Stop Glorifying Drugs – Addiction Is Not A Joke


Last night around midnight I was listening to, “The Brightside,” by Lil Peep when I came across a tweet that read, “RIP lil peep.” My initial thought was that this was just another media scam, but I refreshed my timeline and my feed was flooded with the news that Lil Peep had actually died.

It didn’t feel real to me. I was literally listening to his voice through my headphones when I found out that he had just lost his life.

For those who don’t know, Lil Peep (Gustav Åhr) was a SoundCloud rapper on the rise. He found a way to create an unique sound within his music by blending emo and hip-hop. Lil Peep had been recording in his bedroom from the skid row of Los Angeles –  making something out of nothing – Lil Peep was one of the most promising and influential artists emerging from SoundCloud. In addition to rap, Lil Peep was also a fashion icon who had just begun making runway appearances. He was only 21. Only 21 years old and lost his life due to an alleged overdose.

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Frank Ocean Drops New Music


This week, Frank Ocean aired the third episode of “blonded RADIO,” on his Beats 1 show. On previous episodes of “blonded RADIO,” Ocean premiered his songs, “Chanel,” and “Slide,” featuring Calvin Harris and Migos. On this most recent episode, Ocean ended the show with his newest song, “Biking” featuring Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator.

Talk about an iconic trio.

–  You can find “Biking” on SoundCloud  here  –

Tyler, The Creator, who is now back on Twitter after a brief disappearance, tweeted his lyrics to his verse on “Biking,” on Saturday afternoon. Lana Del Rey Responded with, “who else’s lyrics could these be !” and I automatically had high hopes for this song.


I was not disappointed. I’ve always been a fan of Jay Z, an even bigger fan of Tyler, The Creator, and a disgustingly huge fan of Frank Ocean.

“Biking,” is a relatively mellow song, that for a reason I cannot explain, makes me feel the way I feel when I look at a painting by Vincent van Gogh.

Everyone interprets music in a different way, and every feeling is unique to the listener. And that’s the beauty in music.

With a slumbering sound and acoustic harmonies, “Biking” gives me a feeling of nostalgia for deep summer nights, and with summer just around the corner, this was great timing for Ocean to drop this hit.

Frank Ocean will always be one of my top favorite artists, and I strongly and whole heartily believe “Channel ORANGE,” and “Blonde,” are two of the greatest albums to have been produced of all time.

Ocean never lets us down with his music, and I can’t wait to hear what is yet to come from him.


Rad Radar: Clara Tang


My friend, Clara Tang, is a musically talented chick who hails from Connecticut. She samples pop vocals and mixes dreamy beats to create chill electronic music you can cruise late nights to. Under the moniker SleepyHaze, her tunes have been making waves.

When did you start making tracks?

I started making music midway through junior year of high school – so two years ago. My brother made music, so he had me download software awhile ago. Basically, I got super depressed and I couldn’t play violin anymore. So then I started making electronic music to fill the void – the creative void – that I had. So at that point I didn’t really listen to electronic music. I was in a huge indie phase, but I had just started listening to Tokimonsta and Flume. They are kind of younger. Especially Tokimonsta; she’s a Korean female producer and I thought that was really cool. You don’t see many female producers lately. It made me realize that I could do that too. Those were the first two that kicked off everything else, and then I started to get into more electronic stuff.

Who or what do you sample from the most?

Honestly, I just have a folder on my computer of random vocal stems that I find on the internet. Most of them are pop songs. I’ll just kind of shove it into a song until one of them works, and then usually I’ll put a bunch of effects and then make it seem like – you usually can’t tell what I’m sampling. I like that about it. I try to blur the words a little bit so you can’t really tell what they are saying. I’ve sampled One Direction, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and stuff like that.

What is the best set that you have experienced that you want to pay yourself?

Favorite set that I’ve ever seen was my first show here, in Chicago! It was the Soulection show. I saw AbJo, Stefan, and Joe Kay. The sets were really – they start off a little bit more chill and vibey and they got really – not hype but more trappy and future-bass. I really like that and it kept you dancing for a full four hours. I think that if I ever were to play a live show it would be – I don’t know. My music is too slow, I think, for a live show. I’d probably do more of a DJ set and I’d want it to be that kind of vibe.

How did you come about with the name SleepyHaze?

It’s so lame! SleepyHaze… I was tired as hell, so I took a shower at 5 p.m. and was feeling all groggy. Then, mid-shower, I thought of the name and realized it was totally my sound.

What is the ideal scenario you would want your songs to be played during?

Well a lot of it is inspired by night driving, so that would probably be a good situation. Or like a montagey, lo-fi indie film type thing – I could see my music being played on top of that. Teen angst type, I guess.

If you are, like most of us, feeling that teen angst because of recent political events, take a good hour to relax with SleepyHaze’s recent release, WeakNights, on blast. A chill, downtempo feel is what you will get from this electronic piece. Inspired by thinking too much late into those dead nights that you just drift, the album’s ambient soothing is what SleepyHaze stands for.

JakÜbi – Warm Weather and Summer Vibes

We’ve been lucky that winter hit us late this year, but when the cold decided to hit, it hit us hard. I thought I’d try to let you guys get a taste of summer through giving you some music that reminds me of the warm weather. I first discovered Jakubi around this time last year and was hooked with their fresh vibe and unique flavor. Jakubi is a Melbourne Australia-based band that consists of 2 brothers, 2 cousins, and a friend that came together to make music that’s equally funky and soulful with a hip-hop flare. They haven’t released a lot of music and there are no rumors of them releasing any big projects any time soon, but it seems like their always on tour. Among the music they do have, I have yet to find any song that disappoints.


Check out “Couch Potato”, their latest single


Listen to their latest EP on Soundcloud

Branko Presents, 10 Years of Lisbon Sound [Music Stream]


Yes, the weather outside is frightful… But that doesn’t mean you music has to be. Electronic Dance Music Producer/DJ, Branko comes through, with a little bit of old, mixed with a little bit of new with his latest mix, 10 Years of  Lisbon Sound.

Hear unreleased music with Buraka Som Sistema & Azealia Banks. Best of all you can get your hands on it for free! Branko decided to put this one out at no charge, and takes you on a fun trip down memory lane of his musical journey with 10 years of music. Check it out, and stay posted for more from Branko.

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Wave of 2016: Hip-Hop’s Anticipated

Another year is ahead of us as we set high expectations for albums to come and artists to make it big. In 2015, there were some artists kept us on our toes in anticipation for them to release projects they never did while there were other artists such as Yung Thug, Torey Lanez, Bryson Tiller and Post Malone that seemed to make their way into the industry and gain popularity overnight. There is never a way to predict what the year will bring, but in a way, that’s the best part. While there are sure to be some great releases again in 2016, there are a few that you should look out for.


Frank Ocean


Where you at Frank?

He has been MIA for a while now and many of us are waiting patiently for his return. “Channel Orange” was his latest album which was released all the way back in 2012. A lot of us were hoping to see something by last summer, but our high hopes saw no results. This year is going to be his year, and we expect to see great things.


Kanye West – Swish


Kanye was another delayed album that we expected to see last year. This year is sure to bring another Yeezy season, not just for his shoes, but for some legendary tracks. It’s going to be hard to top a masterpiece like “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” which could have arguably been one of the top hip-hop albums of all time. Can he live up to the hype?

He’s also reviving GOOD Fridays where he releases new songs at the end of each week in anticipation for SWISH.


Chance the Rapper


Chance already had one of the best albums of the year with his collaboration with Donny Trumpet and the Social Experiment on “Surf”. This wasn’t solely his album though; it was more of a collaboration album than anything. He’s been extremely busy this year and has already stated that he’s making his follow-up mixtape to “Acid Rap” that was released in 2013. He always collaborates with great artists that are sometimes unexpected, but he never disappoints. His left-field approach is what makes him so great in a lot of ways.


Drake – Views from the 6


Rarely does Drake ever disappoint. In 2015, he had a great mixtape and released some other music that later made him a king of memes. He also “bodied” Meek Mill in a freestyle after Meek accused him of not writing his own material. Drake hasn’t given a release date for his ode to Toronto, but it’s safe to say it’s coming soon.


Pusha T


Pusha T was recently deemed GOOD Music’s president and at the end of 2015, he released one of the hardest albums of the year. This album was just the first part of a full album that is to be released later in 2016. Pusha remains to be one of the best rappers in the game right now, and is sure to showcase more of it with his upcoming album.

Artists to Watch

Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah is one of the youngest artists signed with TDE. He might not be a big name artist yet, but he’s on a come up and is supposed to release another project to follow up his “Cilvia Demo” from 2014. TDE is no place for scrubs, so it’s likely that this album is going to hit.

As a whole, we should be seeing some other releases from TDE with artists including Schoolboy Q and SZA potentially.

Nelly is his newest release


Mick Jenkins

 Mick Jenkins, another Chicago native, has been popping up more and more now. He dropped an album in 2014, another in 2015, and just released a couple new songs a couple days ago so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new project coming up soon.


Allan Kingdom

Allan caught a taste of mainstream recognition when he was featured on Kanye’s single “All Day”. He’s still pretty underground but he has a unique vocal approach and style to his music that I think people will catch on to.


Anderson Paak

Anderson is a drummer boy turned singer, with his early career starting in the church choir. He gains a lot of influence from soulful and R&B music, but he’s also incorporates rhythmic lyrics which in some ways makes people think of him as a rapper. There is no genre he specifically falls under, he’s just kind of doing what he wants.


Majid Jordan

One of the newest additions to the OVO crew is Majid Jordan, a producing and performing duo from Canada. We have yet to receive an official album, but have gotten blessed with some songs here and there. With an album in the works, we’re waiting to see what they come up with.

Towkio + Lucki Ecks + SAVEMONEY Thanksgiving Show Recap

Chicago Only.

Towkio, headlining his own show, is part of the SAVEMONEY collective (front lined by Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa.) He has joined Chance The Rapper on his Family Matters tour along with Metro Boomin performing around the United States at different cities and venues.


Towkio’s show took place last Saturday on November 28th, 2015 for the Thanksgiving Weekend at the Metro. Towkio recruits Lucki Ecks and the SAVEMONEY Collective to join him for the evening. These talented Chicago natives continue to push through the music scene as they emerge into the ranks of hip-hop in their own lane.

Lucki Ecks opened up the show with “Lowlife” by coming out with his signature style with a slow energy and “xanax-flow” tied into the trap hip-hop instrumentals to which he calls Alternative Trap. The crowd is feeling the music as they sway and bump to the Lucki Ecks flow.

SAVEMONEY Collective members Brian Fresco, Caleb James, and Leather Cordoruys (Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu duo) follow up soon after with songs like

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Mid-day Cruise: Study Playlist

I hope you guys had an awesome thanksgiving. It’s good to take a break from school and go back home to visit family and friends. Our first day back to class is in the books and now it’s time to get back on the grind. These next couple of weeks are going to be crazy, especially with finals coming up.

If you’re not studying already, you probably should be. I know for me, it’s impossible to sit down and study with so many distractions. I’ll spend 10 minutes studying, 20 minutes on YouTube, and 20 minutes on my phone; just to start the process again.

To help you guys stay focused, I put together a playlist to help “the struggle” feel less real. I’m giving you guys gold, so if you’ve liked any of my other blogs, I’m sure you’ll like this list.

Good grades for days.

Hope you dig it.

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Adam K – The Word Is Love Remix [Interview + Music Stream]

artworks-adam k the word is love steve slim hurley

We all have songs… blast from the past, that we know and love. A remix is always a dope way to breathe new life in to a song that holds meaning, and help to carry on. Electronic dance music DJ/Producer Adam K, by way of Toronto, Canada, has done just that! Bringing you a new remix to a track that he himself personally loves, and does it justice! Chicago’s own Steve “Silk” Hurley’s house music classic “The Word Is Love” is back, with a fresh sound and sure to be in rotation, and keeping you on the dance floor!

I got a chance to catch up with Adam K, check the interview below.

B Roc -What made you choose to remix the single “The Word Is Love”?
Adam K – I remixed “The Word is Love” because it’s my all time favorite house record as I’ve been listening to that song since I was a kid.  When my manager told me he knew Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and the S&S guys and could get me the vocals, I  was like…. ummmm yaaa set it up!!!

B Roc – How did you get started in music?
Adam K – My brother taught me to how to play drums right before junior high school as he didn’t want me to get stuck playing the flute. (laughs)

B Roc – Tell us something about you as a DJ/Producer, that you want us to know. 
Adam K – I had to think about that for a second.  Everything you see about me is 100% real… no fake followers, friends, fake plays, fake likes. All real, what you see is what you get. Organic Adam. Oh!… and I like rock music too!

B Roc – Who are some of your musical influences, and why?  
Adam K – Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, and deadmau5. Neil because he’s Canadian and such a brilliant lyricist. Pink Floyd literally taught me what a synthesizer was. Hendrix … well just because. And deadmau5 because he doesn’t give a fuck, even if he is a total douche bag sometimes.

B Roc – What do you hope the fans get from your music?
Adam K – Well, that’s a pretty broad question as I do a lot of music. I’ll say for this song specifically, I hope they see the magic in that vocal. It’s special and needs to be heard and perhaps for an audience that’s not familiar with the timeless original.

Here’s the music video to a version of the original track by Steve “Silk” Hurley’s “The Word Is Love.”

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adam k

The Elle – 4 Chi City Radio Recap

Chicago R&B soul vocalist The Elle, came through to 4 CHI CITY RADIO, with new music and latest on updates. Here’s a recap of her interview.

The Elle

B Roc – Name your top five favorite artists?
The Elle – In no particular order…

Stevie Wonder – He’s one artist that I have a really hard time selecting a favorite album of. His catalog is so rich musically, vocally and lyrically.

Amy Winehouse – Amy changed the way I listened to music, her songwriting is so bold, poetic and frank. She also has influenced to be very honest and unapologetic in my songwriting.

A Tribe Called Quest – I think I’m incapable of getting sick of Tribe… their music is timeless to me. Midnight Marauders is one of my all time favorite albums.

Minnie Riperton – the unsung soul songstress. Minnie is another artist who has great songwriting, it’s a shame most people don’t know her catalog outside of “Lovin’ You” (and maybe “Inside My Love”)

Erykah Badu – I’m a day one Badu fan, I used to steal the Baduizm album out of my mom’s room to listen to Appletree and Four Leaf clover. She is incomparable.

B Roc – What inspired you to become a singer/artist?
The Elle – Singing was my childhood dream but I gave up on it to pursue something practical. I was in the midst of figuring out what I wanted to do with my life when I lost a family member who happened to be a musician. I sang at the funeral and was given a prophecy by someone who said that I had a gift that was beyond just my voice and needed to use the gifts that God gave me, so here I am.

B Roc – Tell us about one of your biggest accomplishments as an artist? Or most memorable moment.
The Elle – Growing vocally is a big one, I’ve been taking lessons on and off for two years with jazz vocalist Michele Thomas. I didn’t have much confidence in my singing when I first started but the harder I work the better my voice gets and the more refined my ear gets as well.

B Roc – What’s something you want people to know about you as an artist?
The Elle – I’m not an artist you should expect a certain thing from. I’m always evolving and I do my best to put my entire self into my art. I’d like to think I’m a unique person so you never know what you’ll get. One day I’ll be singing a ballad, the next dat I may be singing you some gangsta rap song… That’s just me.

B Roc – What do you hate & what do you love about Chicago?
The Elle – I love how well-rounded Chicago is culturally. You have good food, so much to do, diversity, the lake, great music, and great art.

What I don’t like so much, is when I come back from visiting somewhere else and I’m hit in the face with the smell of urine in the air.

B Roc – What’s something about you, that you want people to know?
The Elle – I’m a very complex individual who is 100% her own person. I have a lot of stories to tell, and I hope that they inspire and resonate with people. If I can do that, I’ve fulfilled my purpose here on earth.

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