The Daily Blend’s April Top Ten 2018

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Wassuppppppppp everyone! IT’S FINALLY NICE OUTSIDE, WHAT A CONCEPT! I am so excited that it is finally warm and also that new good music is being released! This month’s edition of my music library is full of new releases, both released this month and this year. Keep reading if you’re wondering if certain albums made it on the list. Also, PS, sorry for this being later than I usually do this blog; not only has April been a good month for new music, but also it has been the busiest month of my entire year.

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The Daily Blend’s January Top Ten 2018

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Halleloo everyone, I’m back! There literally have been so many new albums this year already, and they’ve all been AMAZING! Every single new release this month (that I listened to) is on this list in some way, shape, or form. Believe it or not, though, even with all the new music this year, this probably has to be my most difficult blog to date. Probably because I was listening to the same three songs over and over all month, BUT LET’S NOT THINK ABOUT THAT! LET’S THINK ABOUT ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS ON THIS MONTH’S BLOG!

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Trash Talk: New Year, Same-ish Trash

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2018 marks the beginning of a slightly more polished version of Trash Talk. Consider this semester the start of Trash Talk season 2. We had an awkward and rough go of things in the first season, but now we’ve sorted out most of the kinks.

As we enter into a new semester, time slot and year of the show we want to list a few expectations we have for the show:  Continue reading “Trash Talk: New Year, Same-ish Trash”

New Year, New Music


It’s officially 2014, which means not only is it a new year with new possibilities and ridiculous historic events to come, but it also means that we all survived yet ANOTHER holiday season. I can honestly say that I don’t think there is a scarier time than Christmas/New Year’s, because it seems like everyone is willing to literally stab the person in front of them if it means getting that cappuccino maker for 40% off. I have a greater chance of dying while walking through a mall parking lot than if I was to jog along the shoulder of the interstate.


So now that all of the winter holiday madness has finally ceased, we can finally get back to what’s really important: Music that does not incorporate sleigh bells or archaic words like “yuletide” and “gay apparel.”


Therefore, I must share this latest and greatest song that I can not get out of my head. “Live Like a Warrior” by Matisyahu is inspiring and has a dang good beat. I may or may not have discovered it after dragging my brother to watch “Walking With Dinosaurs” with me last week. (Hey, kid movies can have a hot soundtrack, too!)


That is all for now, dah-ling. Take care of yourself. And let’s see if you can make it more than a week with that New Year’s resolution, eh?