studio, documenting the production of Club Atlas. And for the world tour, Branko hits up 12 cities in 13 days. With an album, web series and world tour, Club Atlas is not only a triple threat… but a movement!

I got the chance to speak with Branko on everything Atlas, check it below.

branko red bull music academy

B Roc – Where did it all begin? What got you started in to DJing?
Branko – First I started producing, creating beats on my fathers computer. And I think it’s an obvious transition to go from making beats in to DJing. Then people would ask me to DJ at their parties, back in my hometown Libson. It started picking up and things kept evolving. In 2006 I did this project called Som Sistema, and that was like the first thing that made me get out of the city and travel around the world and do a bunch of shows. And then came the concept, that we take the music we grew up listening to, and the idea of creating Atlas and the web series came to me. It was just like organic steps… and evolution.


B Roc – How do you feel about the tour?
Branko – This is the first time I did a tour in the states, by myself. I wish I had more time to spend with each stop in each city. It’s exciting to play my music for the people… give them a little something different while their on the dance floor.

B Roc – What do you hope fans get from your music?
Branko – I hope the music makes them happy.. or they get what they essentially need from it. But I also look at it as a celebration of diversity. Bringing different music, from different cultures together. I traveled in 5 different cities and recorded it all in 5 weeks. And there’s a big group of people, who all contributed to this album. I kind of see it like… geographical coordinates… like each collaboration, is a celebration of showing how you can put 2 things together and create something new and different.

B Roc – What advice would you give to aspiring DJ’s?
Branko – I feel like, with my music, I’m an aggregator of different scenes around the world. Scenes that are seen as maybe more marginal… or like Belle Funk in Brazil, to Angola South African House. I feel like I’m in the middle of all these things. My advice… get to know your music! So much of our entertainment content is dictated by the same people, and by the same cities, that have created the industry for such a long time. But I think now… with the internet… it put everything on the same level.  Different cultures, different music, is now made more accessible… making it easier for artists to get out there. When I was growing up, I remember watching TV in english! Not understanding a word of it. But it’s all about vibes! What language, is of no matter. You need to find what works, and what is cool for you.

branko club atlas chicago 2015

B Roc – What was one of you most memorable moments during the production of the album?
Branko – I love creating music… that’s usually when I find my special moments. The week I got to spend in Cape Town… just collaborating with different people was really special. It was definitely my favorite, most memorable moment.

B Roc – What is something, you can not leave Chicago without?
Branko – Pizza! I have to have the pizza from Chicago, before I leave. (laughs) …I’m trying to figure out right now, how I’m gonna get some before I go.

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atlas unfolded

Northern Faces Interview – Riot Fest Chicago 2015

Northern Faces - Riot Fest Chicago 2015

Marco Testa, Matt Ippolito and Bryan Shortell, form the Alternative Rock band Northern Faces, who recently rocked the Radicals Stage at Riot Fest Chicago. They put on an awesome performance with great music. This show is about the last leg of them touring. I caught up with them for an interview. Check out the latest on Northern Faces below.

B Roc – You just did your show here for Riot Fest Chicago. What are your feelings on the fest?

Bryan – We love it! Awesome fest! Just coming from Riot in Denver… and we are just wrapping up, so it’s great!

B Roc – What do you hope your fans get from your music?

Bryan – We’re a rock band at our core, but we include Pop, Folk, and more… we are all over the place when it comes to our style of music. But I hope the fans get something from it. If our fans can get anything, from anyone of those styles, it means a lot to us.

Northern Faces - Riot Fest Chicago 2015

B Roc – Are there any artists that are currently doing their thing that you would like to collab with?

Bryan –  Yeah! We look forward to working with a few bands, and other collaborations. Portugal The Man, we definitely like his music… The Congos is also a band we look forward to working with and some others. Would love to share a stage and hit the road with them… for sure!

B Roc – Do you have any shows lined up in the near future?

Bryan –  We have a show November 13th, with Meg Myers at the Webster Hall… pretty excited about it! We did the Audiotree Festival, and Fashion Meets Music and a few others. We’re gonna head home, get in the studio and get back to creating music.

B Roc – What’s something you have to do before you leave Chicago? Can’t leave Chicago without….?

Bryan – Some of the members of our band are vegans. We have a spot back home called Upton’s Natural. And whenever we’re in town we always stop there. Really awesome food, organic with great selection and products.


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