Top 5 places to nap at UIC’s East Campus


Some people see a couch, I see a mid-day respite. (which is the same thing)


Everyone has a busy schedule. It seems like there’s not enough time in the day to get all of your classes, studying, workouts, work shifts, extracurriculars, and social life commitments done in 24 hours. Usually a single day involves some sleep, right? Sometimes you just need to crash wherever and whenever possible. Here’s my top 5 places to nap at UIC’s East Campus. (You should feel lucky that I’m sharing this information with you)



1. Newman Center

The Newman Center is the youth Catholic center on campus. It hosts mass every day. Catholic or not, the Newman Center is open for use for everyone. It has a multitude of couches and seats that are pretty empty the majority of the day. Being a church, it will most likely be quiet, so your naps will be uninterrupted.

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Spark Rocks UIC

This was what I call starting the semester off right!

As you may have heard these past few weeks, UIC has been looking forward to its annual free concert #SparkUIC since the last leg of the summer. Yesterday, it proved it was able to ignite UIC students once again with one of its most diverse lineups yet.


To start off the night, UIC’s very own 2015 Battle of the Bands winner, TanZen, performed with an energizing, head-banging spectacle.

Following TanZen was R&B artist Wale, who pumped up the crowd even more with his lively performance (not to mention, hoverboarding around the stage and being held up by the audience as he rapped).

To wrap up the night, Twenty One Pilots came out to prove themselves worthy as Spark headliner with their genre-bending alternative music.

While the band, composed of lead singer/guitarist/pianist/ukulele-ist Tyler Joseph, and drummer/trumpeter/back flipper Josh Dun, has been around for a few years and is widely loved by their fans, their reveal as headliner of Spark took much of UIC’s demographic as a surprise. Without a doubt, many Spark-goers asked themselves (and the Spark Facebook page) “who is Twenty One Pilots?”

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