The Daily Blend’s November Top Ten 2017

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Hey all! Wow, has it been a busy month. I’ve been SO busy with homework, my job, this (my other, unofficial, job), and every possible other thing you could think of. BUT I have found time to get some new artists, songs, and albums into my music library. I’m going to be honest though, there definitely are a couple people that I listened to A TON in October that I continued to listen to in November. And that’s okay! We all have those artists that we always go back to no matter what. Continue reading “The Daily Blend’s November Top Ten 2017”

Featured Artist: Lindsey Stirling

Now here’s a girl who’s music style is right up my alley. Not only a violinist, but a dancer as well, she has managed to combine both in a way that actually doesn’t look stupid. With a mixture of remixes and original pieces, from classical to more dubstep beats, she’s gone from a freak-show quarter-finalist of America’s Got Talent to a Youtube sensation.

Choreographing her own performances not to mention producing and editing her own music videos (another art form in themselves!), she’s really a great example of that fact that yes, you can make yourself  famous. It just takes some talent and a bit of tech know-how.  Here are a couple favorites. The first, ‘Elements’, I not only like as an original composition, but the music video is pretty impressive as well (check out the behind the scenes video, they did everything in less than 5 days!). The other, ‘Shadows’ is well-named; it has her competing with her own shadow and features one of her only violin-free dance sequences. Enjoy!