Looking For New Music?


in the midst of procrastinating to study for finals, i put some playlists together on spotify.

i highkey have a bomb taste in music, so if you’re looking for something new, or something to fit a certain mood, check these playlists out:

(i PROMISE these are good)


for nights out with the girls / pregaming / promiscuous and saucy moods


f*ck boy rap, but like, good f*ck boy rap

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The weather’s been gloomy. Cloudy. Cold. Gray. Donald Trump is actually president. I’m having an internal crisis regarding my major and future, and to top it all off, the coffee I just spent $2.79 on, tastes god awful. It’s just one of those days. So, here’s some songs I’ve been playing to soundtrack this bleak week. Feel free to listen to this playlist as you dramatically stare out the train window, watching the dark city skyline pass by, as you contemplate every life decision you have ever made as you’re on your way to whatever places life takes you this week. Enjoy.